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Travel Nha Trang: Things you can’t miss


You’ll find a lot of intriguing things to do in the coastal city of Nha Trang. from the stunning ocean vista to the captivating sunset in the distance. From inexpensive high-end delicacies like lobster to rustic dishes like odd mango cake. In addition, tourists find seaside adventure games to be very alluring.

Swimming on the beach and joining the outdoor games

Almost all year round, Nha Trang’s sea is clear and blue, attracting tourists from all over the world to come here to swim and dive. Every day, starting at 4 a.m., when it is just dawn and the sun has not yet risen, thousands of people have gone to the beach to congregate from the start of Le Loi Street to Da Tuong Street (about 4 kilometers).


Parachute pulling is one of the most exciting adventure sports at sea, players will be parachuted, then canoes pull the parachute in the air. Secured by waist and hip buckles, you will be suspended from a height of 70-100 m. Because it is equipped with a life jacket, a protective canoe is always underneath.

If you fall into the water after lowering the parachute, you will float thanks to the lifebuoy you are wearing, and the canoe will then draw you onto the ship. The cost per play is about 500,000 – 600,000/10 minutes, depending on the number of players.


Diving in Cu Lao Cham island
Diving – Source: Internet

Visitors will have the same professional gear as a diver, such as diving gear, goggles, a snorkel, etc., when they participate. You will start your quest to investigate after exchanging a few gestures with the teacher. at a depth of 10 to 15 meters, break the ocean. Unexpectedly, charming aquatic animals and stunning coral reefs will draw you in.


Windsurfing – Source: Internet

Windsurfing impresses adventurous travelers who want to find thrills. It’s difficult to put into words the sensation of riding on large waves or being pursued by them from behind. However, “the elite” and professional athletes still play this sport. Because, similar to paragliding, mastering surfing requires a lot of practice and costs more than 10 million dongs for the best surfboard. To indulge in this fascinating habit, you can rent it for roughly ten dollars an hour.

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Riding a water motorcycle

For fans of speed, this game is available on any beach in Vietnam. You can master the control after only a few minutes of getting used to it because it is not too challenging. Playing this game with pals is a lot of fun, especially while controlling the water motor while navigating large waves.

Any Nha Trang tourist attraction is a good place to play this game. If playing at Nha Trang Beach, a water motor costs 800k per 30 minutes. If playing on an island, a water motor costs 450k per 30 minutes.

Take a walk on the beach watching the sunset and sunrise

Once you have come to this beautiful coastal city, you should not miss the opportunity to watch the sunrise or sunset here when the sun is far above the horizon and let its rays fall on the blue sea. If at all feasible, viewing this breathtaking scene with a loved one will likely be preferable.


Walking under the sea
Walking under the sea – Source: Internet

To access the 50m2 broad seabed where visitors can stroll about and witness fish and corals, they simply need to put on an oxygen-supplying headgear and follow the guide. The oxygen helmet has a special design and weighs 40kg, but when it hits the water, it weighs only about 4kg.


Flyboard in Nha Trang
Flyboard in Nha Trang – Source: Internet

Although it is quite familiar to many adventurous young people in the world, fly-board is still too new to Vietnamese people. As a result, many people will unavoidably be perplexed by the strangeness and overwhelmed by this unusual device in the first few minutes. Players will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience when they have calmed down and took the effort to use it successfully by learning some strategies advised by the expert.

Rowing circle boat 

This game, although not called a thrilling game, the players must be brave enough, the basket boat you are in seems very easy to control but it is very difficult and you can hardly navigate them. However, for any game, you will be briefed before playing. You can experience tranquility when sitting in a basket boat that is slowly moving out to sea and rowing with oars. You can paddle near to the coast or swim as far as you please in this game, but you must have the strength and bravery to swim away because the strong waves could lead you to capsize.

Food to try

Coming to the coastal city of Nha Trang, visitors are not only satisfied with the beautiful scenery of the sea with fresh air, the people of Nha Trang are gentle and gentle, but when they come here, they will always remember the sweet taste of the beautiful beaches. very unique dishes. You can easily find famous dishes in Nha Trang such as Roast beef with peanuts – 44 Nguyen Binh Khiem, banh can Ba ​​Thua – 55 Yersin, Ninh Hoa grilled spring rolls, Dien Khanh wet cake, Cau Dua duck, Dam market squid…

Visit to island fishing port – the biggest fishing port in the central

Hon Ro fishing ports are still humming with selling and buying scenes, whether it is in the heat of the midday sun or the chill of the night dew. On the wharf, under the boat, people are busy going in and out, transferring fish ashore, sorting, stacking, weighing fish… Immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere at the fishing ports, witness the joy mixed with the difficulties of the fishermen. Fishermen and visitors will gain a better understanding of the people who live by the sea all year long.

Information to know

Tourists in Nha Trang have two options for getting to this fishing port from the city center: either by Pham Van Dong Street from Tran Phu Bridge or via road 2/4, where they can then turn onto National Highway 1A and access a little lane.

You should visit Hon Ro early in the day when the boats are busy getting ready for the day’s voyage, or come here in the late afternoon as the sun starts to set and the final rays of light are cast over the clear, blue water.

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