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Nha Trang Travel 2023: Full information and the most attractive activities (Part 2)

Places to visit

Oceanographic Museum

Oceanographic Museum
Oceanographic Museum – Source: Internet

The Oceanographic Museum is located at 1 Cau Da and is part of the Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography, which was founded in 1923. A marine species taming area, a natural catastrophe area, an artificial mangrove forest, a huge marine sample area, marine research equipment, and intangible resources are all part of the museum.

More than 20,000 marine and freshwater specimens are on display for visitors to appreciate. Some creatures are reared in glass tanks such as devil face fish, lionfish, tube anemones… showing the diversity of Vietnam’s marine ecosystem. The museum also houses an 18-meter-long whale skeleton and a Dugong sea cow specimen caught in a fisherman’s net in Phu Quoc in 2003.

The museum admission fee is 40,000 VND for adults, 20,000 VND for students, and 10,000 VND for students.

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Ponagar tower

Ponagar tower
Ponagar tower – Source: Internet

This Cham Pa temple is located on top of a hill about 10 meters above sea level, near the mouth of the Cai River, in Vinh Phuoc ward. This is one of the country’s most extensive Champa cultural heritages.

The construction comprises of three storeys that ascend in stone steps from bottom to top. The Gate Tower location is no longer present. There is a spot for guests to rest and prepare offerings on the Mandapa’s pre-top floor. There are four rows of octagonal columns, with 12 little columns on the outside and ten huge columns on the inside.

Following the steep slopes, tourists will arrive at the temple complex, which includes six red brick Kalan (temple temples), two of which have been destroyed, leaving only the foundation. The towers are built of the same style but differ in size, in which the northeast tower is the tallest, about 23 m. The four corners of the roof are three miniature roofs decorated with many mascots such as elephants, swans, goats… Around the temple and tower area, there are many green trees for visitors to sit and relax.

Visitors can view the lively boats on the river in addition to going and taking photos with the spectacular antique structures.

Co Tien Mountain

Co Tien Mountain
Co Tien Mountain – Source: Internet

Visitors visiting Nha Trang should head north on Pham Van Dong street to the Duong De region to witness Co Tien mountain, which is made up of three nearby peaks ranging in height from 200 meters to over 300 meters. The destination is about 10 kilometers from the city center and is frequently climbed by residents of the seaside city to exercise or camp.

The route to Co Tien Mountain is not difficult; children can accompany adults on the climb, which takes around 30-45 minutes from the bottom of the mountain to the camping place at the top of number one. Climbing time to catch the dawn begins at 5:30 and ends at 15:30. If you ride a motorcycle, you can park it at a house on Ngo Van So street for 5,000 VND per motorcycle. Tents and torches are available for rent…

VinWonders Nha Trang Park

This is a 200,000-square-meter entertainment and resort area on Hon Tre island, connected to the mainland by a sophisticated cable car system. The indoor, outdoor, water park, aquarium, performing arts area, ocean cinema castle, and food court are all part of the entertainment park.

Visitors can have fun at the water park or experience thrills with activities like free-falling towers, thrilling swings, roller coasters, and so on. Families with children should not miss out on visiting the movie castle or the candy fortress.

At the end of the day, guests can ride the wheel with their families at a height of 120 meters to take in the entire breathtaking landscape of Nha Trang Bay.

Adults pay 880,000 VND for entrance and a 2-way cable car ride, while children aged 1 to 1.4 meters pay 660,000 VND. Customers over the age of 60 are eligible for a VND 530,000 discount.

Must-try activities and experiences when traveling to Nha Trang

The magical early morning dawn on Nha Trang beach

Nha Trang beach has never disappointed visitors with its enchanting and charming sunrise scene. At about 4-5 am, you will witness a beautiful picture of nature with the image of a red “sphere” rising from the horizon, dragging rays of light spreading out to the immense sea.

Snorkeling to explore the ocean at Hon Mun – Hon Mot

As the islands with the poetic scenery of Nha Trang, Hon Mun – Hon Mot also makes visitors “ecstatic” with the experience of scuba diving to explore the rich ocean with marine animals and colorful coral reefs. sharp.

Try the thrill with Flyboard Nha Trang

Flyboard Nha Trang
Flyboard Nha Trang – Source: Internet

For visitors who are passionate about adventure games, Flyboard cannot be ignored. This is a game on the sea in Nha Trang that needs the courage of the player and has to be practiced for hours in advance to ensure the implementation is safe.

Destroy the entertainment area VinWonders Nha Trang

At VinWonders Nha Trang, visitors are “free” to have fun and entertainment in 6 subdivisions with countless games and different modern facilities. Some particularly interesting experiences at VinWonders Nha Trang are the upside-down swing, the adventure in the mines, the visit to the flamingo lake, the rose kingdom, the stress relief in the floating bay, the excursion to the ocean world…

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Night squid fishing

Night squid fishing
Night squid fishing – Source: Internet

Although it is a rustic experience, night squid fishing brings many new things to visitors. Not only going through the process of waiting for the squid to bite, enjoying fresh squid on the spot, visitors also have the opportunity to admire the extremely romantic sunset on the sea.

Cycling and checking in “thousands of likes” at Nha Trang bougainvillea

This tourist destination in Nha Trang makes young people fascinated by the image of Mac Thai Buoi street 200m long and 5m wide. The road is surrounded by two rows of bright pink confetti radiating shade.

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