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Vietnam custom tours: 8 essential notes when choosing tours


To choose a tour that is just right for your pocket and ensures quality and low prices, you should also refer to the following notes so that your trip is comfortable, fun and satisfied with everything.

Many visitors travel by tour because they do not have to think about the schedule. The travel company takes care of the food and sleep. In addition, if you go on a compound tour, you will make more new friends, reducing costs compared to going on your own. However, before choosing a time, consider the following things.

Choose to buy tours at reputable travel agencies

When choosing to purchase a tour, you should consider not only the price but also the tour operator’s name, the mode of transportation they use, and the structure of their tour itinerary. Also be careful to refer to the judgment of relatives or friends who have used the company’s services that you intend to book the tour to be more secure when choosing. Lilys’ Travel with 15 years of experience in the travel industry with prestige at the top will surely satisfy the most demanding customers.

Seize the discount opportunity

vietnam group tour
Vietnam group tour – Source: Internet

Before booking a tour, you must thoroughly understand travel companies’ promotions. To grasp these opportunities, you should regularly update promotional information on the website of travel agencies and compare prices between companies to have the best choice.

Ask carefully about the price

When choosing a tour, you should carefully consider the terms, such as how much free time you have, what is included for free, and notably the specifics of the accommodations, to determine if everything is included in the ticket price. Especially when choosing a tour abroad, you should ask carefully if the ticket price includes the entrance fee because the ticket to visit foreign tourist attractions in some countries is very high.

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Choose a tour that suits your interests and age

make friend
Make friend – Source: Internet

Choose a tour with companions who have a lot in common with you to make the trip more enjoyable. Besides, you also need to consider the purpose of the trip and your interests to choose the suitable tour. Do not hesitate to ask the travel agency for information about the people accompanying you, such as the number of people attending, gender, age…

Know your schedule

When booking a tour, visitors need to find out about the tour schedule to see if it suits their wishes and requirements. At the same time, for you to learn in advance the destination and have specific preparation about the places, you will go through.

Make friends with the tour guide

small group tour
Small group tour – Source: Internet

Tour guides are very knowledgeable about the destination’s terrain, local culture, food, beautiful scenery… and will give you helpful advice. Ask the guide for more details whenever you need them. They’ll be pleased to assist you and provide answers.

For example, where to eat cheaply, what gifts to buy here, which bars are safe, which destinations should not go…

Precaution against getting lost

Usually, visitors want to separate the group for at least half a day to discover the destination or go shopping, visit acquaintances… Before separating or leaving the hotel, you need to ask for the phone number of the tour guide, the group and bring some hotel cards.

After a boring walk, many people suddenly realize they must remember the hotel’s name or the street where they live.

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Pay attention to the tour time

Conquer vietnam with your friend
Conquer Vietnam with your friend – Source: Internet

If you arrive late and do not get on the car, train, or plane on time with the group, the responsibility is entirely up to you.

In addition, you also need to calculate the departure and return dates so that it is reasonable and healthy not to affect the return to work the following days.

With many years of experience in tourism, Lily’s Travel has become one of the leading brands in the design of tours for group visitors. We understand that each customer has needs and preferences, so Lily’s Travel always creates diverse, rich and suitable tours for your requirements.

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Lily’s Travel – The prestige unit specializing in the most popular tour design today

Lilys travel
Lilys travel

It is no coincidence that Lily’s Travel is known by many customers nationwide and can stand firmly in the competitive market today. We have a long experience and continuous efforts to improve the service and meet the maximum needs of customers. Accordingly, the tour design service for guests at Lily’s Travell always possesses excellent advantages. Significantly, as follows:

Dedicated, professional travel experts

Lily’s Travel agents are highly trained in tourism and have long experience in this field. Besides, the team is constantly innovating, daring to change and learn from which to give advice and the most suitable suggestions to help customers have the perfect trip to meet their desire.

The staff at Lily’s Travel comprises knowledgeable and devoted experts. Lily’sTravels has a team of experienced and dedicated professionals.

Flexible tour design

Lily’s Travel prioritizes adaptable trip planning based on clients’ requirements and preferences. Accordingly, the company’s team of experts will advise you on activities and tourist destinations per each customer group’s needs, preferences and budget.

Lily’s Travel flexible tour design helps to meet the maximum needs of customers of Lily’s Travel flexible tour design helps to meet their top needs of customers. You can choose the tour’s time, place, activities and services. This helps customers get the best travel experience and meet the maximum demand. This is a great strength to support Lily’s Travel to make a difference and improve competitiveness in the tourism market.

The price policy is compatible with the demand

Lily’s Travel offers customers a variety of tour packages at different prices, from basic tours to high-end tours, helping customers choose the right product for their budget. At the same time, we also have a good price policy for customers who often use the service.

Diverse travel experiences

Lily’s Travel offers many tours, from resorts to sightseeing and exploration tours. Each travel product is built by Lily’s Travel based on perfect standards to increase customer excitement and satisfaction and bring unforgettable experiences.

You can choose from great experiences such as trekking, swimming, scuba diving, mountain climbing, kayaking, enjoying local cuisine, bathing in streams, walking around the old town, off-road racing, mineral bathing, fishing, visiting gardens, zoos, sailing…

Safety and reliability

Lily’s Travel is committed to ensuring the safety and reliability of customers throughout the trip. All tours are carefully designed to ensure the safety of our customers, and we always focus on providing insurance policies for our customers when traveling. From the presence of professional guides, modern transportation and many attractive entertainment programs, we are constantly improving to bring you the best travel.

Lily’s Travel believes that a trip is not simply a journey but a memorable experience to create memories worth a lifetime. If you want a reliable partner to design tours for group guests, choose Vietrek Travel. We are committed to bringing you marvelous and unforgettable trips!

And if you are looking for a company that specializes in providing high-quality tours and travel programs that combine professional team building – come to Lily’s Travel today to experience a completely different service. For more information, please call us immediately for the fastest answer to any questions!

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