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Coconut Forest Hoi An: The acres of a Southwest region in the heart of Hoi An

Hoi An Bay Mau coconut forest is a famous tourist area in Hoi An City; in the middle of the sunny and windy Central region, there is a green coconut forest stretching along the lake with exciting experiences with Western characteristics. The South also attracts tourists to Hoi An to visit the coconut forest once to experience it.

The most interest in Bay Mau Coconut Forest in Hoi An 

Coconut Forest Hoi An
Coconut Forest Hoi An – Source: Internet

Referring to Hoi An City, people still only think of the old town with ancient houses, bringing the old nostalgia with the lanterns, the confetti interspersed with the yellow color of the old town. But few people know that Hoi An city also has a “Southwest” in the city’s heart, with unspoiled green coconut forests running along both sides of the river.

Coming here, you will sit on a basket boat to experience the coconut forest floating in the southwest. Especially Bay Mau coconut forest was also a base during the resistance period of our army and people.

Seven Samples Coconut Forestry Experience 

Time to “trek” the forest

The acres of a Southwest region in the heart of Hoi An
The acres of a Southwest region in the heart of Hoi An – Source: Internet

Since entering into tourism activities, Bay Mau coconut forest is open from 7 am to 5 pm. With this opening time, you can freely have time to have fun and explore the coconut forest. But Tuan Dung Travel recommends that you go in the afternoon to explore the Coconut Forest and then stop by Hoi An ancient town to experience it.

If you visit the Bay Mau coconut forest in August or September, you will be able to see the most magnificent coconut forest while also enjoying wonderful sesame-salted coconut rice. The remainder of the year, you may still visit the coconut grove, but you must pay attention to the weather forecast to prevent storms, especially in October and November.

The cost of admission to Bay Mau and Coconut Forest

The price of tickets to visit the coconut forest depends on your chosen unit, but you should be careful because many teams take advantage of tourists and offer slashing prices. For peace of mind, you should contact Tuan Dung Travel to book a package tour, including a Bay Mau coconut forest ticket for a reasonable price as well as the best travel experience


Since going into tourism development, the road to the coconut forest has also been repaired and completed for tourists to move quickly. Visitors can come here in 2 ways.

At Bach Dang Wharf (in the ancient town of Hoi An), you will board a boat that will transport you downstream along the Thu Bon River to the coconut forest.

By car: From the center of Hoi An City, take Tran Nhan Tong Street, cross the Cua Dai Bridge, and continue for 500 meters.

For the road, you can travel by car or motorbike; a bicycle is also convenient

The direction to get Bay Mau coconut forest in Hoi An

Take a circal boat to Cam Thanh village

Take a circal boat to Cam Thanh village
Take a circal boat to Cam Thanh village – Source: Internet

Sitting on a circle boat, dropping your soul into the green coconut forest, drifting along the cool water, always brings in you the feeling of spring, of a clear soul. In addition, there is also a basket boat dance service for visitors who like to experience the feeling of “headache, dizziness”; if you are afraid, you can watch the basket boat dance.

Cycling to Cam Thanh village

After admiring the green coconut forest, you can rent a bicycle and walk around Cam Thanh village. The voyage will allow you to immerse yourself in the magnificent, bucolic space of the huge rice fields and inhale the aroma of ripe rice throughout the entire chest of the rural air.

Try to play folk games

Coconut Forest Hoi An experience
Coconut Forest Hoi An experience – Source: Internet

Since going into tourism development, Bay Mau coconut forest also organizes more exciting games for visitors to experience less boredom, such as boat racing, fishing, blindfolded pot beating, tug of war, and balance bike rides… You only need to register with the organizer to be able to participate!

Make souvenirs from coconut leaves

Most visitors to Bay Mau coconut forest in Hoi An appreciate the rustic but meaningful gifts of the people here. Boaters will design jewelry or unique animals from fresh coconut leaves, such as rings, watches, coconut leaf hats, locusts, etc., to give to visitors.

Using nets to catch fish

Using nets to catch fish
Using nets to catch fish – Source: Internet

Visitors will notice a larger boat in the middle of the river with people casting a giant fishing net in an incredibly energetic and professional manner. This is also an activity that shows the idyllic and artistic beauty of the local people.

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Some tourist attractions near Bay Mau coconut forest

If after visiting Bay Mau coconut forest, you still want to go somewhere before returning to the hotel to rest, you have two best options to continue having fun, which is:

Take a look around Hoi An ancient town

Take a look around Hoi An ancient town
Take a look around Hoi An ancient town – Source: Internet

Hoi An is so famous in Vietnam not only with foreigners but also with the locals all around Vietnam. With a nostalgic landscape, this place has a wild and rustic beauty that attracts many tourists worldwide. Coming here, you will enjoy being immersed in the ancient scenery of Vietnam, with old houses, rustic cyclos, and restaurants with countless delicious Quang dishes such as Cao Lau and Banh Xeo, Hoi An tea,…

Japanese Covered Bridge – Bridge Pagoda Hoi An

Bridge Pagoda is located in the ancient town of Hoi An in Quang Nam province. The template was built in the 17th century by several Japanese merchants contributing money which is called a Japanese template.

Hoi An Market

Located in the heart of the old town, Hoi An market is a bustling culinary paradise, a place to visit that makes it difficult for many tourists to leave when they are lost when visiting Hoi An. Not only a place of trade but this place also possesses many unique architectural features of ancient Vietnam. Belonging to a busy tourist destination, Hoi An market is the convergence of delicious dishes with surprisingly low prices.

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The famous souvenirs in Bay Mau coconut forest?

Coming to Bay Mau coconut forest, you can buy the following three items as gifts, ensuring that your family and friends will be happy to know:

Cam Thanh sauce is one of the Quang‘s delicious and rich fish sauces. Having come to Bay Mau coconut forest (Cam Thanh village), you should buy fish sauce here, bring it back, and taste it making the sauce delicious.

Banh It la gai (It Cake): The Cake here is very cheap but very delicious. Cake made from sticky glutinous rice, with green bean filling and sweet; if you are near Da Nang or the inner city of Da Nang, please try to buy this Cake for your loved ones.

Baked coconut cake: The Cake is made from glutinous rice, fresh coconut, and white sugar. When eaten, the Cake is crispy, fragrant with coconut flavor, sweet because of sugar. Dry cakes should last long, are easy to carry everywhere, and are very suitable as gifts.

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