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Vietnam solo travel: Experience from A to Z


Instead of traveling on tour with a large group of people, some tourists choose to travel solo. So you already know the concept “What is solo travel?”. Read the article below to explain the above question and pocket the experience of solo travel from A to Z for backpackers with Lily’s Travel.

Solo travel is a term that refers to a form of solo travel, which means you have to decide all the trips yourself depending on your needs and preferences.

What is Solo Travel?

Solo travel is a form of travel in which the operator will travel alone, visit, relax, explore in different places and have to prepare all stages from choosing a location, means of transportation, activities. activity, time,… based on your needs and interests.

Vietnam solo travel is currently a new trend that is loved and chosen by many young people. Solo travel offers unique, different experiences, but not necessarily the individual must be completely self-sufficient. You can choose a company that serves one or several services to meet the needs of your solo trip. In addition, you will choose other activities depending on your interests.

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Vietnam solo travel experience from A to Z

Places to “solo”

Some of the solo travel destinations in the country that Lily’s Travel suggests for you are as follows:


Hue – Source: Internet

The romantic and sad beauty of the ancient citadel buildings attracts a large number of followers who love to travel alone. You can choose some tourist attractions in Hue such as Citadel, Thuan An beach, Hai Van Quan, Thanh Tan mineral spring,…

Hai Phong

Solo Travel lovers can choose scenic places in Hai Phong to travel such as Cat Ba, Do Son beach, Hung Vi Elephant, Lan Ha bay,… Don’t forget to taste specialties such as spring rolls. broken crabs, crab cakes, snail dishes,…

Hoi An

Hoi An
Hoi An – Source: Internet

Hoi An Ancient Town is a safe solo travel destination that any traveler should choose. You can freely choose from a variety of experiences such as eating Phuong bread, the famous Mrs. Lanh, dropping flower lanterns, going to Cua Dai beach, chatting with people, etc.

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc
Phu Quoc – Source: Internet

This is a beautiful archipelago, suitable for the most attractive solo trip. When coming here, you should visit Ham Ninh fishing village, Ganh Dau cape, Dinh Cau, An Thoi archipelago,… The specialties you should not forget to taste like vermicelli, herring salad, grilled sea urchin, vermicelli noodles Kien Xay stir fry, Melaleuca mushroom soup,…

In addition, you can choose other locations depending on your needs and preferences.

What to prepare for Vietnam solo travel?

Good health and spirit

Solo travel requires travelers to practice good physical and mental health to handle problems in unexpected situations or limit getting sick when no one is around.

Develop a detailed trip plan

For a solo trip to not arise unexpected problems, travelers should develop a detailed plan for solo travel such as return time, means of transportation, accommodation facilities, visa procedures, … If you are traveling for the first time, choose a short itinerary.

Solo travel luggage

Solo travel Vietnam
Solo travel Vietnam – Source: Internet

When traveling alone, you should bring items such as a phone, identification, camera, light clothes, medicine, ATM card, cash,… In particular, you should keep a copy Copy the necessary documents by email or bring, them in case the original is lost. The phone has 4G, and 5G installed, … to easily look up google map, book a room, book a car, …

Hotel selection

You should choose a hotel that meets the following criteria: Toilet, private bathroom; have a phone number for emergency contact; hotel reviews give good feedback; choose a hotel on the main road instead of an alley, choose a dormitory room of the same sex instead of the opposite sex,…

Note when traveling alone is safe, guaranteed

Here are some notes when traveling alone that Lily’s Travel  suggests for you:

During a solo trip, you should let your loved ones, family friends or closest people know your travel plans and where you are staying – this is the best way to share the joy and protect yourself from other dangers. It is best not to trust new visitors for the first time, limit travel at night, prevent theft, …

In each region, there will be different ways of communication, culture and customs. Therefore, you should be careful in the way you talk, do not mention too deeply into the customs, traditions, beliefs, … if you have not studied carefully.

It is best not to bring too much jewelry and valuables when visiting and traveling. At the same time, you should learn about the security situation in these areas, limit prominent clothing at night, not use your phone while on the street, find your way by map, limit eating with people. strange, bring pepper spray or siren when going out, choose densely populated areas, should not go where few people, remote, wilderness, …

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Advantages and disadvantages of Solo Travel – Solo travel

Solo Travel – Solo travel is a form of travel with advantages and disadvantages that travel enthusiasts choose so much. Not only helps individuals improve their skills, expand social relationships, but this form still has certain limitations. Let’s explore below:


advantages vietnam solo travel
advantages vietnam solo travel – Source: Internet
  • Customers are not controlled and bound by any organization or group of guests, who can freely build a travel itinerary, do the things they like such as where to go, what to eat, at any time. ,… From there, guests can fully enjoy their vacation without having to depend on the opinions of others.
  • Contributing to reducing stress and tension, temporarily putting aside the worries of daily life to relax and explore the different cultural backgrounds of each land.
  • Cultivate and improve self-confidence, increase independence and self-control, practice new skills such as financial management, communication ability, foreign languages,…
  • Easily explore the world without waiting for anyone or delaying by relatives and friends. Due to busy life, many people cannot choose to travel with friends, lovers, family,…
  • Expand more new relationships, connect with new companions on a new tour that you can hardly get if you go with other people.
  • Improve yourself through the experience of solving problems on your own, overcoming fear, being braver and more mature.
  • With the support of technology applications, solo travel becomes easier, more convenient and faster such as booking air tickets, booking rooms, car rentals, sightseeing tickets, online payment, …


Customers who have difficulties in situations such as losing their way, lost, lost luggage, identity papers, surprise attack, robbery, rape, … For customers who do not use the company’s services The tour operator will not be supported to handle these problems in advance.

In case tourists get sick during the trip, they will have to self-treat and take care of themselves without the help of any relatives. In particular, in countries with outbreaks of disease that require travelers to perform complete isolation, it makes it even more difficult for that individual.

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