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Visit Hoi An to find out the name called “The ancient town ranks second in the list of 25 outstanding destinations in 2023”


Tripadvisor – one of the world’s largest travel platforms has just announced the list of “25 most prominent trending destinations in 2023” voted by Tripadvisor travelers around the world.

In which, Hoi An Ancient Town and Ho Chi Minh City are ranked 2/25 and 11/25 on this list. These top 25 places were awarded the coveted title of “Travellers”‘ Choice Best of the Best” in the “Destinations of the Year” category in 2023. Trending Destination” (Trending Destinations) of Tripadvisor, one of the world’s major travel platforms.

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ancient hoi an
Ancient Hoi An – Source: Internet

As a result, Hoi An old town (Quang Nam) ranked third in the top three, trailing only Cuba (Caribbean area, number 1) and Mauritius (Africa, number 2). These top 3 destinations were selected based on traveler reviews using the Tripadvisor platform – the website and app currently have 135,000 travel destinations and 730,000 attractions worldwide rated.

Hoi An is a popular stop for “backpackers” and it is gaining more popularity among tourists. On the 14th day of the lunar calendar every month, the city lights up all the traditional lanterns, making all the streets create a shimmering and mysterious space. Hoi An stands out with attractions such as Covered Bridge, Quan Cong Temple (Ong Pagoda), the old town… Every visitor to the city often orders a tailor-made costume for himself made by tailors. professional.

About Hoi An ancient town, Tripadvisor writes: “…is a famous city of Quang Nam province, an old town that is kept almost intact with more than 1,000 architectural monuments from streets, houses, assembly halls, communal houses, etc.To the traditional foods, the character of the people here, a visit to Hoi An will attract guests with its timeless and timeless beauty. same rustic and idyllic”. Hoi An is dubbed “Venice” of Vietnam. Hoi An old town is set in the midst of a gorgeous river setting, with lovely boats drifting down little canals.

Hoi An is an old town in Quang Nam, located on the north bank of the lower Thu Bon River, more than 30 kilometers from Da Nang and 122 kilometers from Hue. When I think of Hoi An, I think of rows of ancient saffron-colored buildings, the river glistening with lanterns at night, and exquisite cuisine at reasonable pricing.

What season is beautiful in Hoi An?

the color of Hoi An
the color of Hoi An – Source: Internet

The climate in Hoi An is a cross between the South and the North, with distinct rainy and dry seasons. The charm of the old town changes with the seasons. The first three months of the year are the best time to visit Hoi An because the sun is not too hot, it is cool, and there is occasionally light rain.

From April to June is the harsh period of the dry season, but the weather in Hoi An is quite pleasant because it is located in the south of the Truong Son range.

July is still the dry season. Seasons vary between August and September. It’s still light outside, but it’s starting to rain irregularly, and it’s getting chilly at night.

The last three months of the year are the rainy season in Hoi An, it is rarely sunny, it rains heavily and sometimes floods. Visitors from the south who come to Hoi An during the chilly season should dress appropriately to avoid health problems.

Places to explore


Hoi An
Hoi An – Source: Internet

Tea and coffee, in addition to herbal drinks, are equally good in Hoi An. Furthermore, each tea and coffee business in the Old Quarter has its own distinct personality.

Many shops are built deep within houses with hundreds of years of history, the shop is located on the roof so clients can view the street while drinking drinks, or the bar has deaf personnel…

Those interested in seeing Hoi An from above can visit Faifo Café, which is located on the third floor of a home on Tran Phu street. If you need some peace and quiet, go to Reaching Out tea shop, or have some excellent ice cream and coffee at Hoi An Roastery…

Furthermore, if you look hard enough in the lanes of the old town, you will find several tea and coffee shops that are both traditional and modern because they attract a lot of foreign tourists.

Visitors can enjoy the fresh air by exploring coffee shops in the middle of rice fields such as Roving Chillhouse, Xom Chieu Coffee, and Old Lo Gach Coffee… 4-7 kilometers from the core of Hoi An town.

Old Quarter

old house in Hoi An
Old house in Hoi An- Source: Internet

Hoi An old town, on its own, is a place where the legs tire and there are no check-in sites for young people. Every street, historic street corner, and saffron-swept row of houses is an interesting stop for photos and learning about local culture…

With an entrance ticket costing 80,000 VND per person and valid for 24 hours, you can explore three of the most important landmarks in the old town. These include the Covered Bridge, the assembly halls of Fujian, Quang Trieu, Hainan, and Trieu Chau, as well as the old residences of Quan Thang, Duc An, Phung Hung, and Tan Ky… Moreover, the entrance ticket also includes art activities. After 7 p.m., the streets, traditional games, and night markets come alive.

Activities on the Hoai River are normally busiest between 6 and 10 p.m. Renting a boat costs 200,000 VND, while flowers cost 10,000 VND each.

In the old town at night, you can traverse the bridges as the street lights up, listen to live music in pubs, drink coffee, and watch famous plays


An Bang beach
An Bang beach – Source: Internet

An Bang beach is located in Cam An ward, 3 kilometers from the heart of Hoi An. The sea is beautiful, clean, and not overcrowded; there is just enough space for you to rest. CNN named An Bang Beach one of the world’s 50 most beautiful beaches in 2011.

Ha My beach is located 3.5 kilometers from An Bang, 6 kilometers from the Marble Mountains, and roughly 7 kilometers from the center of Hoi An. It is not particularly visible, but it has a serene appearance and its own charm. Despite its distance from the city center, Ha My has no shortage of homestays, hotels, and resorts for travelers to select from.

Cua Dai Beach, a popular Hoi An location, was named one of the top 25 most beautiful beaches in Asia by Tripadvisor in 2013. Cua Dai, located 5 kilometers from Hoi An’s downtown, is a beach of several tens of hectares with fine white sand, pure blue sea, and small waves. Visitors can relax on the sand for hours, listen to the waves crashing, go fishing near the shore, rent a boat to float with fishermen, or participate in water sports,…

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