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Vung Tau tourist attractions: Top 13 famous tourist destinations that attract tourists (Part 1)

Many southern tourists are no longer too strange to Vung Tau city, its poetic beaches with clear blue water, or fresh and attractive seafood dishes. Many tourists, however, still need to learn about Vung Tau tourists and what amusement parks visit Vung Tau. Lily’s Travel will help you answer all those questions in this article.

All about the tourist areas in Vung Tau

Coming to this beautiful coastal city, visitors will be spoiled for fun at many different Vung Tau tourist sites. From beaches with clear, cool water to scenic resorts that blend in with nature, beautiful check-in locations await visitors to come and explore.

Top tourist destinations Vung Tau that you should visit

Bai Sau Beach

Bai Sau Beach
Bai Sau Beach – Source: Internet

At the top of the list of attractive Vung Tau tourist destinations that visitors definitely cannot ignore is Bai Sau, one of the places located right next to the center of Vung Tau city. This beach can stretch for up to 8 kilometers.

This beautiful beach has a gentle beauty, with the white color of the beautiful dunes stretching in succession, mixed with the dark green of the ancient javelin forest along the sandy beach, the aspen forest or the rows of coconuts roasting hands to welcome the wind, finally the cool transparent green of this sea. Besides, there are rows of rustic, simple wooden lodges, but the more elegant beauty of this beach. Coming to Bai Sau, visitors will be able to visit many beautiful small islands that will surely make visitors feel comfortable, have the quietest and most exciting moments of rest.

Address: Thuy Van, Thang Tam Ward, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria Province, Vung Tau

Ho Da Xanh (Blue stone lake)

Ho Da Xanh
Ho Da Xanh – Source: Internet

The lake is located right next to the side of Dinh Mountain. This is one of the tourist destinations in Vung Tau that is highly enthusiastic by the virtual advertising team. Anyone with a passion for photography wants to visit. Because the lake’s landscape must be considered extremely strange, beautiful as lost in a fairyland, the lake space is clear blue, large and quiet, surrounded by cliffs and surrounding plants.

It is not wrong to say go to the lake, hold up the machine and you have a beautiful photo shimmering without dead corners. Besides, you can also participate in boat-hanging activities to explore the lake or visit Suoi Nghe sheep field, one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Vung Tau recently been released to take pictures with those extremely interesting and new sheep.

Address: Kim Dinh, Ba Ria, Ba Ria – Vung Tau

Tram Lake (Ho Tram)

Tram Lake
Tram Lake – Source: Internet

This is also one of the tourist attractions in Vung Tau that attracts many tourists, especially young people who love the quiet, rustic space. This place welcomes visitors with a calm space, with no noise and dust, so visitors can fully enjoy the fresh air here.

Not only that, but this is also a place that is entirely peaceful as one of the most beautiful pristine beaches voted by the world because the clear blue water all around is an idyllic feature. Not only that, but Ho Tram also welcomes you with highly fresh seafood dishes and meager prices. If you go to Vung Tau without visiting Ho Tram, it is a pity.

Address: Xuyen Moc district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province

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Long Hai Ocean

Long Hai Ocean
Long Hai Ocean – Source: Internet

This is one of the pristine beaches that are so beautiful that it will surely grab the feet of tourists when coming to Ba Ria – Vung Tau. Because of the cool year-round climate, visitors can come to this beach regardless of the year’s season.

The Long Hai Sea is surrounded by majestic mountains and clear and green seawater; besides, in the seasons of the year, there will be beautiful cherry blossoms full of poetry. In addition, you will come here to enjoy a variety of fresh seafood at a cheap price there. Sitting back and watching the last moments of a day here is a beautiful experience.

Address: Long Hai, Ba Ria – Vung Tau

Statue of Jesus Christ

Statue of Jesus Christ
Statue of Jesus Christ – Source: Internet

It is one of the symbols of the coastal city of Vung Tau, one of the tourist destinations that you must visit to check in when coming to this beautiful coastal city. The statue is located on Small Mountain, with a height of 32m, an arm’s length of 18.4m, and placed on a shelf of stone blocks carved with 12 apostles. The inside of the statue has a staircase design to go to the area above.

To conquer the statue, visitors will have to climb a total of 1000 steps; then, visitors can enjoy the full view of Vung Tau city from above; the beautiful beaches and the houses are all shrunk inside the sight of visitors. Close your eyes and appreciate the tranquility that comes from God’s touch.

Address: 01, Ba Ria, Vung Tau, Ba Ria – Vung Tau

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Suoi Tien tourist area

Fairy Stream tourist area is a tourist destination you should not ignore when visiting Vung Tau. Located inside Vung Tau Dinh Mountain, a place with a fresh, fantastic atmosphere in harmony with nature that is likened to Da Lat.

This stream is preserved intact by its inherent wildness, mysterious nature and is extremely attractive to visitors. When coming to this place, visitors will be immersed in cool green streams, incredibly blowing away the fatigue of life. Besides, visitors can sit back and take pictures and watch the scenery above the rocks next to the creek to enjoy the music of the mountains and forests with the sound of insects, the murmuring water, the rustling wind will make you feel the most peaceful.

Address: Dinh Mountain, Tan Hoa, Tan Thanh, Ba Ria – Vung Tau

Hon Ba Island

Hon Ba Island
Hon Ba Island

As one of the small islands in the middle of Vung Tau Sea, Vung Tau is known as the most spiritual tourist destination because a shrine to Thuy Long Than Nu is built on the island. If you want to move to Hon Ba, you can sit on the boat to the island or wait until the water recedes; there will be a small road leading to the island.

However, walking to the island is only sometimes possible, depending on the sprint date, so visitors must pay attention to that.

Address: Located in Bai Sau, Vung Tau City

To be continued

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