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Sustainable tourism development in Vietnam: Overview from 6 famous sustainable tourism destinations


Sustainable tourism offers excellent potential for developing ecotourism activities and communities… What exactly is sustainable tourism? What are Vietnam’s well-known sustainable tourist destinations? Let’s find out in the next article!

Vietnam has a great deal of potential for developing sustainable tourism. This is evident because the number of tourists visiting Vietnam grows year after year, and UNESCO has designated the legacy system as a world cultural heritage site.

1. What exactly is sustainable tourist development?

The planning and provision of activities based on the needs and preferences of tourists and indigenous people constitute sustainable tourism. Sustainable tourism must preserve cultural, biological, and environmental qualities while also meeting people’s aesthetic, economic, and social demands.

To put it another way, sustainable tourism is a type of tourism that minimizes expenditures while boosting benefits to community subjects and the natural environment.

2. The meaning of sustainable tourism development

Sustainable tourism brings economic development 
Sustainable tourism brings economic development – Source: Internet

2.1. Sustainable tourism brings economic development 

Economic development is brought about through sustainable tourism. Sustainable tourism helps economic growth by providing local communities and governments with steady and equitable income. Simply leveraging the cultural peculiarities of a place is an example of a sustainable tourism model in Vietnam; local people in the area can have more income and improve their lives by having tourists visit, use tourism services, and buy products typical of the region and the region.

2.2. Environmental safeguards Sustainable tourism development can help to preserve the living environment

This form of tourism has little impact on city people. It not only helps to reduce the impact on everyone, but it also helps to ensure the human living environment from which people benefit.

2.3. Minimizing societal ills By creating jobs for locals, sustainable tourist development helps to alleviate social problems

Looking deeper, sustainable tourism promotes scientific and responsible resource exploitation, ensuring that resources are increased and developed for future generations to continue and benefit from.

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3. Development Trends in Sustainable Tourism in Vietnam

Sustainable tourism development in Vietnam-
Sustainable tourism development in Vietnam- – Source: Internet

Tourism in general, and sustainable tourism in particular, is gradually becoming one of Vietnam’s main economic sectors. Sustainable tourism development, in particular, contributes significantly to economic growth and the improvement of environmental quality. Vietnam has great potential for sustainable tourism development to attract tourists, with many famous scenic spots of historical and cultural value.

The proof is that in recent years, Vietnam tourism has drawn a large number of tourists and has grown more generally known. The trend of sustainable tourism development in Vietnam is currently more focused, as evidenced by the fact that businesses organize tourism development around the principle that it must be accompanied by profits for the community, raising environmental protection awareness, and balancing tourism development and nature conservation.

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4. Suggestions for sustainable tourism development in Vietnam

4.1. Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay – Source: Internet

Visitors to Halong Bay may observe the stunning scenery and discover the unique cultural area that has preserved relics of indigenous life through the generations. When visiting Ha Long, travelers will see that the attraction of Ha Long Bay is gradually improving to become an appealing tourism offering.

4.2. Hue court art architecture

Hue court art architecture
Hue court art architecture – Source: Internet

Hue court art architecture is a component of the city’s tourism development strategy, which promotes history and cultural values. The tourist location draws a huge number of people, introducing and promoting the heritage value while also using tourism earnings to actively invest in heritage conservation.

4.3. Da Nang – Hoi An

The development of sustainable tourism in Da Nang – Hoi An is an ancient town
With suitable investment and development solutions, tourist destinations are gradually expanding. From the tourism space of the old town, craft villages as diverse as Thanh Ha Pottery Village… to the types of cultural, ecological, resort, and homestay tourism are very focused on sustainable tourism development in Hoi An.

4.4. Cai Rang Floating Market

Cai Rang Floating Market
Cai Rang Floating Market – Source: Internet

Cai Rang floating market is located in Can Tho tourist, which is focuses on establishing green tourist projects to maintain and enhance tourism. It can be evident in actions such as constructing a garbage collecting model on the river, maintaining order, beauty, and safety while engaging in canal traffic…

4.5. Nha Trang’s marine ecosystem

Nha Trang's marine ecosystem
Nha Trang’s marine ecosystem – Source: Internet

Visitors to Nha Trang can visit Tre Island Nha Trang, Tam Island Nha Trang, and other nearby islands to enjoy the rich marine ecosystem. This location is well-known for its lovely, long beaches, mild climate, stunning natural beauty, and unique marine ecology.

4.6. Marine and island system in Phu Quoc 

Marine and island system in Phu Quoc 
Marine and island system in Phu Quoc – Source: Internet

The marine and island tourism system of Phu Quoc has excellent potential to build sustainable tourism development. Increasing investment in the development of marine tourist products, tourism infrastructure, increasing the quality of human tourism resources, and bringing distinction and diversity of marine tourism products are all initiatives that will be implemented. The extensive information in this article should help you better comprehend the concept of sustainable tourism and this mainstream tourism development trend in Vietnam. Simultaneously, grasp the most well-known sustainable tourism places in Vietnam in order to completely prepare for the voyage to discover this form of tourism soon.

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