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Vung Tau Travel: Top 24 hottest destinations in 2023 (Part 1)


Vung Tau Travel is a popular word to search on the internet among residents of Saigon and the surrounding regions. Vung Tau has both sea and mountains, there is no shortage of spiritual tourist attractions, food is diverse and delicious. Just taking about 2 hours away from Saigon., travelers are always active to learn and discover a lot of new destinations in Vung Tau to refresh the experience in a tourist destination that is too familiar. Through this article, Lily’s Travel will introduce the list of the hottest Vung Tau tourist destinations in 2022 for your reference for your upcoming trip!

Back beach (Bai Sau)

Back beach
Back beach – Source: Internet

Bai Sau is located in the southeast of Vung Tau, starting from the foot of Small Mountain to Chi Linh area. Back beach is also the main beach of Vung Tau, not only tourists but local people also come here. Back beach has a moderate slope, small waves. Every afternoon, people and tourists come here very crowded to swim, and wind. In addition to the beach, there is also Bai Sau park and Bai Sau square which is a familiar places to have fun and walk around Vung Tau. Thuy Van street runs along the back of the shore, hence the additional name Thuy Van beach. This is Vung Tau’s major tourist thoroughfare, and hotels and eateries line both sides of it, making it very convenient for tourists.

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Front Beach (Bai Truoc)

Bai Truoc, which is close to Bai Sau beach, is a popular tourist location. Many visitors go to Vung Tau to enjoy the scenery and wind. Bai Truoc also known as Doi Duong beach, is a semicircular bay, located between Big Mountain and Small mountain, stretching from the beginning of Tran Phu street to the end of Quang Trung street and to a section of Ha Long road. The two sides of the beach are large and small rocks stacked on top of each other, creating a “wall” that surrounds the beach. Along the Front beach is Bai Truoc park, coconut trees are facing the sea very beautiful.

Big Mountain/Nui Tuong Ky

Big Mountain:Nui Tuong Ky
Big Mountain:Nui Tuong Ky – Source: Internet

The Great Mountain is one of the two beautiful mountains in Vung Tau. With an area of about 400ha, Big Mountain is the location of famous Vung Tau tourist sites including Bach Dinh, Thich Ca Phat Dai pagoda, and the Shrine of Our Lady of Bai Dau. The peak is 245m from sea level, so when entering Vi Ba road along the mountain slope, you will see Vung Tau city from above. Coming here around 17:00, visitors will be watching the “magnificent” sunset of Vung Tau. The road is steep, not too wide, but the car can still run in.

Every afternoon, the people of Vung Tau choose this path to walk, exercise, and watch the sunset. In addition, there is also alley 44 Tran Phu street which is also a beautiful route leading to the top of the Big Mountain. However, this route is small, narrow, unpaved, so it is only for motorbikes and pedestrians.

Bach Dinh Palace

Bach Dinh Palace
Bach Dinh Palace – Source: Internet

Bach Dinh is located on the southern slope of Big Mountain. Initially, at this land, Emperor Minh Mang built Phuoc Thang fortress to control the mouth of Can Gio Sea. Later, the French colonists razed the fortress and built a mansion to serve as a resort for the Governor-General of Indochina. By 1907, this place became a place to keep the former Emperor Thanh Thai for 10 years. Because of that, people also call Bach Dinh as Mr. Thuong’s palace.

In 1934, Bach Dinh was the resort residence of Emperor Bao Dai and Queen Nam Phuong. In 1992, Bach Dinh was recognized as a National Historic and Cultural Relic, becoming a museum of antiquities and tourist attractions. The White Palace was built in the French style in the late nineteenth century, with a vision towards the previous beach, surrounded by many trees, most of which are porcelain trees. The villa has 3 floors including a basement, a ground floor and a high floor, painted white, the origin of the name Bach Dinh.

Outside, Bach Dinh has many vaulted windows. The three main walls of the building are decorated with eight Greek-style busts. There are 2 roads leading to the mansion: a winding road for cars under the foliage of 2 rows of trees, a walking path with 146 steps and 2 rows of porcelain trees along the road, ensuring that each child has a poetic look.

Thich Ca Phat Dai Pagoda

Thich Ca Phat Dai Pagoda
Thich Ca Phat Dai Pagoda – Source: Internet

Thich Ca Phat Dai Pagoda is a Buddhist architectural cluster located on the northern side of the Great Mountain. The architecture of Thich Ca Phat Dai has a total area of 28 hectares, combining natural scenery and Buddhist architecture, including many works: a complex of Buddhist temples, Thien Lam, Vien Thong… and a cluster of gardens about the life of the Buddha.

In this Buddhist architectural complex, the Thich Ca Phat Dai statue is the most typical work. The statue shows the Buddha in zazen, behind which is the bodhi root planted by Venerable Narada himself in 1960. Thich Ca Phat Dai statue consists of a pedestal 7m high and a 6m high statue. The body of the statue has 3 relics, along with 13 other relics in the stupa area, contributing to the sacred reputation of the temple.

Duc Me Bai Dau/Mother Mary Statue

Mother Mary Statue is a famous tourist destination in Vung Tau, not only for religious people but also for tourists from all over the world. The land was originally owned by the Wei An and later donated to the Paris Missionaries.

Later, the temple and Mother Mary Staute were built together with other small works, becoming a complex of works named Mother Mary Staute. The statue of Mother Mary was built in 1992 at a height of 60m on the slope of the Great Mountain, white, 15m high, weighing nearly 500 tons. The statue faces the sea, showing Mary lifting up Jesus.

Ho May

Ho May is a tourist and amusement park located at an altitude of 210m on the Big Mountain. Ho May tourist area covers 50 hectares, including many areas of fun, sightseeing suitable for all ages. Therefore, this place is one of the famous tourist destinations of Vung Tau that many tourists visit. For visitors who like to take pictures of check-in, Ho May tourist area has a combination of artificial areas and beautiful natural scenery, such as a cherry blossom forest, artificial lake, waterfall.

Those who like thrilling games can participate in skateboarding, zipline cable skiing, participating in games in thrilling areas such as roller coasters, pirate boats. Groups of friends or companies can participate in team games such as paintball, games at the water park. This is also a suitable tourist destination for families with temples, zoos, water music stages… diverse.

Hon Ba 

Hon Ba is a small rocky island located near the sea, specifically the Front beach. The island has a size of about 5,000m2, located about 220m from the shore. The attraction of this place is Hon Ba temple located right on the island, occupying most of the area of this rocky island.

In the 18th century, the people of Thang Tam village established a shrine on the island to worship the goddess Thuy Long, pray for the peace of the sea, favorable rain and wind for fishermen to go to the sea with peace of mind. Therefore, the shrine is also known as Ba temple, the rock island from which also has the name Hon Ba.

To move to Ba island, visitors can take a boat out. On the 14th-15th day of the lunar calendar, the tide comes down to reveal a rocky road connecting Ba Island and the mainland, visitors can also choose this road to walk to the island, which takes 20-30 minutes.

To be continued

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