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25 places near Hanoi to visit: Separated following the distance (part 1)

Hanoi has thousands of years of civilization, if you have not been to Hanoi, you should visit once. The following top 25 tourist destinations near Hanoi will be suggestions for visitors to Hanoi or in Hanoi.

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Tourist attractions near Hanoi are less than 40 km

Ham Lon Moutain

Ham Lon Mountain is located in Soc Son district, Hanoi less than 40 km from the center of Hanoi. This place has beautiful scenery, fresh air, peace suitable for picnics or camping for families or groups of friends. In addition, there is also a diverse terrain, a pleasant climate that is suitable as a place to rest and relax for visitors during their tour.

Dong Mo

Dong Mo
Dong Mo – Source: Internet

Dong Mo is one of the tourist attractions near Hanoi under 40km that you should also visit. This tourist area is located in Son Tay town and Ba Vi district. When coming to Dong Mo, visitors can see the poetic landscape with freshwater lakes of up to 500 hectares and small islands. Besides, in Dong Mo, visitors can also visit and rest, have fun at the amusement parks and resorts.

Co Loa

When coming to Co Loa citadel, Dong Anh district, visitors will admire and learn about the ancient citadel with the largest and most unique structure in ancient citadel in Vietnam. In Co Loa Citadel, there are many relics for you to visit and explore such as Co Loa Temple, Ngoc Well, and Thuong Temple. In addition to sightseeing, coming to Co Loa city, visitors can also take beautiful and memorable souvenir photos.

Tram Mountain

Tram Mountain
Tram Mountain – Source: Internet

Tram Mountain, a tourist destination near Hanoi located in Phung Chau commune, Chuong My district, Hanoi is also known as Tram Son. Tram Mountain has poetic and majestic natural landscapes suitable for camping and climbing tours.

Ba Vi National Park

When going out near Hanoi, you should also go to Ba Vi National Park. Ba Vi National Park is a national park famous for its majestic natural scenery and diverse ecosystems. When coming to Ba Vi National Park, visitors can both enjoy and enjoy a fresh and cool atmosphere, majestic natural scenery. Not only that, in Ba Vi National Park, there are also architectural works and tourist attractions for visitors to visit and have fun. You will not be disappointed when you visit the national park.

Tourist attractions near Hanoi are less than 60km

Duong Lam ancient village

Duong Lam ancient village belongs to Son Tay town, Hanoi. Duong Lam ancient village has existed for a long time, so far the village still retains the ancient culture. When you come here, you will see firsthand the familiar scenery of the ancient village of Bac Bo with banyan trees, wells, a communal yard, and a temple… You can walk around the village streets or enter the houses to play and chat to understand more about the lives of people.

Tien Sa Lake

Tien Sa Lake
Tien Sa Lake – Source: Internet

Tien Sa Lake is located at the foot of Tan Mountain, Tan Linh Commune, Ba Vi District, Hanoi. Tien Sa Lake has a cool green space with an extremely diverse ecosystem. Besides, there are also entertainment spots for customers to have relaxing moments to relieve stress and fatigue in life. If you want a fresh, relaxed space, Ho Tien Sa is an ideal destination.

Ho Quan Son

Ho Quan Son is located in 3 communes Tuy Lai, Thuong Lam, Hong Son of Kim Boi district and My Duc, Hoa Binh. There is a beautiful natural setting, with a mountain lake suitable for visitors who want to find a space to blend in with the fresh and cool nature. Quan Son Lake is also considered “Ha Long on land” an interesting tourist destination of Hanoi.

Ban Rom Ecotourism Area

Ban Rom Ecotourism Area
Ban Rom Ecotourism Area – Source: Internet

The tourist site near Hanoi is located in Quang Tien commune, Soc Son district, Hanoi. True to its name, Ban Rom has a rich ecosystem with fresh air, beautiful natural scenery that is suitable for outings of families or groups of friends. This eco-tourism area also attracts young people with beautiful check-in and photo spots such as fairy forest, Thuong Uyen garden, livestock farm, pine forest, sandy beach, outdoor activities…

Ban Xuyen Valley

Ban Xoi Valley is located in the Ba Vi tourist complex, Chan hamlet, Yen Bai commune, Ba Vi district, Hanoi. Ban Xoi Valley has a wild and poetic natural landscape with beautiful stilt houses with ethnic style.

Dai Lai Lake

Dai Lai Lake is located in Ngoc Thanh commune and Dong Xuan ward, Phuc Yen city, Vinh Phuc province is one of the tourist destinations near Hanoi. When coming to Dai Lai Lake, visitors will see the beautiful and airy natural landscape with a large area of the lake. Coming here, you can visit the Tam Dao Lake Range, have fun, enjoy the scenery, and take memorable souvenir photos. Certainly, the trip to Dai Lai lake will bring you many memorable memories.

Vietnam national village for ethnic culture

Vietnam national village for ethnic culture
Vietnam national village for ethnic culture – Source: Internet

Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Groups is located in Son Tay Town, Hanoi. The cultural village is built on small hills with lakes. When coming here, tourists will be able to visit and learn about the life and customs of ethnic groups across Vietnam.

The scenery here is also beautifully appreciated to help visitors have memorable photos when checking in, virtual living. If you are looking for a place with beautiful scenery, come immediately to the cultural village of Vietnamese ethnic groups.

Huong Pagoda

Huong Pagoda is located on the edge of the Bottom River in Huong Son commune, My Duc district, Hanoi. This is a place both to visit and to help visitors to the pagoda. Huong Pagoda has many beautiful landscapes, both mountainous and dynamic, with majestic green trees and poetic rivers.

With these landscapes, you can watch, drop yourself into nature to have the most relaxing moments. Visitors will find themselves as small as possible in front of the vast natural scenery at Huong Pagoda. When you enter the temple, you can light incense, pray for health and good luck for yourself and your family. The atmosphere at the pagoda also brings you moments of relaxation and peace to temporarily forget the worries and fatigue of life.

Khoang Xanh – Suoi Tien

Green – Suoi Tien tourist area is located in Ba Vi mountain range, Van Hoa commune, Ba Vi district, Hanoi. Perhaps tourists around Hanoi and neighboring provinces are too familiar with this tourist area. In the Blue Cavity – Fairy Stream, there is fresh natural scenery including streams, waterfalls and forests… giving visitors a cool and pleasant feeling. When coming here, visitors can also participate in games at diverse and attractive amusement parks.

Tam Dao

When traveling to tourist destinations near Hanoi, you will not be able to miss Tam Dao. Tam Dao is located in the Tam Dao mountain range, in Tam Dao town, Vinh Phuc province. Coming to Tam Dao, visitors will be immersed in nature with beautiful scenery to the heart.

When coming to Tam Dao, visitors can visit attractive tourist attractions such as Silver Waterfall, Ba Chua Thuong Thousand Temple, TV tower, Tam Dao ancient church. The special feature of Tam Dao is the blurry natural scenery in the high mountains, making this place always covered by mist.

To be continued

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