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5 famous places to visit in Vietnam


Vietnam has beautiful tourist destinations like Paradise. If you enjoy traveling, you should visit there right away.

Trang An – Ninh Binh

Trang An - Ninh Binh
Trang An – Ninh Binh – Source: Internet

Trang An-Ninh Binh is the most well-known name among Vietnamese tourist attractions with the greatest cultural and historical significance. In 2014, UNESCO designated this archaeological site as a World Cultural and Natural Heritage. This is a collection of buildings related to Hoa Lu, an old capital city tucked away in the majestic limestone mountains and enchanting winding river. The architecture of the Tran Ninh Binh Temple, Tu Tru Temple, and Suoi Tien Temple will “touch” you spiritually or culturally.

In particular, you can rent a boat to turn the water, cross the lotus lake and the golden rice field to Vu Lam palace – one of the most beautiful architecture here. In addition to artificial relics, Trang An is the capital of caves with many strange stalactites through clear forests and lagoons. Nau Ruou Cave and Ba Giot Cave are two popular tourist caves.

To get to Trang An, from Hanoi by bus, limousine or motorbike to Ninh Binh, in about 2 hours and 30 minutes, you can take advantage of the scenery. Every season, Trang An wears a new shirt. And every time of the year, travelers find something worth exploring:

  • In the spring, visitors are immersed in unique festivals such as Trang An Festival (mid-March lunar calendar) and Co Lau Festival (8th – 10th March of the lunar calendar).
  • This place is beautiful and enchanting in the summer, with golden ripe rice fields or lotus swamps with fragrant aromas.
  • The weather is cool and pleasant in autumn, ideal for outdoor sightseeing and exploring activities.
  • Trang An is hidden in a misty mist like a fairyland in winter.

Mu Cang Chai – Yen Bai

Mu Cang Chai - Yen Bai
Mu Cang Chai – Yen Bai – Source: Internet

Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai) cannot fall in love and wish to visit and take in the beauty of the Northwest mountains and forests due to the distance of around 300 kilometers from Hanoi.

You should standardize the ripe rice season in Mu Cang Chai to run from September to October. The “golden season” is best viewed in Mong Ngua Hill (Bright Nhu hamlet), Tu Le commune, and La Pan Tan. Viewed from above, the valley below looks like a vivid yellow painting with vivid fields, plain brown buildings, and dreamy streams.

Every season has its own charm for Mu Cang Chai. In the spring, the young plating is bright on the water; in the warm summer months, the green terraces are dazzling on the mountains and hills. It is most impressive in the watering season (planting season) and the ripening rice season (winter-spring harvest season). The pouring water season falls in late May to early June. The fields look like “mirrors” to the whole sky and earth.

The golden season for Mu Cang Chai runs from September through October, when travelers and photographers go to witness the vibrant upland painting. In winter, the fields are like watercolor paintings of mountains and forests. The end of December is the season of forest digging and blooming.

Pu Luong – Thanh Hoa

Pu Luong - Thanh Hoa
Pu Luong – Thanh Hoa – Source: Internet

Visiting Pu Luong (Thanh Hoa) from the Northwest to the South would be best. You might be wrong if you think this is a tourist destination with only terraced fields similar to the Northwest. Pu Luong is lovely and has a very different terrain.

First, we can visit this place in the midsummer months – when green rice is just starting to grow. First, we can go here in the middle of the summer, when the green rice is just beginning to sprout. Pu Luong feels very distinct from other areas because of the cool air and lush fields on the mountain. As an added bonus, the Pu Luong Nature Reserve, a great place for a picnic, surrounds these terraced hills. Alternatively, you can book a hotel in the Ba Thuoc District with a terraced field view to take in this breathtaking landscape.

Visit Kho Muong village if you wish to learn more about the people’s history, culture, and way of life. We will sample the local cuisine in the modest stilt homes, accompany the young members of the ethnic minorities to explore the fields, and cross streams to witness the waterfalls. Any believer will “live virtually” thanks to the sky gate in the Ba Thuoc area, which offers the ultimate check-in view through the clouds.

  • At the end of May and the beginning of June, Pu Luong put on a new color of “light green” when entering the new rice crop. The rice is still fresh, and the terraced fields have a vibrant green color. Although it is summer, you will feel relaxed and airy weather coming to Pu Luong. The trees are green everywhere, and the heat is just under 30 degrees.
  • Around September and October is the most beautiful time, when Pu Luong turns into the “golden season,” which answers the question, “Which is the most beautiful season to go to Pu Luong”. All fields and terraced fields have turned iridescent yellow, blended with the aroma of ripe rice, which will bring you peaceful, simple, and very familiar feelings.

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Nha Trang’s most stunning beaches

Ninh Van Bay
Ninh Van Bay – Source: Internet

Vietnamese coastal tourist sites draw a large number of visitors each year due to the country’s extensive coastline and plenty of stunning islets. Nha Trang, the Eastern jewel of the Central area, is one of them. You can travel to Nha Trang by bus or motorbike if you have time. If you want to save time, book a flight to Nha Trang that leaves from Hanoi in 1 hour and 50 minutes and from Ho Chi Minh City in 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Mun Island, Yen Hon Noi Island, Binh Hung and Binh Ba Islands, and Diep Son Islands are some of the most stunning beaches in Nha Trang right now. The qualities of a lengthy, fine-sand beach next to crystal-clear water can be found in all of the aforementioned titles. Additionally, if you’re an ambitious traveler, surfing, canoeing, and diving activities will gratify you. The dry season in Nha Trang lasts from January to August, and there are no particularly chilly winters. As a result, travelers can come here at any time of year. From April until the end of June, it is sunny and warm, but not oppressively so.

In September, it began to rain scatteredly, so it only affected the fun activities of visitors a little. More rain, often with a chill, falls from October to December. It is great for those who wish to unwind because this is no longer Nha Trang’s busiest time of year for domestic travel.

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Phu Quoc Island – Kien Giang

Phu Quoc Island - Kien Giang
Phu Quoc Island – Kien Giang – Source: Internet

When it comes to the sea, besides Nha Trang, the place will be named Phu Quoc. This island district in the province of Kien Giang offers a luxurious getaway with pristine scenery and a wide range of exciting activities.

If you want to check in in the front room, you should book a 5-star Phu Quoc resort with “authentic” furnishings. After that, outdoor pools and picnics on the beach will be the next series of attractive activities. Phu Quoc features a lot of other well-known “virtual living” locations besides resorts and beaches, like Rach Vom fishing village, Dinh Cau cape, and An Thoi station. The best months to visit Pearl Island are November through April of the following year. In the South, this is the dry season, when there is gorgeous weather, minimal rain, and calm surf ideal for resort travel and outdoor activities.

Even though Phu Quoc experiences wet weather from around May to October, many tourists still visit the island during this time. If you’re going to Phu Quoc this season, go at the end of April when the weather is still lovely and the costs are not as expensive. In particular, October is a time of transition, so there may be less rain. Most importantly, you should monitor the weather forecast to avoid rainy days and be more proactive during your trip.

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Bai Dinh pagoda
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