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7 Ways to discover Vietnam from blogger Rachel Mills


These will be the best suggestions for those who want to explore Vietnam with unique and exciting destinations. If you feel too familiar with places such as Ha Long Bay, Hoi An ancient town, Mui Ne dunes, or Phu Quoc Pearl Island, please pocket the 7 destinations below as suggested by a writer on the Rough Guides travel site. They may give you a new and different travel inspiration.

Visit Bai Tu Long Bay instead of Ha Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay
Bai Tu Long Bay – Source: Internet

In the Gulf of Tonkin in the northeast of Vietnam, Bai Tu Long Bay is a bay of Quang Ninh to the northeast of Ha Long Bay and is made up of hundreds of big and tiny islands. The scenery is just as beautiful here even if Ha Long Bay is more well-known. You can book tours at travel agencies such as Lily’s Travel, or if you go by yourself, you can take a boat or speedboat from Cai Rong port to Quan Lan Island. It’s a significant part of the trip, too, as you can enjoy the pristine and deserted beaches along the East Coast and explore its scenic roads and very little traffic. You’ll feel this place has mostly stayed the same for decades.

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Enjoy “from farm to table to try food in the Bong Lai Valley

Bong Lai Valley
Bong Lai Valley – Source: Internet

You may have been to Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, but the taste buds will thank you if you stop at a nearby location – Bong Lai Valley (Hung Trach commune, Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province). The residents of the Bong Lai Valley region place a high value on agriculture. People are always willing to welcome visitors to try exceptional food with them. Restaurants using produce grown on-site will help you taste local specialties’ authentic and beautiful flavors. You can visit some restaurants to try pork cooked in bamboo tubes, duck, or rub. With cold Beer, sip an excellent beer and relax in a hammock.

Visit ethnic minority villages around Kon Tum

Kon K'Tu village - Kon Tum province
Kon K’Tu village – Kon Tum province – Source: Internet

The Central Highlands is also an excellent highlight for many tourists in Vietnam. With its beautiful scenery on the river, Kon Tum City is a must-visit. However, besides that, about 650 ethnic minority villages around Kon Tum City are also lovely places that are worth exploring, and you will hardly see any other foreign tourists here. You can stay overnight in Rong house – a house for community activities of local people.

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Visit Ha Giang

Ha Giang
Ha Giang – Source: Internet

With a size of around 8,000 km2, the province of Ha Giang is in the Northeast. Ha Giang is favored by nature due to its populations of forest, mountains, rivers, and different ecosystems. This land always makes faraway tourists fall in love with majestic places such as Ma Pi Leng Peak, Quan Ba mountain range, Tu Se gorge, and many ancient historical and cultural relics such as the old town and Dong Van stone plateau, villages of ethnic people with unique indigenous culture. Ha Giang is the next destination for you if you want a trip that is “eye-catching,” “enriching knowledge,” and courageous in the spirit of discovery.

As the home of many ethnic minorities, such as the Hmong, Dao, and Giay people…, the northern mountainous area is a destination for many believers who love to move, discover and learn about the cultural features of this place. The windswept mountain roads, the evergreen terrains, and the magnificent landscapes, especially the Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, will be your unforgettable experiences.

Bicycling to explore An Binh Island, Vinh Long

An Binh Island
An Binh Island – Source: Internet

If you want to experience life on the island, go to An Binh Island in Vinh Long province, which belongs to the Mekong Delta area. The river view of this place with intertwined canals crossed by narrow dirt roads is very suitable for you to explore by bicycle. All the streets here are full of coconut and palm trees, surrounded by orchards. You can also stay overnight at local homestays and ensure the trip brings many exciting new things.

Have a beer in another corner of Hanoi

"Bia hoi" in Hanoi
“Bia hoi” in Hanoi – Source: Internet

Referring to Hanoi, people often mention many famous dishes such as shrimp paste vermicelli, Hanoi cha vermicelli, Hanoi pho…Somewhere, people remember to mention Hanoi steam beer, which has long roots and has become a Hanoi sidewalk culture.

With the preeminent know-how in beer brewing and long-term traditional fermentation, the same primary production materials, such as barley hops, are selected and imported from the regions that provide suitable raw materials worldwide. The production process of Hanoi beer usually goes through 8 stages to meet the standards, from the selection of raw materials to the preliminary stage, the processing stage to the finished product packaging, so that when combining all the steps, it will produce a finished beer with the right taste of the Northern land.

Referring to Hanoi’s famous beer-drinking places, people will think of Luong Ngoc Quyen and Ta Hien streets with the usually crowded scene, with countless foreign and Vietnamese guests sitting on plastic chairs, sipping Beer with a few snacks. But to enjoy the real beer taste and avoid the noise and bustle, go further west, to the corner between Bat Dan Street and Duong Thanh Street.

Experience the friendliness of Mai Chau

Mai Chau Province
Mai Chau Province – Source: Internet

Because it is pretty far from Hanoi (about 135 km to the southwest), Mai Chau – Hoa Binh Valley is rarely visited by foreign tourists. This place differs from the crowded and noisy urban areas with the rustic beauty of the mountains and forests, which will let you “live slowly,” but every minute is worth it. The main population of this valley is the White ethnic group. Many of them have opened homestays on stilts. You can choose one of them as a place to stop and enjoy delicious specialties touted by your host.

Even though Mai Chau is a highland region, it is a valley encircled by enormous limestone mountains. This location offers the tranquil natural splendor of lush forests, grizzled rice fields, and numerous calm tiny creeks. You will also be taken aback by how friendly everyone is here. There is also an excellent and unique cuisine that no other place has.

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