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6 good tour agencies in Hanoi, Vietnam


Currently, many businesses are operating as travel agencies, maybe called tour agencies. You have ever contacted or used the services of these businesses without knowing it was a good tour agency or not?

What is the definition of a tour agency?

Hear this phrase a lot but do you know what a good agency is? Or what is an online travel agency? Actually, a good agency is a term used to talk about travel agents today.Those are the intermediary organizations responsible for connecting service providers such as hotels, airlines, restaurants, resorts, etc. to customers.

A tour agency units will be paid a commission by service providers corresponding to the number of customers that the agent introduces to successfully use their services. Currently, travel agencies have been operating widely throughout the country.

The main jobs of a tour agency?

You already understand what the meaning of a tour agency is, right? So what are the main jobs of a  tour agency? The following Buy Sale will introduce you to the main work that these travel agents have to do.

These agents will do the job of selling tours to tourists. These agents will advise tourists on tours that suit their needs and preferences. From there, the tour agency will include other types of services such as accommodation packages, travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, etc. The types introduced by the tour agency will help these units earn commissions for the company. service providers if tourists choose to use the types of services these companies have introduced.

The tour agency will help customers move during the trip, and register the hotel or resort booking. Along with that is in charge of taking guests to visit the places according to the program that the guest has booked.

These travel agents act as intermediaries for services, connecting suppliers with users. Therefore, these units will conduct promotional campaigns to attract tourists to buy tours with them. In addition, this profession also regularly surveys and collects all kinds of information to create the most suitable tours for users.

Not only that, the tour agency is also a unit with a deep understanding of the transportation network, restaurants, hotels, scenic spots, and market prices… Therefore, it can be seen that these are the experts, who have good ability in consulting and assisting customers to choose the most suitable travel services and programs.

Simple ways to classify travel agencies/tour agencies that you should know

Travel agencies can be understood as travel agents. However, within this industry, travel agencies are divided into different types depending on a few specific factors. So do you know what are the classifications of Travel agencies? Follow Buy and Sell to learn more about this issue.

Based on the size of the tour agency

Travel agents are generally divided into 2 types based on their size: wholesale (or large scale) and retail (or small scale)..

Based on the relationship of agents with customers

Not only are they divided by size, but travel agencies are also classified according to their relationship with customers. So how to classify a Travel agency

Reception agent

Do you know what travel agency agents are and what they do? These agents perform the job of welcoming, serving, and implementing sightseeing and travel programs of travel agencies. These agents are often located in tourist centers or major traffic hubs.

Agents send customers

This place has the function of gathering visitors, and performing intermediary activities to sell products to suppliers and tour operators. These agents are usually located in economic-commercial centers such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, etc., where there is an abundant source of customers.

Based on the agent’s relationship with suppliers and tour operators

This classification is quite common in all kinds of industries, especially in the travel industry, it is more and more popular. So what is so special about this classification that is so popular, let’s find out below.

General sales agent

What is the usual sales agent of  tour agency units? These agents often sell to service companies and receive a commission from those companies. All costs as well as business policies will be decided and responsible by the agent.

For these dealers, people can sell products and services from many different suppliers, even competitors.

Exclusive sales agent

These agents are often hired by reputable and large-scale manufacturers to exclusively sell their products and services. Sole Proprietors may also be agents under such manufacturers.

Under this form, manufacturers will provide dealers with licenses to use trademarks, technical processes as well as support for operational and financial vehicles. Since then, these agents are only allowed to distribute the type of product or service that the manufacturer licensed to them.

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TOP 6 travel agencies/tour agencies in Vietnam

When knowing what a Travel agency is, many people will want to know which are the most prestigious Travel agency companies today. In Vietnam, this type of company has been developing very strongly.

Lily’s Travel Agency

Lily Travel Agency
Lily Travel Agency

Lily’s Travel Agency has created for itself 3 things that are different from other businesses that are “Professionalism, feelings for customers, and value received after each trip” with slogan “Trust is more valuable than gold”. Today, with strong development, the business has branches spread across the country. This spread makes the influence of Lily Travel Agency’s brand increasingly stronger in the tourism industry.

Always carrying the mission of bringing uplifting emotions to every customer, this business has created a separate brand in the travel and tourism industry. This development shows the important position of enterprises in the field of tourism as well as the national economy.

Address: 20 Ngo Huyen, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi city, Vietnam

Tel/WhatsApp/Viber: +84931152368

Line/WhatsApp: +84399602618 (中文服务热线)

Email (Normally reply in 2 hours):

Work Time: Mo to Sun: 7:30 – 21:00



As an enterprise specializing in organizing large-scale tours at home and abroad with nearly 2000 routes around the world, coming to Vietravel you will enjoy the best travel services.


SaiGonTourist is one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the field of travel and tourism. The enterprise has a cooperative relationship with hundreds of other travel businesses in the country and around the world.

Euro Travel

Euro Travel is a travel company in Vietnam that stands out for its prestigious European travel brand with the high-end quality segment.


Hanoi Tourist
Hanoi Tourist

HaNoiTourist is one of the big and long-standing travel brands in Hanoi for nearly 60 years and belongs to Hanoi Tourism Corporation.

Fiditour Travel

Fiditour is known as a pioneer in developing foreign tourism, helping Vietnamese people experience foreign cultures. Every year businesses organize a lot of tours with a scale from small to large, with large scale from hundreds to thousands of people.

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