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6 reasons make Halong become one of the best tourist city in Vietnam

Dubbed the heritage land of Vietnam, Ha Long is a favorite destination of many domestic and foreign tourists. Let’s review the reasons why Ha Long deserves to be the number one choice to attract tourists in 2020.

Pristine, majestic nature

halong bay
halong bay

Ha Long is not only an impressive destination in Vietnam but also a familiar name on the world tourist map. Possessing a comprehensive beauty from the sea to the mountains, from the bustling city to the rustic and peaceful fishing village, and from the dynamic beauty to the rare and majestic appearance.

A must-see destination is Ha Long Bay, a natural wonder of the world.  The perfect natural scenery of thousands of limestone islands undulating on the sea surface and clouds create an extremely charming beauty. With thousands of limestone islands and beautiful caves, Ha Long will surely make first-time visitors admire and admire.

A special thing that attracts visitors to Ha Long is the pure and peaceful space. Although it has been put into tourism for a long time, Ha Long Bay in particular and Ha Long in general still retain the beauty of its original state. Tourists always uphold the issue of environmental protection and sustainable tourism development for paradise island bay.

Diverse activities to explore

Coming to Ha Long, you can choose between recreational activities such as swimming, playing at complexes or exploring the nature here.

If you are a lover of discovering local culture, Van Boi fishing village, one of the 5 remaining floating fishing villages of Ha Long Bay, is the place for you. If you’re into the experience, try your hand at kayaking, rock climbing, and biking.

These exciting activities are always on the schedule of Lily’s Travel Agency, sure to make your trip to Heritage Bay full of experiences.

Rich cuisine

Not only beautiful scenery, Ha Long is also a paradise for foodies. The list of specialties as well as delicious dishes here is extremely rich, bearing the flavor of both the mountains and the sea. Not to mention specialties such as grilled squid, sea sam, ha porridge, vermicelli, nodding cake, grilled Loi yin chicken, sea sam, steamed rice, grilled oysters, dried food (dried squid, sam worms, shrimp paste) shrimp, sticky rice wine soaked in Hoanh Bo),…

Lily’s Travel Agency confidently prepares specialty dishes of Ha Long. Enjoying cuisine at a high-class restaurant and admiring the scenery of Ha Long Bay at the same time will surely be a memorable experience for every visitor.

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Convenient to travel

Halong Cruise
Halong Cruise

Developed infrastructure, upgraded roads make the travel time from Hanoi to Ha Long greatly shortened. For southern guests, you can fly to Hanoi or conveniently fly directly to Van Don airport, then move to Ha Long.

If in the past it took 4-5 hours to travel to Ha Long, today, with the Hanoi-Hai Phong highway, visitors only need to take 1.5-2 hours by car to reach the city. coastal city quickly, saving a lot of time.

The Hanoi – Hai Phong Expressway has become a lifeline, making Ha Long a modern tourist city in 2020. In particular, the benefits of this route are not small in the development of tourism. Tourism has become a key economic sector for Quang Ninh province.

To help guests easily move to Ha Long, Lily’s Travel Agency provides round-trip shuttle service by luxury car, making a vacation simple and comfortable.

Experience a variety of accommodation services


Considered as the tourist paradise of Vietnam, Ha Long always invests in all tourism products, fully meeting all the needs of domestic and international tourists. The most proud of all is the extremely diverse accommodation service system and always pioneering in quality.

If other tourist cities focus on building hotels and resorts, Ha Long especially has a completely unique type of accommodation – overnight train.

Ha Long owns a unique wonder that is a bay complex consisting of 1969 large and small islands, taking advantage of this advantage, Ha Long has put the type of overnight train into operation, bringing the most unique experiences for tourists. visitors come to wonder.

Lily’s Travel Agency with more than 15 years of experience, is currently the newest and largest 5-star yacht in the region. Luxuriously designed with French colonial architecture, Lily’s Travel Agency is the first choice for tourists who love beauty.

The most special in the design is the optimization of open space, each cabin has a large panoramic window, a large balcony to fully admire the bay scenery. Therefore, you can easily enjoy the majestic beauty and peaceful atmosphere in your own room.

Suitable cost for everyone

Reality has shown that a trip to Ha Long is not as expensive as you think. The transportation, dining, accommodation and entertainment services here are completely transparent and reasonable. Another important thing is that Ha Long does not entice or force tourists to use the service to collect money. On the contrary, you are completely free to choose the desired services at a price you think is okay.

Optimize your trip by booking a package tour on Cruise, which is simple, economical and experiences the best services. Currently, Lily’s Travel has a Halong 2 day 1 night and Halong 3 days 2 nights with a preferential price, you can fully experience 5-star standard service when traveling in Ha Long Bay.

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