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Dalat travel at the end of the year: 3 reasons to go


The weather in Dalat at the end of the year is usually quite cold and foggy, but this is the ideal time to enjoy the clear air of the city of thousands of flowers. Many people also choose Da Lat as a destination during the wedding season because at this time, when the city begins a brilliant flower season.

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What’s in Dalat at the end of the year?

The end of the year is the season of beautiful flowers in Da Lat

Cherry blossom season creates a romantic scene
Cherry blossom season creates a romantic scene – Source: Internet

Maybe you don’t know, or know, November – December is the time when wild sunflowers bloom everywhere in the city of thousands of flowers. A wildflower with a characteristic yellow-orange color, like blowing a little soul, a little vitality to the rustic streets where the city is gloomy in the cold season.

To Da Lat, you can choose the following routes to check in wild sunflowers:

– Route: Cam Ly Airport – Van Thanh flower village, – Ta Nung town – Langbiang – Elephant waterfall

– Route: Trai Mat – Cau Dat – Dran Town

– Road: Phu Hiep Pass – Lien Khuong – Nam Ban

– Road: Cau Dat – Dran – Don Duong – Chau Son pine hill – Phi Nom – Tu Tra

– Road: Bao Dai Palace 3 – Tuyen Lam Lake – Clay Tunnel

– Road: Da Lat University – Minh Hoa Seminary – Train station

In addition to wild sunflowers, November – December is also the season of pink grass and snow grass in Da Lat. Those who travel to Dalat at the end of the year can visit the lonely pine tree area or the golden valley to check in with pink grass.

These are also the places most couples visit to take wedding photos in the last months of the year.

Hunting clouds in Dalat at the end of the year

The ripe persimmon season in Dalat
The ripe persimmon season in Dalat – Source: Internet

If you do not have the opportunity to go to Hoa Binh, Sapa, or Ta Xua to hunt clouds because, in the South, it is not convenient to move, then Da Lat will be an interesting destination for your year-end trip. In the area of ​​Cau Dat or Da Phu hill, Thien Phuc Duc hill, Lang Biang; Some Dalat cafes with beautiful mountain views are also very convenient for your journey of hunting clouds such as Horizon Coffee, Cau Dat Coffee, …

Looking down from the high hills, white clouds are floating, as light as foam cotton glue. Running up the hill in the morning, breathing in the fresh air, watching the clouds, and waiting for the sun to rise will surely be an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Camping or Glamping in Da Lat is the most “chill” season of the year

Vibrant yellow wild sunflower is also a typical flower of Dalat at the end of the year
Vibrant yellow wild sunflower is also a typical flower of Dalat at the end of the year – Source: Internet

The end of the year in the dry season is an ideal time to go to Da Lat to camp or glamping (luxury camping without a tent).

Camping in Da Lat: If you like the feeling of preparing everything yourself and don’t need to worry about booking a schedule, just one call to start, you should choose camping.

Although the trip may not be scheduled in advance, do not forget to prepare a few items to make the trip perfect. In Da Lat, you can go to the golden stream lake, golden valley, Da Phu hill… the pine hill area for camping. Coming here, you can set up a tent, make a campfire, grill meat, drink beer and chill with the beautiful scenery of Da Lat from above.

Glamping in Da Lat: A form of camping-style tourism, but more luxurious than self-sufficient camping, and if someone prepares for A -> Z, just pick up your backpack and ‘unleash’ – glamping. In Da Lat, this new form of tourism is very popular with young people.

When visiting Dalat at the end of the year, you can choose from a variety of amazing glamping setup settings such as Twin Beans Farm, Dalat Camp… The price per person will range from 700,000 and 2250,000, and will include sleeping tents, blankets, beds, breakfast, BBQ, bathroom and shower facilities…

Experience going to Da Lat if you move from Hanoi and the northern provinces

The distance from Hanoi and the northern provinces to Da Lat is too far. Therefore, traveling by car or train, most of you will choose to travel by air. That means, your trip to Da Lat in addition to food, accommodation, travel, entertainment, visits, gifts of all kinds will incur more airfare.

Unless you suddenly pick up your backpack and go, you should plan your trip. That way you will be able to watch for cheap tickets. If you’re lucky, you can also hunt for round-trip tickets for less than 1 million, too expensive. If you decide to go on holiday, it is best to book tickets as soon as possible to get a reasonable price. Because going on holidays not only high ticket prices but also accommodation costs increase, your wallet is easy to burn.

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Experience going to Da Lat if you move from Saigon and the surrounding areas

Typical pink grass in Dalat
Typical pink grass in Dalat – Source: Internet

The distance from Saigon and its vicinity to Da Lat are not too far. Only ranges from 300km to 500km. Therefore, most young people and those who like to travel will choose to travel by motorbike. All you need is a full tank of gas to hit the road. Gasoline and food costs along the way are not significant, about 300k only. On the way, tired somewhere to rest, make a cup of coffee, lie in a hammock to wake up and then hit the road.

If you are afraid of the sun and rain along the way and want to rest and spend your energy visiting Da Lat, you just need to book a sleeper bus ticket. Then get in the car, sleep for a while, then go to Da Lat. The advice is that you should book a bus ticket to go at night, after a night’s sleep, when you open your eyes, you will find yourself in Da Lat. A one-way ticket for a sleeper bus is about 200k to 300k. Tet holidays are of course higher and tickets are easily sold out, remember to actively book tickets in advance.

Transportation in the city 

Although Da Lat is not too big, there are many places for you to have fun and explore. To serve that journey, but you do not have your vehicle, you must definitely choose the most reasonable means of transportation. Just reasonable for the trip. Just your pocket. You can take a look at some of our experiences to make your own decision.

Experience Renting a self-driving car:  There are many types of self-driving cars with 4 seats, 7 seats, and 16 seats in Da Lat. If you want to travel freely, without worrying about rain or shine, choose this service. The rental price depends on vehicle type. The procedure is also simple.

Motorbike rental experience: Most young people when traveling to Da Lat choose the form of motorbike rental. This is a medium that is both cheap and self-sufficient in terms of time. You can rent motorbikes at your hotel, homestay or contact motorbike rental shops that have many places in Da Lat.

Hunting clouds in Da Lat is an unforgettable experience
Hunting clouds in Da Lat is an unforgettable experience – Source: Internet

The price of car rental only ranges from 60-100k/day. That price not only helps you to save money but also helps you take control of the trip. You just need to bring all the documents and deposit and you can freely choose the car. You can rent a scooter or a manual car depending on your preference. You just need to note that the rental and return times of motorbike rental shops are usually from 7 am to 7 am the next day. For hotels and homestays where you stay, the time will be more flexible.

Self-sufficient travel in Da Lat and experience in choosing tours

Da Lat is different from other tourist cities in topography. If you go to other places, you just need to motorbike to reach the destination. Then Da Lat with winding, even vertical slopes will make it difficult for you. If your steering wheel is not steady you will be in danger.

Not to mention, you can easily get lost. These things reduce your fun. To avoid this, the best way is to combine tours to participate in one-day tours. The one-day tour is extremely hot, helping you visit many places in Da Lat. You not only save time but also very affordable prices.

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