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Travel packages to Vietnam: The advantages and disadvantages between Self-sufficient travel

Travel packages to Vietnam
Travel packages to Vietnam – Source: Internet

If you are still wondering whether to book a package tour or travel on your own, the following article will give you each of the advantages and disadvantages of the two ways above. Every time you plan to travel, the question “Book a package trip or self-sufficient travel?” gives you a headache, doesn’t it? it’s a package tour or a self-sufficient travel, each way has its own advantages and disadvantages, but if you know it well, it will be easier for you to choose.

Currently, travel agencies and tour operators have sprung up like mushrooms after the rain, providing a lot of package tour services to all domestic and foreign tourist destinations. With the division of customer needs, each tour package is also priced from low, medium to high-end, ensuring to satisfy all customers, including the most demanding guests.


Don’t waste time planning

You don’t need to think about scheduling, hunting for air tickets or booking hotels. The problem of moving to the tourist destination is also taken by the travel company, and the standard meals also satisfy most visitors. You just need to think about what to wear today, what to wear tomorrow, what to eat for a good snack.

Especially, if you go with a family with both adults and children, the choice of booking a tour is quite reasonable. Because travel companies always have preferential policies for children (for each age); The tour guide serving throughout the route will introduce the destinations, history or culture of each region, which is helpful, especially for the elderly, it will be very interesting.

Thoroughly consulted

Da Nang
Da Nang – Source: Internet

If you book a tour through a travel company, you will be consulted thoroughly, legally guaranteed because they have signed a decent and clear contract, so if there is any problem, you will not worry about loss. . The sales staff of the travel company will monitor and take care of customers from the time you book the tour until you return home safely. Some travel companies also have after-sales policies, giving birthday gifts to loyal customers.

Good price

It is a fact that the tour prices that travel companies offer are mostly lower than when you travel independently. The reason is that they have signed contracts with restaurants, hotels, airlines to have preferential prices for customers with the condition that they book in large quantities and for a long time. Therefore, if you choose to book a package tour, you will save a lot of money compared to going on your own.

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Fixed schedule

Vietnam packapge tour
Vietnam packapge tour – Source: Internet

Book tour package means that there is a fixed schedule, attractions according to the program and quite a lot of time. If you are not used to this, you may get tired of having to follow all the attractions on the tour. In addition, if you do not want to go to any attractions, you will have to inform the guide in advance so that they can prepare properly.

Besides, in case you want to stay a few more days than the number of days on the tour, you will have to pay the difference in the return date according to the airline’s regulations.

Eat and drink

You will not be free to choose meals and dishes of the day but will eat according to the group’s common menu and be negotiated when signing the contract. If you are a “snack fanatic”, you will regret your guts with the specialty snacks at the night market, or you can snack outside the main meal.

Self-sufficient travel



Travel packages to Vietnam
Travel packages to Vietnam – Source: Internet

You are free to choose your favorite attractions to include in your itinerary. There are famous attractions but you are afraid of crowded places full of people. If during the tour you have to “sweat” in line, when you go on your own, you can “straightly” remove this point from the schedule and go back to the hotel to rest or have a snack, go for a walk outside.

You do not need to race against time, the arbitrary tour plan can be changed freely without having to consult anyone, you can stay as many days as you want, you can go where you want to go, not Wait for the rest of the group if you choose to go on a tour, it’s comfortable, isn’t it?

There are many experiences

Self-sufficient travel requires you to find out about the destination in advance, you will be happy and excited when you arrive at the place you have seen photos of on the internet and feel the beauty of the mountains and the immense sea. The joy you bring to yourself is also very interesting.


Do your own research in advance of the schedule

This is an advantage but also a disadvantage for those who do not have free time, busy with work, so they cannot research thoroughly and book hotels and air tickets in advance for the trip. In addition, booking these services is also quite troublesome if you do not have experience, so there is a risk of putting the wrong date, wrong name … leading to a lot of costs.


Because you book individual services in the journey such as airline tickets, hotels or sightseeing tickets, taxis cost more than the prices offered by travel companies. Because as we mentioned above, they have signed contracts with service providers, so they will receive a lower price than individual orderers. Your trip is also because of that, the cost can be quite high.


Ba Na Hills Tour
Ba Na Hills Tour – Source: Internet

If you subjectively book a hotel room by calling directly without an email or a confirmation message, if the hotel is not reputable, they will likely report out of the room when you come to check in. or have not received your deposit. You should note that you should book through reputable booking channels, with clear confirmation and preferably no deposit so that if there is a risk, the person who will lose is not you.

Similar to airline tickets, you will have to take the initiative to arrive at the airport 3 hours before the flight time. No one will call or text to remind you to arrive on time, so if you forget to be at the airport or bring your ID card, you won’t be able to check-in. Compared to going on a tour with a tour guide calling to remind you, this self-sufficient travel needs to be carefully prepared, avoiding mistakes or forgetting important papers and items.

Just now are the pros and cons of booking a package tour and traveling on your own, which Lily’s travel has helped you learn more about. Hopefully, depending on each case, you will choose one of the two suitable ways and have a happy and complete trip!

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Hoa Lo Prison
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