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Dragon Bridge (Da Nang): A new architectural symbol in the period

The unique design of Dragon Bridge
The unique design of Dragon Bridge – Source: Internet

Dragon Bridge Da Nang is one of the destinations that you must visit in Da Nang. Coming here, you not only admire the beautiful scenery of the Han River but also have the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular fireworks display.


Dragon Bridge is located on Nguyen Van Linh Street, in Phuoc Ninh Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City; this is also the 7th bridge crossing the Han River. This bridge is called Dragon Bridge because the bridge has stimulated the shape of a dragon winding beautifully.

Dragon Bridge has a unique design.  This bridge is not only the connecting point between the city’s main roads, but is also known as a symbol of the desire to reach out and integrate with the world.

The unique design of Dragon Bridge 

dragon bridge
Dragon Bridge is the bridge with unique architecture in Vietnam, the shortest road connecting Da Nang International Airport with the main streets in the city – Source: Internet

Dragon Bridge is the bridge with unique architecture in Vietnam, the shortest road connecting Da Nang International Airport with the main streets in the city. Not only acting as the lifeline of the city, the Dragon Bridge, with its architecture simulates a dragon of the Ly Dynasty reaching out to the sea.

Dragon Bridge design has a total length of 666m, including 5 primary and 3 leading spans. The bridge width is 37.5m with 6 lanes for traffic and 2 lanes for pedestrians. The Dragon Bridge has a unique steel span structure, mimicking the shape of a giant dragon 568m long, and many parts with a total weight of nearly 9,000 tons.

The dragon’s tail is designed and decorated with blooming lotus of many shapes and a traditional flower associated with a peaceful village in Vietnam. The dragon’s body curls out to the sea to express Da Nang’s desire to integrate with friends from five continents. In terms of durability, the bridge is covered with 5 layers of anti-corrosion paint, which protects the bridge from the effects of weather, and provides an eye-catching yellow color.

The technologies applied to build Dragon Bridge are carefully calculated to ensure the highest quality and safety. The entire Dragon Bridge is covered with 5 layers of paint, both resistant to corrosion and creating unique colors.

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How to get to Dragon Bridge 

From Hoi An

Bus: This is a very convenient vehicle that can save much time for you. 

Motorbike: This is a favorite vehicle for young people who like to explore alone. If you rent a motorbike, go straight along An Bang high, turn left when you meet the roundabout and go directly to Vo Van Kiet street.

From My Khe Da Nang 

From My Khe beach in Da Nang, you follow Vo Nguyen Giap street, turn left to Vo Van Kiet street and go straight.  There is another route for your reference, which is to follow Tran Phu Street.

What makes Dragon Bridge famous

Dragon Bridge in the night
Spits fire and spraying water is one of the features of Dragon Bridge – Source: Internet

Spits fire and sprays water

Along with the unique architecture, admiring Dragon Bridge, spitting fire, and spaying water is among the most exciting moments. Fortunately, you can see this fantastic performance every weekend for free. Regularly every 9 pm on Saturday and Sunday, Dragon Bridge will entertain locals and tourists with a beautiful rendition of water and fire.

The first performance is a fire spray with 2 turns of 9 times. You will be surprised by the shimmering light and the fire spewing from the dragon’s head. Many visitors love the second performance, a relatively short water spray that consists of 3 turns of only one turn. 

On the bridge: When the bridge starts spewing fire, vehicles will not be allowed to travel on the bridge. So you can enjoy the performance right on the bridge. You should not stand near the dragon’s head if you do not want to get wet.

Under the bridge (Tran Hung Dao Street): Tran Hung Dao Street cuts across the Dragon Bridge right below the dragon’s head. Therefore, this place is an ideal place to enjoy the performance. Moreover, you can drink from sidewalk bars along the street.

From Bach Dang street: the street is at the bridge’s end. From here, you can admire the performance with a glimpse while gazing at the beauty of the Han River. Tips for you is to choose cafes with balconies for a better view.

From above: A more exciting way to see the fire and water spray is from the upper floors of the buildings near the bridge. You can enjoy the performance and the whole night of Da Nang. 

From other bridges: Da Nang is the city of many famous bridges such as the Han River Bridge, and Tran Thi Ly Bridge. From there, you can admire the spray of water and fire at Dragon Bridge.  

A place to check - in
A place to check – in – Source: Internet

Danang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF)

Da Nang is a destination with beautiful beaches, ancient temples and delicious food and has become a host of famous international events such as the Danang International Fireworks Festival. Once every year, fireworks teams from all over the world gather in this coastal city once a year for the biggest fireworks competition. The fireworks displays will take place on the Han River, so Dragon Bridge is a great place to watch the fireworks for free.

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Tourists places near Dragon Bridge

In addition to the schedule to explore Da Nang Dragon Bridge, you can also visit many other attractive Da Nang tourist attractions, adding an exciting part to your Danang trip.

Love Bridge Da Nang

Love bridge
Love bridge – Source: Internet

Love Bridge Da Nang – True to its name, this bridge records the promise and proves many couples’ love. Da Nang Love Bridge possesses European architecture, with colorful heart-shaped lanterns.

Chicken Church – The check-in place in Da Nang cannot be missed

Chicken Church - Source: Internet
Chicken Church – Source: Internet

One of the famous tourist attractions that cannot be missed on your Da Nang trip – is Chicken (Con Ga) Church. On the church’s roof, there is a gray chicken statue – considered the mascot of the church. The church will give you a quiet, dignified space in the heart of the vibrant city.

Carp statue – A beautiful place to watch Da Nang Dragon Bridge at night.

The carp with the sentences means “transforming into a dragon statue” located on the Han River’s east bank, between the Dragon Bridge and the Han River Bridge. This is one of the construction symbolizing prosperity and luck for the city. The most anticipated time of the day is the statue of Carp turning into a Dragon and the Dragon Bridge spraying extremely impressive and unique water together.

Han River Swing Bridge – The bridge in Da Nang is super unique

The Han River Swing Bridge will be transformed horizontally at an angle of 90 degrees at 23:00 every day, to serve waterway traffic. Coming here at this time, you will fully admire the Han River’s beauty and the uniqueness of the Han River turning bridge.

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