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Ghenh Bang (Da Nang): New spot for people who love to explore

gheh bang beach
Gheh Bang beach – Source: Internet

Not only is it a beautiful coastal city, but Da Nang also attracts tourists from far and near by Da Nang tourist attractions such as Dragon Bridge, Linh Ung Pagoda … In addition, this place is still a “green pearl” that brings rare wild beauty – that is Ghenh Bang.

Introduction of Ghenh Bang Beach (Da Nang)


Ghenh Bang, also known as Ghenh Bang Son Tra, is located at Bai But, Bai Che, Son Tra peninsula, Da Nang city. This location is about 20km from the city center. You should rent a motorbike to move around for more convenient. If you want to save time or go in a large group, renting a taxi will be much more convenient.

Because Ghenh Bang is not used to exploit Da Nang tourism, you can visit here at any time without any entrance fee. You need to prepare by yourself food and drinks because Ghenh Bang does not have a restaurant because it is not an entertainment beach right now. So you must remember not to litter indiscriminately to protect the natural landscape.


best time to visit ghenh bang beach-2
Best time to visit Ghenh Bang beach – Source: Internet

Due to the tourist city, moving to Ghenh Bang – a tourist destination in Da Nang is quite easy. From the city center, you just need to follow Vo Nguyen Giap and Hoang Sa streets to reach Son Tra peninsula. This is the most beautiful coastal road in the city, so you can move while watching the surrounding scenery.

After arriving at Son Tra peninsula, park your car and walk to Ghenh Bang. This road is about 1km long, it is necessary to cross the forest with many steep and steep slopes. When moving, pay attention to clinging to the trees on both sides to avoid slipping and falling. The result of the challenge of overcoming the hard path is the beautiful Ghenh Bang beach like a paradise that appears in front of your eyes. At this time, take advantage of the scenery and take the best landscape photos as a souvenir.

Best time to visit

Ghenh Bang is always beautiful and poetic in every season. However, to have a complete tour, you should also pay attention to the weather factor. According to Da Nang’s travel experience, it is best to go to Ghenh Bang in the dry season. This time lasts from February to August, the weather is sunny, with little rain, no storms. So, you can comfortably enjoy the scenery, swim and participate in many other interesting activities here.

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What to do in Ghenh Bang Beach

Ghenh Bang is the favorite spot for many self-sufficient tourists in Da Nang. 

Go camping 

Go camping - Source: Internet
Go camping – Source: Internet

The beach is quite wild place and has not been exploited so it is the most suitaible place for go camping and admire this beautiful natural scenery. What could be more wonderful than being with friends camping in a quiet place, grilling meat, singing and watching the immense sea?

Snorkeling to watch corals

Thanks to many factors such as clean water, many coral reefs growing in many shapes and colors “perfect depth”, Ghenh Bang can become an impressive coral reef diving spot. Just learn a little diving skill and add a small fee to rent diving goggles and you can start your journey to discover one of the most beautiful beaches in Da Nang.

Take photos of virtual lives

In Ghenh Bang Beach, trees are lush throughout the 4 seasons of the year, significantly when the trees change leaves in the fall, and the scene becomes even more romantic. These are all beautiful backgrounds for you to take  the best “quality” photos.

Go fishing

go fishing
Go fishing – Source: Internet

For those who do not know how to swim or dive, fishing at Ghenh Bang will be an exciting experience. You can bring a fishing rod or if you don’t have one, rent it from a local.

Food to try traveling to Ghenh Bang Beach

As shared above, Ghenh Bang is a free tourist destination and has not been put into commercial exploitation. As mentioned above, you have 2 options: bring food and drink or move towards the center of Son Tra peninsula., you have 2 options: bring food and drink or move towards the center of Son Tra peninsula.

For the first way, you must prepare some fast food such as bread, kimbap, mixed rice… or marinated chicken, pork, or seafood for direct grilling. If you only stay in Ghenh Bang for 2-3 hours for outdoor activities, after that, you can move towards the center of Son Tra peninsula or the city center. Then, choose a restaurant nearby to enjoy Da Nang specialties such as pork rice paper, Quang noodles, Mam noodles…

The tourist destinations near Ghenh Bang beach 

Bai But Beach

bai but beach
Bai But beach – Source: Internet

Bai But Beach is a pristine beach located in the south of Son Tra peninsula, at the foot of Linh Ung Pagoda. Therefore, you can combine exploring Bai But with Ghenh Bang to save time. With the clear blue water, long white sand beach, colorful coral reefs and green primeval forest, Bai But attracts many domestic and foreign tourists. 

Black Rock Beach

Da Den Beach, also known as Obama Beach, is a beach adjacent to the famous Golden Sand Beach resort. Previously, it would take visitors 1 hour to take a boat from the center to the beach. But now, you can get there by car or motorbike along the concrete road.

The highlight of Black Rock Beach is the appearance of many large black rocks stacked on top of each other, forming a unique shape. Visitors can relax in the cool water and enjoy fresh and delicious seafood.

Xuan Thieu Beach

Xuan Thieu Beach is also known as the Red Ocean. Because when the sun rises or sets, it covers the sky with red streaks. Compared to other beaches, Xuan Thieu beach attracts tourists by its clear blue sea, and unspoiled scenery, and is suitable as a dating place for couples or those who love silence and peace.

Bai Rang Beach 

Along with Ghenh Bang, Bai Rang Da Nang is also considered one of the most pristine but beautiful beaches in Son Tra peninsula. With the “perfect distance” from the city, this place is quite peaceful and quiet. Visitors often come to Bai Rang to catch the sunrise or sunset on the sea, watching the sky put on a bright and romantic yellow-orange shirt.

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