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Hanoi city tour: 10+ Hanoi tour 1 day is chosen by many tourists (2023) – (Part 2)


Hanoi – Duong Lam Ancient Village tour

Duong Lam Ancient Village
Duong Lam Ancient Village – Source: Internet

Duong Lam Ancient Village Tour is a 1-day Hanoi tour that takes you to the unique traditional Vietnamese space – the homeland of two kings Phung Hung and Ngo Quyen. If you are a lover and want to learn about the history of the nation, do not hesitate to join this tour.

Pick up at the rendezvous point early in the morning to move to the Old Village. There are many places to visit and take pictures such as banyan trees, village gates, Mong Phu communal houses… All of them have been around for a long time. In the afternoon, the guide took the delegation to visit the Can Pagoda, the famous Doai template. Before returning to Hanoi, you visit Ngo Quyen King and King Phung Hung.

Hanoi – Ba Vi National Park tour

Ba Vi National Park tour
Ba Vi National Park tour – Source: Internet

Ba Vi National Park is one of the largest national parks in northern Hanoi. On this 1 – day Hanoi tour, you will visit a lot of rare relics, animals, and plants in the reserve at an extremely affordable price, only about 350.000 VND/person.

The tour lasts from 6 am to 5:30 pm. In the morning, visitors will climb about 300m to reach the Thuong temple and Mau temple. In addition to burning incense, you can also watch the immense nature and take beautiful pictures. Next, you go down and climb about 175 steps to reach the temple of Uncle Ho built in the 1970s.

After lunch, the afternoon is a free time to visit the rare flora and fauna reserve in the National Park, shopping for specialties such as honey, pollen,… as gifts for relatives and family.

Hanoi – Red River Tour 1 day

Hanoi - Red River Tour 1 day
Hanoi – Red River Tour 1 day – Source: Internet

A one-day Red River tour will bring visitors rare experiences on the alluvial plain. You can still visit the ancient village of Bat Trang, still visit Chu Dong Tu Temple but in a different way – on the river.

The pick-up point of the group is Bo De yard, visitors will be taken on the board. From the train along the river, you can see the most famous bridges over the Nhi Ha River, including Thanh Tri Bridge – the longest bridge in Indochina.

On board the ship, in addition to watching the scenery, you can also enjoy the culture, exchange singing, and sing very bustling. Leaving the train, the delegation visited Tien Dung temple, Chu Dong Tu and Bat Trang ancient village in the afternoon. Don’t be afraid to find yourself some ceramic souvenirs here.

Hanoi – Bao Son Paradise Tour

Bao Son Paradise
Bao Son Paradise – Source: Internet

Bao Son Paradise is a new tourist area invested in by the goverment in recent years and is extremely modern. This one-day Hanoi tour to Bao Son Paradise is perfect if you go with your baby because there are countless attractive games both on land and underwater for children and families to choose from. Your journey starts at 7:00. It takes you about 1 hour to travel from Hanoi to Bao Son Paradise. The first activity is visiting the traditional craft village and ecological area. From 10 am, you are free to travel and have fun.

A variety of attractive games such as spinning flying universe, pirate boat, ghost house, jumping frog for you to choose from. At noon, visitors return to the restaurant to gather for lunch with the group and continue to relax and entertain in the pool area, watching 4D movies,… The price of the Bao Son paradise tour for 1 day ranges from 300.000 – 420.000 VND and does not include 4D movie tickets. If you want to play this game, you need to pay more.

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Tour Hanoi – Thien Son – Suoi Nga

Hanoi – Thien Son – Suoi Nga
Hanoi – Thien Son – Suoi Nga – Source: Internet

Do you know Thien Son – Suoi Nga is the place to record the vestige of the ancient legend of King Hung picking up the bridegroom? The special feature of this tour is that visitors are not only immersed in nature but also participate in exchanges and cultural activities with local people, from here to understand more about this sacred land.

The one-day Hanoi to Thien Son – Suoi Nga starts from 6 am until 6 pm. 12 hours is enough for visitors to fully enjoy everything here. In the morning, you are free to admire the beauty of the lake and the stream, also visit the ancient architectural works. In the afternoon, after having lunch at the restaurant, visitors continue to visit freely the green campus of more than 600 hectares. That’s enough to be enjoyable.

Visit Viet Phu Thanh Chuong to learn about ancient Vietnamese architecture

Viet Phu Thanh Chuong
Viet Phu Thanh Chuong – Source: Internet

Thanh Chuong is a famous ancient painter of Vietnam. Hanoi’s 1-day tour to Viet Phu Thanh Chuong is a short journey of only 1 day but will help visitors learn more about the talented painter and the place he lived. If you are passionate about architecture and want to learn about ancient architecture, do not miss this tour.

The passenger car moved from 6:30 am to 8:00 am and went to Viet Phu Thanh Chuong. Here, the tour guide will take the delegation to visit the famous painter’s mansion and the surrounding pagoda areas with extremely unique ancient Northern architecture. After lunch at the restaurant, we got on the bus to visit Giong temple a few hundred meters from Viet Phu. At 4 pm, the journey ends.

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