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Hanoi city tour: 10+ Hanoi tour 1 day is chosen by many tourists (2023) – (Part 1)


List of hottest Hanoi 1- day tours

If you wondering one day is enough or not of Hanoi city tour. Don’t worry, the article below by Lily’s Travel will help you read and solve this problem immediately. Let’s find out and choose the Hanoi tour in the article below.

The summary of Hanoi tours on the hottest day today:

Tour name Matching Objects
Bat Trang Tour – Dong Tu Temple 1 day ·       Price: from 320.000 VND/person

·       Tourists like more and more the traditional culture of the natiovisitors want to buy souvenirs to bring back.

Giong Co Loa Temple Tour ·       Price: from 350.000 VND/person

·       Visitors want to explore the relics, folk relics

Cultural Village Tour of Ethnic Groups ·       Price: from : 350.000 VND/person

·       Young visitors, like to participate in movement games. Visitors who follow the group want to visit and have a place to hold team-building games.

Van Long Dam Tour – Bang Ta Forest ·       Price: from 350.000 VND/person

·       Tourists want to spend time relaxing rather than visiting, or moving.

Tour of Duong Lam Ancient Village ·       Price: from 360.000 VND/person

·       Tourists love and want to learn about the history of the nation

One day tour of Huong Pagoda ·       Price: from 380.000 VND/person

·       Visitors follow Buddhism, visitors like to go to the temple to pray for incense.

Viet Phu Thanh Chuong Tour ·       Price: from 380.000 VND/person

·       Tourists are passionate and want to learn about ancient architecture

Bao Son Paradise Tour ·       Price: from 420.000 VND/person

·       Travelers accompanied by babies, young visitors follow the party and enjoy participating in thrilling games

Thien Son – Nui Nga Tour ·       Price: from 450.000 VND/person

·       Travel the natural landscapes and enjoy a relaxing time.

Red River Tour 1 day ·       Price: from 595.000 VND/person

·       Visitors love the experience on the river, but visitors get car sick.

The Tour because ·       Price: from 640.000 VND/person

·       Travelers love to be active, especially climbing.

Detailed review of each tour


Bat Trang – Dong Tu Temple Tour 

Bat Trang
Bat Trang – Source: Internet

Having gone to Hanoi, it is certain to spend time visiting Bat Trang pottery village and Chu Dong Tu temple. In one day, Hanoi – Bat Trang tour will not only take you to visit but also tell you the story of Budda and the traditional profession of the Vietnamese.

At the beginning of the trip, the car and the guide will pick you up at the meeting point to move to the Chu Dong Tu Temple, and then make an incense offering and visit the Da Trach Temple where Chu Dong Tu flew to heaven.

After that, visitors take the car to Bat Trang pottery village and have lunch at the restaurant. The artisans will introduce in detail the process of making pottery, visit the pottery workshop, then shop at Bat Trang commercial center.

Hanoi – Huong Pagoda tourism

Huong Pagoda tourism
Huong Pagoda tourism – Source: Internet

Traveling from Hanoi to Huong Pagoda and returning in one day takes visitors to the famous and scenic Huong Pagoda. If you go on the right occasion, you will not only see the natural scenery of heaven and earth but also experience one of the largest Buddhist festivals in the country: Huong Pagoda Festival.

Tourist car picks up at 6:30 am to move from Hanoi to Huong Pagoda. After two hours of driving, visitors stop at Duc Wharf and get on a boat to cross Yen Vi stream to get to Thien Tru Pagoda. Here you will celebrate the ceremony, light incense and visit the sightseeing. The tour guide took the group to visit Huong Tich cave – the place was honored the great cave by Lord Trinh Sam.

Discover interesting folk tales at Giong Temple (Co Loa)

Giong Temple
Giong Temple – Source: Internet

Giong Temple is located in Soc Son near Hanoi. If traveling to Giong Temple (Co Loa, Dong Anh, Hanoi), you will learn more about this famous folk legend. The tour schedule is quite simple and suitable for anyone.

Hanoi – Giong Temple Tour in one day starts often from 7:30 to 16:00. The first destination is the Soc Temple – the place to worship Phu Dong Thien Vuong. Here you make incense offerings, listen to the guide introduce the relics and famous folk relics. After that, the group stopped for lunch. The afternoon is the time to offer incense at famous places such as Thuong Temple, Ngoc Well, Ngu Trieu Temple…

Ethnic Culture Village Tour

Ethnic Culture Village Tour
Ethnic Culture Village Tour- Source: Internet

A 1-day Cultural Village Tour from Hanoi is an opportunity for anyone who wants to explore the traditional heritage of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. This precious experience is hard to find on any other journey.

In just one day, your delegation will visit, explore and rest together with many activities. In the morning, the car will take you to the village. Here, visitors are guided to visit 6 villages representing the ethnic groups of Vietnam. Have lunch for an hour and a half and then move to Asean resort. This is a resort with a famous grass slide, a chance for visitors to try this interesting game.

Dam Long – Bang Ta Forest Tour

Dam Long – Bang Ta Forest Tour
Dam Long – Bang Ta Forest Tour – Source: Internet

Located about 70km to the west of Hanoi, Dam Long tourist area in Bang Ta commune, Son Tay province is becoming an attractive weekend tourist destination for Hanoians. Coming here, you will feel far away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city.

The tourist car will pick you up at the rendezvous point and start at Dam Long – Bang Ta tourist area. Here you will not have to walk but be taken to visit by tram one round, both watching the natural scenery and visiting the forest, animals such as monkeys, deer, deer,…  Lunch break at the restaurant right in the tourist area. In the afternoon, visitors are free to participate in entertainment games in Dam Long.

There are many interesting games suitable for many ages such as duck pedal, swimming pool bath,… suitable for both visitors and especially a useful study tour for students. Don’t be afraid to spend the weekend in this beautiful place.

To be continued

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