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Phu Quoc island tour: Self-sufficient Phu Quoc travel itinerary 4 days 3 nights


The places in Phu Quoc to visit are quite far away from each other, so according to the experience of many tourists, you should go by areas to save the time of traveling. A 4 day 3 night trip is enough for you to explore the hottest spots on this island. Check out the self-help itenenary below!

Date Fun activities
Day 1 – Duong Dong area ·       Statue area pepper garden, Truong beach, Dinh Cau Palaces

·       Night squid fishing experience

Day 2 – The North Island ·       VinWonder Resort and Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc

·       Watch the sunset at the beach

Day 3 – Visit the small islands ·       Tour of the islands: Mong Tat island, May Rut Island, Dam Ngang Island

·       Evening: Phu Quoc Night Market

Day 4 – The South Island ·       Sao Beach, Thien Vien Truc Lam Monastery, Ham Ninh Fishing Village

If you have more time, you should explore more entertainment complexes on Hon Thom Island, Bai Dai, Ganh Dau Cape, Rach Vam fishing village, fish sauce barrel house…

For those who do not have too much time, you can also take Phu Quoc for 3 days and 2 nights with experiences that should not be missed are Bai Sao area, watching the sunset on the sea, eating seafood in the fishing village…

Some questions for Phu Quoc tourism

The cost of traveling to Phu Quoc self-sufficient

Duong Dong town
Duong Dong town  – Source: Internet

Depending on your preferred travel style, the cost will vary greatly. According to the travel experience, a self-sufficient trip of 3 days 2 nights, staying at the hotel will be about 5.000.000 – 7.000.000 VND.

The cost may fluctuate if you book more tours to visit the islands or visit the pepper garden, fish sauce barrel house…

Hotels should be chosen in Phu Quoc

If you like to travel to Phu Quoc cheaply then a hostel or homestay such as Lily House Phu Quoc, Dormstay Riverside Hostel is a great choice. In the mid-range segment, Phu Quoc also has countless 2-3 star hotels that are well-reviewed, concentrated in Duong Dong town. If you want a high-end resort, go straight to hot names such as JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay or Mango Bay Phu Quoc.

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The most beautiful holiday season in Phu Quoc

The North Island
The North Island – Source: Internet

According to travel experiences, you should be in Phu Quoc from October to April, which is the dry season. The sea is clear and calm, experience all the moments such as sunset, sunrise and sea activities such as diving to see corals, night squid fishing… At this time, the weather is not too sunny, the temperature is only about 27 degrees Celsius, the sea is quiet, suitable for fun activities. This is also the peak season for airfare to Phu Quoc.
From May to September, the weather is often rainy in Phu Quoc. Although the island is located in the birthplace of the Gulf of Thailand, not directly face the storm this is the season of rains and floods, which can limit some activities such as night squid fishing, coral diving. However, this is also the hottest tourist season so you can still choose Phu Quoc for summer vacation, just arrange your schedule and monitor the weather situation accordingly.

Food to try in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc has many typical dishes, from seafood to vermicelli dishes. You must definitely try stirring noodles, trumpet noodles and mackerel cake, visit Ham Ninh fishing village to eat seafood or enjoy crab soup. In addition, you can try The Home Pizza to experience the unique herring salad pizza that is very hot in the review community recently.

With this self-sufficient Phu Quoc travel experience, you will definitely have a free vacation at the pearl island.  While summer is the best season for trips, Phu Quoc is in the rainy season. The best time to travel to Phu Quoc is in October – April next year because this is the dry season of the island.

Hotels and homestays in Phu Quoc

Thien Vien Truc Lam Monastery
Thien Vien Truc Lam Monastery – Source: Internet

Dubbed a tourist paradise, the choice of hotels in Phu Quoc is extremely diverse, from 4-5-star resorts with maximum resort experience to small homestays, cute designs that review is also “good” no less for virtual believers.

Most of the mid-range Phu Quoc hotels 2-3 stars and homestays, and motels will be concentrated in Duong Dong town area, convenient to go to other places on the island and the evening is also more bustling. If you want to choose the resort, 4-5 star hotel more advanced in Phu Quoc such as Novotel, Sol Beach, you need to go away from Duong Dong about 8km, in the area is somewhat quieter than in Bao Street, Duong To…

The best locations must mention resorts such as Vinpearl or JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay. Most of these high-class resorts are located in areas far from the center but are also the most advantageous beaches on the island such as Bai Khem, Bai Dai…

Homestay in Phu Quoc is a favorite choice of many young people with a variety of styles such as bungalows, or tropical designs. Some of the names to experience are Phu House Hostel, Lily House Phu Quoc, Dormstay Riverside Hostel…

Mong Tat island – Source: Internet

However, according to the sincere advice of Lily’s Travel, for foreign tourists, you should consider choosing tour operators that specialize in booking tours to get the best prices on hotels and planes when traveling. . If you go in a group, choosing Phu Quoc tours will be more convenient and cheaper.

Currently, travel agencies has many kinds of Phu Quoc tours with diverse itinenary and preferential prices to suit tourists. The current Phu Quoc tours’s aim is to create a comfortable feeling for tourists with itineraries to visit chosen locations. In addition, if you go in a large group, you can completely choose a tourist destination that suits the needs of the majority of members. Lily’s Travel is one of the active travel agencies that bring tour experiences like self-guided tours to customers. The purpose is to create the most comfortable and pleasant travel feeling and most importantly, to help tourists discover all the beauty of Phu Quoc in your own way.

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Find out more about Phu Quoc tours here:

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