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Ho Chi Minh City tourist attractions: Independence Palace – a place to visit when coming to Saigon


If you get the opportunity to visit Ho Chi Minh City, take advantage of it by visiting the Independence Palace. This place preserves the proud markers of the nation in the fierce war. I hope you will have memorable experiences! Independence Palace, as a well-known historical site, draws a large number of tourists who come to study about history. You will see firsthand the vivid documents of a past time, more love and respect for life.

General Information

Independence Palace at night
Independence Palace at night – Source: Internet

Where is the Independence Palace? What district is Independence Palace in? What year was the Independence Building built? What does Independence mean? What is the alternative term for Independence? Many tourists ask these types of inquiries.

The one-of-a-kind national treasure can be found at 135 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. This location saw various historical events, as well as the country’s ups and downs, most notably the Liberation of the South on April 30, 1975. After multiple name changes, the artifact is now known as the Independence Palace. The Independence Palace represents the nation’s pride, a brave moment against colonial invaders. Other names and history of Dinh.

About the name

What is another word for Independence? Let’s take a look at events like: Independence Palace has many different names:

  • In 1871, after construction, the Palace was named Norodom Palace
  • .It was known as the Governor’s Palace of Cochinchina from 1871 until 1887.
  • From 1887 to 1945, it was known as the Governor-General’s Palace.
  • Around 1955, Ngo Dinh Diem – President of the Republic of Vietnam decided to change the name of the Governor-General’s Palace to Independence Palace, which also exists today.

Coming to the Palace and learning the nation’s history, visitors can also visit many beautiful scenery around. As a result, selecting a place to stay is critical to making the trip convenient and quick.


The palace was built in 1868 on an area of about 4500m2
The palace was built in 1868 on an area of about 4500m2 – Source: Internet

Construction of the Independence Palace began during the French colonial period. On February 23, 1868, Governor General of Cochinchina Lagrandière officiated at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Cochinchina Governor’s Palace in Saigon. A bombardment in 1962 entirely destroyed the main left wing and the Independence Palace gate. Because it could not be restored, Ngo Dinh Diem decided to raze and rebuild the Mansion on the old ground.

The new Palace stands 26 meters tall and covers an area of approximately 4500 square meters on a 12 acre campus. The useable space is up to 20000m2, with three main levels, two mezzanines, a ground floor, two basements, and one terrace used to park helicopters. The design of the Independence Palace is unique; the whole Palace has about 100 rooms decorated in many different styles to suit each purpose of use. This is still a work of bold architecture, affirming the ingenuity and ingenuity of architects and builders.

What is contained within the Independence Palace?

The Palace is organized into three sections: fixed, thematic, and supplementary. Each subdivision has its unique features, spoiling for visitors to explore.

The fixed area inside Independence Palace

inside Independence Palace
inside Independence Palace – Source: Internet

The fixed region is the location of the old government’s work and activities. Rooms in the Independence Palace include a room, a ceremony, a banquet, an interior, a security council, the president’s office, and government officials… there are also beds, a living space, and an amusement area… Come here, you will see the living relics with your own eyes. From there, understand the harshness of the war.

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Thematic Area

This is a gallery of thematic items and significant exhibitions. Visitors can look back at the photos of the previous era. Under the guidance and presentation of the tour guide, you will also learn more details of history hidden deep inside. Ho Chi Minh City Palace ExpansionThe additional room displays and preserves many vintage photographs. They are gathered and preserved in order to assist future generations comprehend a period of history. You will witness the tenacity and fortitude of the parent class, who fought and beat the enemy in order to live the way they do today.

Visitors can also explore the Independence Palace basement or stroll outside the campus, where there are lush grounds, in addition to the major locations.. From here, visitors can also see the Mansion from all angles and discover the architecture of the Independence Palace harmoniously and uniquely the space.

Detailed tour guide of Independence Palace

This is where exhibitions often take place
This is where exhibitions often take place – Source: Internet

Independence Palace is a heroic historical witness; this place has become the address of many visitors. Below, we will guide you to visit the Independence Palace in detail and detail.

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Transportation to Independence Palace

Independence Palace is located near the city center; you can quickly move and find your way to the Independence Palace.

The most common means of transportation are:

  • Taxi: Just down the hotel lobby, catch a taxi, and you can reach the Palace momentarily. When choosing to travel by taxi, do not forget to find a reputable taxi company and ensure safety for the best experience. An ideal suggestion that visitors can be assured of choosing is the SM GREEN taxi.
  • Car: If you are traveling by automobile, you will park at Tao Dan Park or on Huyen Tran Princess Street, which is adjacent to the Palace.
  • Bus: A popular means suitable for travelers unfamiliar with the road. If you are traveling by bus, you can take one of the following routes: 001 (Ben Thanh bus station – Cho Lon bus station), 002 (Ben Thanh bus station – Western bus station), 003 (Ben Thanh bus station – Thanh Loc), 004 (Ben Thanh bus station – Cong Hoa – An Suong bus station), and 005 (Ben Thanh bus station – Bien Hoa).
  • Motorbike: This is a popular means of transportation for local people or neighboring provinces when visiting the Palace. However, the roads in Ho Chi Minh City are busy; visitors will take a lot of time if they do not know the way.

The Independence Palace is open for ticket sales to serve visitors all days of the week (except for exceptional cases). Specific visiting hours are as follows: 8h00 – 16h30

The ticket counter will be open from 8:00 to 15:30 daily. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the time of ticket purchase.

How much does the Independence Palace cost?

Tickets to the Independence Palace are of three types”

  • Adults: 40,000 VND/ person.
  • Students: 20,000 VND/ person.
  • Children: 10,000 VND/ person.

Combo ticket to visit monuments and exhibits

  • Adults: 65,000 VND/ person.
  • Students: 45,000 VND/ person.
  • Children: 15,000 VND/ person.

Note: Opening time, the above fare is updated to the current time. Travelers want accurate information; you can learn directly through other information channels to be more proactive.

Something can not be brought into

Because it is a place with a historical imprint, visitors need to follow the rules of the relic when visiting. In detail:

  • Wear polite attire.
  • Follow the instructions at the signs and security guards during the tour.
  • Do not arbitrarily bring luggage inside the monument.
  • No food and drink.
  • Do not take animals with you.
  • Do not bring weapons, toxic substances, or explosives.

Visitors will be held completely liable for any damage to the Palace. In addition, this area is enormous; you can buy the Independence Palace diagram for convenient transportation and sightseeing.

If you have visited Ho Chi Minh City to visit tourism, the Independence Palace will be the address you should notice. You will learn about the heroic history of the nation and more love for the country and the people of Vietnam. Book HERE for a fast, safe, complete trip to enjoy comfortable services and many other attractive experiences.

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