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We aren’t usually ones to toot our own horn but we receive so many amazing comments and reviews that we thought that we’d share some with you today.

We want to show you that when we say we can help you travel Vietnam easily, cheaply and with as many fun activities as possible, we mean it. In fact, one of the number one compliments we get is about how honest and helpful we are. And when you google best travel agents in Hanoi? We are at the top because of all your amazing reviews!! We couldn’t ask for more.

Thanks to all our clients. We are so happy you love Vietnam as much as we do.

People love our WhatsApp service:

“I also booked a Tam Coc tour with Lily’s and the tour was great. During my Tam Coc tour the Tour Operator (Fansipan Travel) demanded I give them 500,000 VND in the middle of the highway, a quick series of WhatsApp messages later Lily’s Travel agency had sorted out the issue and I didn’t need to pay, had I booked the tour with another agency, I would have doubted that they would have been so efficient. 

If you’re considering booking with Lily’s, don’t hesitate, just do it, they will give you a decent price without haggling, there’s no pressure to buy and the support during or before the tours is great.”

Lisanne L, Tripadvisor

“We used Lily’s to book our trip to Sapa. Duong was fantastic. We whatsapp’d each other many times and he was always very quick to respond. When we wanted to change our travel plans he organised everything with no fuss.”

Rob T, Tripadvisor

People love that we don’t pressure them into buying:

Booked a trip to Ha Long Bay/Cat Ba Island through Lily’s Travel Agency and was not disappointed. We had inquired in many other agencies before Lily’s, only to feel pressured into buying the all-in-one cruise offers around Ha Long, at a massively inflated price (we were quoted $80 each in one place, then $130 each for exactly the same trip in another!). However, when we got to Lily’s, they explained precisely the best way for us to plan the trip on our budget and didn’t pressure us into trying to buy anything. They also gave us a mobile number to message if we need anything (e.g. we wanted to move our bus ticket back a day, so we whatsapp’d them and they changed it in an instant). 
Overall – if you want honest advice/quotes and don’t want to feel pressured into buying anything, then come here.”

Anon, Tripadvisor

“After reading some good reviews in tripadvisor, we decided to book our trips with Lily’s Travel Agency. The results turn out well. The staff are very friendly and understanding. They did not hardsales those expensive package to us. They will listen to our requirements and budgets before start to recommend the tours. “

Sabrina_122730, Tripadvisor

People love our quiet Sapa trekking route:

“We had an incredible time on the three day, two night Sapa trek with Mao’s sisters. The scenery was spectacular and our guide Jane was excellent. It was great to get a real sense of what life is like for the local people by staying in the homestay (although if you like luxury this is not the option for you). The route certainly lived up to being off the beaten track, we hardly saw any other tourists.”


“My Sapa tour was great, everything was organised seemlessly and I met Mao and my guide was Mu Giang, if you’re considering a quality tour for Sapa, then I wouldn’t hesitate in booking with Lily’s, who organised a tour for me where I saw few tourists and learnt so much about the local life from an excellent guide.”

Lisanne L, Tripadvisor

People love our prices!

“The prices were very fair and some of the best we encountered after asking other travelers how much their excursions cost.”

Michael M, Tripadvisor

“She is very responsible, very passionate and very very hospitable. If it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t have had such an amazing trip! She also quotes great prices for different activities! All in all she is the best! Thank you Lily!” 

Anna D, Tripadvisor

“We booked our Sapa 2 day one night trek through Lily and she was fabulous! First of all she was so hospitable, offering us cold water and bananas and watermelon as we heard about our different booking options. We actually didn’t even go with the intention of booking and more just learning about different options and companies, but Lily was so informative and helpful we decided to go with her! Her tours were also much more budget friendly than others we had seen and include round trip bus transport, all meals, accommodation and trekking with a guide both days! 10/10 would recommend using Lily’s Travel Agency for your Sapa Trekking tour.”

Iberman 2, Tripadvisor

Wow! We are smiling from ear to ear reading these again 🙂 It is our pleasure to help each and every one of you plan and experience a trip in Vietnam.

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