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Mo River (Da Nang): A place for you to “run away” from the summer

Mo River
Mo River – Source: Internet

Mo River is a famous eco-tourism area in Da Nang with harmonious natural beauty. So what’s so interesting about this place? Find out more in the article below!


Mo River is one of the ideal destinations for nature lovers, located in Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang. For those planning a picnic or resort when traveling to Da Nang. 


Mo River tourist area is about 15km from the city center, so visitors can quickly move to this place by taxi, motorbike or other personal means.

If you start from Dragon Bridge, you need to move along Dien Bien Phu route, then go through Hue Bridge. When moving across the bridge, you will see a signpost indicating Ba Na – Suoi Mo on the left-hand side. At this point, you continue to follow the directions to the Hoang Van Thai route. Along this route, there will be directions to Mo Ba Na Stream, so you need to follow them to get there.

Note: You need to buy tickets to get in. The price is updated on its website. 

What is attractive about Mo River tourism in Da Nang?

The nature at Suoi Mo
The nature at Suoi Mo – Source: Internet

Hoa Bac Suoi Mo – Mo River is a natural tourist destination, so that you can come here at any time, every season. The scenery here has its beauty. However, according to many tourists, the ideal time will be from March to August. At this time, the calm and pleasant weather will be very convenient for outdoor activities.

Immerse yourself in the wild, beautiful natural space

Suoi Mo (Mo River) is the best place for you to “put yourself” into the cool water, wave to forget all the fatigue, worries, and delight in watching the natural scenery. Impressive surroundings.

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Admire the beautiful scenery of nature with your eyes

Mo River is a famous eco-tourism area in Da Nang
Mo River is a famous eco-tourism area in Da Nang – Source: Internet

To get to Suoi Mo, you will need to move through a path made of cobblestones and encounter heart-wrenching scenery with a clear blue lake, vibrant plants and trees with the sound of the stream flowing and birds singing.

Enjoy mountain specialties

Enjoying delicious Da Nang food at Suoi Mo tourist area, amidst the wild mountain scenery is an exciting experience that will surely bring you an extremely delightful feeling. You can enjoy the specialties such as squirrels, chickens, birds, rabbits, goats… at houses made from bamboo or cork in the steppe area with green grasslands.

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Camping, teambuilding, picnic, BBQ party

For those who are looking for a weekend picnic place near Da Nang city center, Mo River is a suitable choice. You can relax camping, and organize outdoor BBQ parties. In particular, many families and organizations often choose Mo Stream Da Nang for team-building activities, connecting members, and making the trip more fun and meaningful.

Play exciting games

Not only attracted by the beautiful natural scenery, but Mo Stream Da Nang also makes many visitors “have fun and forget the way home” by many attractive games such as cycling, cyclo, water car, water bubble, slide area water… To participate in these games, you need to prepare a small fee. Many games are suitable for children and adults, so you can choose to have fun with your friends and family.

What to prepare when traveling to Suoi Mo, you need to note:

The best time to travel to Suoi Mo and bring many exciting experiences is in the summer around March-August when it rains less, the air is cool and pleasant.

Move slowly but firmly on the way because sections with many slippery rocks are relatively dangerous.

It is recommended to wear a life jacket when playing in deep water areas or swimming in lakes to ensure safety.

Pay attention to protecting personal property and look after young children when coming here.

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