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Hai Van Pass: One of the 10 most beautiful coastal passes in the world

Hai Van Pass
Hai Van Pass is one of the favorite places for people who like adventure – Source: Internet

Famous for the most dangerous pass in Vietnam, Hai Van Pass is one of the favorite places for people who like adventure and want to conquer. Moreover, this is also one of the 10 most beautiful sea routes in the world, associated with many historical events in the nation.

General and information

Hai Van Pass is also known as May Pass (the top of the pass is often covered with clouds), and Ai Van Pass (formerly, there was a gate on the top). This pass is located on the top of a high mountain, covered with white clouds all year round. At the foot of the pass is the immense sea stretching to the horizon.


This pass is located between Thua Thien Hue province and Da Nang city. Hai Van is about 20km from Da Nang city and 80km from Hue city.

The winding pass, running along Hai Van mountain, lies across the majestic Bach Ma mountain range and belongs to a part of the Truong Son range. Hai Van is hidden in the white clouds and vast forests. Hai Van is the most beautiful pass in the world with both poetic and charming beauty.

The history of Hai Van Pass Da Nang – Hue

Conquer Hai Van Pass
Conquer Hai Van Pass – Source: Internet

Before 1306, the land with Hai Van pass belonged to the kingdom of Champa

In 1306, the king of Champa cut this land to be the bride and groom to propose to Princess Huyen Tran of the Tran dynasty. The pass officially became the boundary between Champa and Dai Viet.

In 1402, the Ho Dynasty brought troops to fight Champa; the Champa king cut the land of Champa and Co Luy to ask for peace. Hai Van Pass belongs to Dai Ngu (now Vietnam).

On June 5, 2005, the Hai Van pass tunnel was officially used. The tunnel is more than 12km long and is the longest road tunnel in Southeast Asia.

Although there is a road tunnel through the pass, the rugged and winding pass is still an attractive place for many tourists.

Hai Van Pass is more than 20km long and is located at an altitude 500m above sea level. The pass is quite dangerous, surrounded by green mountains and forests. This place makes travelers fall in love and forget the way home with its majestic and poetic beauty.

Hai Van means “sea of ​​clouds”. This pass was once commented on by Jeremy Clarkson – the host of the reality TV show Top Gear (UK) as one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world. Hai Van is also the 4/10 street that attracts the most visitors to check in on the Instagram platform.

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9 must-try experiences when going to Hai Van Pass in Da Nang

Visiting Hai Van Quan relic

Hai Van Quan Relic
Hai Van Quan Relic – Source: Internet

King Le Thanh Tong once praised Hai Van Quan as “the most majestic military architecture in the world.” This relic is located at an altitude of 496m above sea level and on the top of Hai Van pass, in the Bach Ma mountain range. This work was built to serve as a defensive military fortress for Hue citadel.

Hai Van Quan makes a deep impression on tourists thanks to its beautiful natural scenery. The rolling mountains, winding passes, green coast, and high sky from the gate will be seen. At Hai Van Quan, visitors will get super impressive check-in photos at the north-south celestial road.

Hunting clouds, welcoming the beautiful sunrise at Hai Van terrace

The fantastic beauty of Hai Van Pass
The fantastic beauty of Hai Van Pass – Source: Internet

It would help if you went a little further from pine hill to Hai Van terrace. This place is one of the most beautiful sightseeing coordinates on the top of the pass.

From here, you can see the whole vibrant city of Da Nang and look straight out to the sea. Hai Van terrace has relatively flat terrain, very suitable for overnight camping. In particular, this is the spot to hunt clouds and catch the most beautiful sunrise in Hai Van pass.

Check in the lonely pine tree of Hai Van pass

Lonely Pine Trees
Lonely Pine Trees – Source: Internet

The lonely pine tree is located about 2km from the top of the pass. The pine tree with broad foliage standing alone is a beautiful scene of Hai Van pass that many people visit to check in “virtual life.”

In the middle of the winding pass road, on one side is the immense sea; on the other side is dense forest, lonely pine trees as a unique feature in the majestic scenery of Hai Van pass. This lonely pine tree reaching out towards Lang Co Bay is a favorite stop for young people who love tracking. 

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Camping and making BBBQ party at Van village

Van village is a small village nestled right at the foot of the pass. This place is likened to a “forgotten land” in bustling Da Thanh with a peaceful, deserted, and highly wild scene.

The village is located separate from the city, so it is pretty quiet, perfect for you to rest and relax, away from the noisy streets. You can also immerse yourself in the calm, clear blue sea or enjoy canoeing in Van village.

Check-in at Bac Hai Van station

Bac Hai Van Station is a North-South railway station connecting Da Nang Hai Van station with Lang Co Hue station. The station is located in the middle of the Hai Van pass. Along the track is ravishing scenery with white waterfalls, majestic mountains, and mossy bridges.

Bac Hai Van Station is almost isolated from the outside world, so it has a very peaceful scene. Coming here, you seem lost in the “mystical fairy world”. Listening to the rustling of leaves, enjoying the cool breeze and immersing in the unspoiled nature will be an extremely memory.

See overview from the cliff of Cu Rua

Cu Rua cliff is a relatively large rock, shaped like a turtle’s head and located at an altitude of 500m on Hai Van pass. From the cliff, you will be fully absorbed in the sight of the immense scenery of the mountains and the dreamy sea of ​​Da Nang.

With a super romantic background, this place is a super attractive check-in coordinate for travel followers. Just raise the phone and have a beautiful “virtual life” photo with Hai Van mountains and forests.

Visit Hai Van Pass Cafe – Rua’s Stone

Right in front of Cu Rua rock is a very chill cafe – Cu Rua Stone shop. Have you ever sat and enjoyed a cup of fragrant coffee in the middle of the vast mountains? If not, please visit here!

The small cafe is decorated quite simply with cozy wooden tables and chairs. Just sipping a cup of hot coffee, and watching the beautiful unspoiled natural scenery is highly relaxing.

Save a commemorative photo at the corner of death

U-turns are the fear of many backpackers. The bend’s corner is where the driver’s wing must concentrate and carefully observe the convex mirror.

The scary scene at death corner is a cool background for you to check in beautifully. However, be careful to watch for vehicles to ensure absolute safety!

Take a photo by the Dom Don Ca bridge

take a photo at Hai Van Pass
Take a photo at Hai Van Pass – Source: Internet

Don Ca Arch Bridge is a “gate to heaven” with beautiful scenery like a fairyland. The ancient bridge bears the mark of time and is covered with magnificent nature.

Don Ca Arch Bridge was built around 1902-1906. The bridge is made of stone, has a 4-arch architecture and is located at 20m, about 100m long. The towering stone pillars of the bridge are a super cool background for you to save beautiful photos.

Experience going to Hai Van Pass you must remember:

The road of the pass is quite winding and dangerous; you should ride a gear car to both releases the gear and squeeze the brake to avoid losing the brake.

Preview the weather forecast for Da Nang and Hue to avoid stormy days and slippery roads

Check the vehicle before going downhill, especially the brake part

Prepare appropriate clothes, on the top of the pass the air is colder; you should bring a jacket to prevent cold weather

On the top of the pass or there is the fog that reduces visibility, focuses on observing and go carefully around the bends

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