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Reveal the reason to go to Datanla Waterfall – one of the Da Lat places to visit


It is no coincidence that Datanla waterfall is always a favorite destination of tourists when coming to the city of thousands of flowers.

Discover the endless charm of Datanla Waterfall

Datanla Waterfall
Datanla Waterfall – Source: Internet

Possessing the beautiful natural landscape of the highlands with a mild climate, cool all year round, and French architectural works that have existed for hundreds of years, Da Lat has a unique and unique beauty that can captivate anyone when coming here. You can find romantic poetry when coming to Da Lat, making wanderers look for nostalgia, but it can also transform into natural conquerors. And for those who like to fully explore the majestic features of Da Lat mountains and forests, it is impossible to ignore Datanla waterfall, one of the five most beautiful waterfalls in Lam Dong, a tourist attraction with many exciting adventure games.

General information

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Lam Dong province is Datanla Waterfall, which is renowned for its untamed, poetic beauty and fiercely representative of the Great Highlands. About 5 km south of Da Lat’s downtown, in the heart of Prenn Pass, is a waterfall with a significant amount of water flowing down numerous stone shelves in a smooth and deliberate manner from 20-meter rapids. As a result, this location is also known as Suoi Tien, and the deep waterfall that is located beneath the main cascade is known as the Abyss of Death.

According to legend, Datanla waterfall is K’Lang and Hebiang often dated. Once, K’Lang fought a fierce battle with a herd of wild animals, causing a forest of trees to fall, creating deep pits; and one of those pits is today’s Abyss of Death. Thanks to the rugged terrain and natural scenery, the Datanla waterfall area has been planned as a Datanla waterfall resort, combining many adventure, entertainment, and relaxation activities with many different services.

You can visit Datanla Falls at any time of the year; however, according to the experience of Lily’s Travel, Datanla is only beautiful and safe in the dry season, from November to April next year. At this time, the sunny weather will be favorable for outdoor activities, and it is easier to travel.

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Where is Datanla Waterfall?

Datanla Waterfall (Da Lat) All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go
All you need to know before you go to Datanla Waterfall – Source: Internet

On Highway 20, in Prenn Pass, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province, is the Datanla Waterfall tourist destination.

Directions to Datanla Falls

It is simple to get to Datanla Falls using a car, a motorcycle, or a cab. From Dalat Market, you move toward Ong Dao Bridge, cross the bridge, and turn left at the roundabout to enter Tran Quoc Toan Street. After that, continue straight and at the second roundabout, to the 30/4 road, you will see the signpost leading to the Prenn pass. Go one more segment to the middle of the access; you will see Datanla Waterfall Tourist Area on the right side.

The road to Datanla waterfall is straightforward, but you should go slowly and carefully at the pass. Especially when it rains, the way is very slippery. If you are not used to handling traffic situations on the pass, you should rent a private car with a driver to be taken to a safe and economical place.

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Ticket Price Datanla Waterfall

Datanla Waterfall (Da Lat)
Datanla Waterfall (Da Lat) – Source: Internet

Datanla Waterfall tourist area regulates specific fares for each service, applicable to adults and children. Lily’s Traveltham refers to the following price list, and depending on your needs, please choose.

  • Visiting: 30,000VND/adult, 10,000VND/child
  • New one-way slide, do not buy sightseeing tickets: 80,000 VND/adult, 60,000 VND/child
  • New round trip sled, do not buy sightseeing tickets: 170,000 VND/adult, 100,000 VND/child
  • Forest ropes: 350,000 VND/adult, 200,000 VND/child
  • Waterfall crossing: 1,650,000 VND/person is applied for both adults and children
  • One-way cable car: 80,000 VND/adult, 60,000 VND/child
  • Roundtrip cable car: 100,000 VND/adult, 70,000 VND/child

Datanla Waterfall Opening Hours

Datanla waterfall resort is open from 7h00 to 17h00 every day of the week. However, some games will be temporarily suspended regarding maintenance, so you should check with the resort management or the Datanla waterfall ticket office in advance. The Strong Feeling Tourist Experience

At Dalanta Waterfall Dalat Having the opportunity to travel to Dalanta Dalat Waterfall, it is difficult to “ignore” the experiences that challenge the toughness and courage of visitors. Single doors like skateboarding, zipline, or canyoning give you a memorable travel experience. You can also combine fun in Dalanta Dalat Waterfall with visiting the famous eco-tourism sites in Da Thanh, such as Liang Biang Mountain, Tuyen Lam Lake, strawberry gardens, and more.

What is Datanla Waterfall Tourist Area? Featured Datanla Falls Games

Play game at Datanla Waterfall
Play game at Datanla Waterfall – Source: Internet

Datanla waterfall resort is known as a thrilling paradise in Da Lat, with many adventure games that are carefully invested in and regularly upgraded, ensuring maximum safety. To have a wild and daring youth, you must try all the “top of the peak” activities in Datanla waterfall resort.

Swinging over the waterfall

It is the most challenging “realm” of adventure games in Datanla Waterfall Resort. You must plunge into the torrential water and climb the cliffs to conquer the waterfall. This activity will cost you a lot of energy and courage but bring an exciting feeling of conquest. Crossing the waterfall has many difficulty levels, depending on each person’s age and ability.

Experience the adventure of swinging rope

High Rope Course is a team activity, applied to both adults and children, including two levels for each group: a height of 10 – 20m for adults and a height of about 1m for children. To challenge the willpower and practice coordination skills with the team, each journey will include 6 rounds of play and 80 different challenges with increasing difficulty. However, you can stop anytime you want. This game is especially suitable for family or friends; it will be a great time to bond with each other.

Travelling on a cross-mountain slide

Having come to Datanla Waterfall Resort, you have to experience traveling through the longest slide in Southeast Asia on the modern Alpine Coaster slide system, which can adjust the sled’s speed as you like. This activity does not require special skills but still brings a feeling of “already” when running in the air and through the mountains and forests, rushing in the wind, and leaning on the curves full of excitement.

Hovering the forest ropes

You can try some interesting games at Datanla Waterfall
You can try some interesting games at Datanla Waterfall – Source: Internet

If you want to find something new, a different way to enjoy Dalat’s nature, the zipline will be a great choice. When you first start to follow the slide, it is really “heartbeat, trembling legs,” but only a moment later, you will feel addicted because you have overcome the fear of heights, and in front of you, the mountain is so vast and vast.

Coordinate waterfall rafting

It is also kayaking, but in Datanla, there is no romance like in Tuyen Lam Lake because this is a waterfall rowing! Each boat will have 2 or 6 rowers and paddle through 10 rapids in a few hours. To overcome this challenge, the players must have the proper coordination and rhythm and calmly handle the situations in the journey.

Cable car view of the Datanla waterfall

If you are afraid of adventurous games or families with small children and older adults, you can experience nature and the Datanla forest mountains with cable cars. The more than 2km long cable car system will take you through the pine hills, the valley at the foot of the Prenn Pass, and the houses creeping around the mountain.

Relax and walk through the forest

Walking through the forest is another relatively easy activity for you and your family. Unlike trekking, hiking in Datanla Waterfall is much more gentle with a system of stairs with a gentle slope, only about 200 steps and 1km long, so anyone can walk. During the walk, you can enjoy the fresh air, the pristine beauty of Datanla with the sound of birds, and the stream from afar is charming.

What to eat at Datanla Falls?

Around the Datanla waterfall area, there are only a few outstanding restaurants and eateries. Still, in the Datanla waterfall tourist area, there is a restaurant located at the entrance, ready to serve your dining and resting needs. Datanla restaurant is designed in the style of stilt houses, painting roofs, with a full menu of specialties from the highlands and delicious Dalat, but the price is reasonable.

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