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Vietnam vacations: Do you know all of the significant festivals celebrated in Vietnam?


Year-round holidays in Vietnam

Tet Holiday in Vietnam
Tet Holiday in Vietnam – Source: Internet

Every year, Vietnam celebrates a number of significant holidays, much like many other nations do… But the difference is that Vietnam also has Lunar and Solar holidays. Let’s learn more about the key yearly holidays.

Major holidays according to the calendar year

In addition to the significant holidays according to the Western calendar, such as New Year’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Earth Day… in Vietnam, there are other days to be grateful and commemorative.

Date Name of holidays, Tet Public holiday
January 1 New Year Get 1 day off
14 FEB Valentine’s Day No
February Establishment date of the Communist Party of Vietnam No
February 27 Vietnam Physician’s Day No
8-March Women’s Day No
Mar. 20 International Day of Happiness No
26 Mar Establishment date of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union No
April 22 Earth Day No
April 30 Liberation Day of the South to unify the country Get 1 day off
May 1 Labor Day Get 1 day off
May 19 Birthday of President Ho Chi Minh No
1 JUN International Children No
28-June Vietnamese Family Day No
27 JUL Day of the Martyrs’ Wounded No
Aug The August Revolution was successful. No
Sept 2 National Independence Day 2 days off
7-September Establishment date of Vietnam Television No
October 13 th Vietnam Entrepreneurs Day No
October 14 Establishment date of Vietnam Farmers’ Union No
Oct-20 Establishment date of Vietnam Women’s Union No
Nov-20 Happy teachers’ day” No
December 22, 2021 Establishment date of Vietnam People’s Army No
25th of December Christmas Day No

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The lunar calendar’s list of Vietnamese public holidays

Lunar New Year holidays often reminisce Vietnamese customs, traditions, and cultural features.

Date Name of holidays, Tet Days off
January 1 – 4 Chinese New Year Get 5 days off
January 15 Lunar New Year No
March 3 Real Korean New Year No
March 10 Hùng Kings Temple Festival Get 1 day off
April 15 Vesak No
The 5th of May Lunar New Year No
Jul feast day No
August 15 Moon festival No
December The Feast of Mr. Tao No

Details of essential holidays and New Year holidays in Vietnam

New Year

New Year’s Day takes place on the first day of the calendar year, which is January 1 of each year. On this day many places around the world hold fireworks on New Year’s Eve and have a New Year’s holiday with their families. In Vietnam, workers and employees will be entitled to the first day of the year off to celebrate with their families.

Luna New year

Lunar New Year is the biggest holiday in the year in Vietnam, taking place on the first 4 days of the lunar calendar; on this day, all family members will gather together to welcome a new year and wish for peace, happiness, and fortune for the family. Eliminate all the bad luck and sadness of the past year.

Hung Kings Temple Festival

This is an annual memorial day to commemorate the gratitude of the Hung Kings who had him build the country; this traditional ritual is held annually on March 10 of the lunar calendar; on this day, many people often go to the temples of the Hung Kings to burn incense and pray for good things to come.

Liberation Day of the South

April 30, the official name is Liberation Day of the South, the reunification of the country, Victory Day, Reunification Day is a national holiday of Vietnam. Marking the end of the war in Vietnam, the reunification of the country when on April 30, 1975, the Provisional Revolutionary Government of Vietnam won the victory; this is a major holiday in the major holidays of the year in Vietnam.

Labor Day

Labor Day
Labor Day – Source: Internet

International Labor Day, or May 1, is a day of celebration of the international workers’ movement and workers’ day on May 1 every year; this is a day to celebrate the accomplishments, express the solidarity of workers from countries around the world, commend the labor force for fighting for peace, democracy, and social progress.

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Day of Independence

National Independence Day
National Independence Day – Source: Internet

Every year on September 2, President Ho Chi Minh recited the Declaration of Independence in Ba Dinh Square, marking the beginning of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the country that exists today. This event marks the beginning of Vietnam’s National Day. This festival ranks highly among Vietnam’s significant celebrations throughout the year.

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