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Vietnam Cities to visit: The “Secrets” that few people know about

You are planning a trip this summer but are still figuring out where to choose the appropriate place. Please refer to the secrets of famous tourist cities in Vietnam below to get an overview and make the best decision!

1. Saigon – The magnificent city

Saigon – Source: Internet

Saigon is famous as a magnificent city with thousands of massive architectural works and world-class skyscrapers such as Landmark 81,…This land also captures tourists by serving customers enthusiastically and thoughtfully. You can see this clearly through the behavior of consultants in travel companies, shopping centers, or any restaurant…
In particular, coming to Saigon, you can enjoy many specialties of most regions across the country or any country that ensures the taste is equal. It is not easy that this place is called “City without sleep” by many people because regardless of the time of day, you hear the car running and the street lights turn on for a whole time.

2. Hanoi – 10,000 food enthusiasts

Hanoi – Source: Internet

The Capital brings not only ancient beauty with many ancient architectural works such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Uncle Ho Mausoleum, and West Lake,…but is also famous throughout the country with a rich cuisine that brings many delicious and attractive dishes. Coming here, you can immerse yourself in the bustling life of the Capital with the image of people following each other to the street to go to work and school at peak hours.
However, Hanoi returned to a quiet and peaceful old town after a hasty working day. In addition, this place also has a vibrant religious system with many extensive but closely managed activities to help people feel secure in their spiritual life.

3. Da Lat, a city with a vast array of flora

Dalat – Source: Internet

Having the opportunity to go for a long trip, you will feel the dreamy beauty of this “land of thousands of flowers.” Especially interesting when you put on a thin coat in the cold weather and drive around the street to see the brilliant flowers. Another difference is that no traffic lights exist, even in the city center. However, there is no traffic jam or yoke here. This is explained because most roads are steep, so stopping for a red light in the middle will cause many difficulties and dangers for other traffic.

Additionally, Da Lat allows you to experience all four seasons in one day. Early in the morning, the temperature was chilly, and the hills and valleys were coated in dew. At noon the sun rises, and the weather is warm and pleasant. In the afternoon, the sunshine becomes softer, and the clouds are also more buoyant, but at midnight, the temperature drops to the lowest level, creating fog covering the whole city.

4. Tuy Hoa – City of oil lamps and coal furnaces

Tuy Hoa
Tuy Hoa – Source: Internet

If you can visit this land, you will feel a peaceful Tuy Hoa. Walking at night, you can easily see the tiny oil lamps beside the rice husk incubating duck eggs or many bright red charcoal stoves, creating a sparkling and romantic scene. Another experience you cannot ignore is gathering friends sitting at roadside coffee shops on a small blow and enjoying many famous Tuy Hoa specialties together.

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5. Da Nang – The most livable city

Danang – Source: Internet

Coming to Da Nang, you have the opportunity to go to the mountain and also have the chance to explore the sea. In addition to the poetic beauty of the river, this coastal city also attracts tourists with diverse cuisine and a series of delicious dishes such as Quang noodles, stir-fried snails, tea,… In particular, free wifi is an excellent service many people enjoy when visiting here; you can surf the web anytime, anywhere, without sitting at a cafe.

Moreover, you do not need to worry about traffic jams because this situation is infrequent in Da Nang. Travel by taxi to the most popular attractions to ensure safety and save time, partly because this service is cheaper than other big cities. Therefore, this place promises to be an exciting destination that brings many memorable memories to you.

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6. Nha Trang – The beautiful coastal city

Nha Trang
Nha Trang – Source: Internet

Nha Trang is consistently ranked high in the world’s most beautiful and best beaches. Especially the security here is excellent, so you can comfortably park on the sidewalk or near the coast to enjoy the beautiful scenery and sightseeing without fear of theft. If you like to explore new lands, in addition to famous islands such as Hon Tam, Hon Mun, and Hon Tre,…you also have the opportunity to experience a trip to many other beautiful islands without people.

In particular, Tran Phu Street is famous for being the most beautiful in Nha Trang, with many large hotels designed quite nicely along the beaches. Another impressive thing is that people here call plastic bags “suffering,” a name that sounds very new. The street is a bit deserted in the evening because locals often sleep early, so only the central area or the bars are crowded.

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