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Saigon Central Post Office: The way to explore Ho Chi Minh Post Office in a different way


Ho Chi Minh City Post Office is one of the most unique architectural buildings located in the heart of the city and is no longer strange to tourists. However, have you ever tried to feel this place differently?

Saigon post office outside
Saigon Central Post Office outside – Source: Internet


Saigon Central Post Office is located at 2 Cong Commune Paris street, it can be said that this is the highest land in Ho Chi Minh City. With the advantages of its location, it is right on the main road of the city, so it is very convenient to travel here.

Located at the same point as Notre Dame Cathedral on the opposite side, Saigon Central Post Office is one of the most beautiful works of Renaissance architecture in Vietnam that has survived until now. Built between 1886 and 1891 by the famous architect Gustave Eiffel, the building with its roof and arched windows is reminiscent of the first train stations in Europe. This construction still keeps the large portrait of Uncle Ho.

Its history and the features of the architecture

Saigon Central Post Office in side
Saigon Central Post Office inside – Source: Internet

The Central Post Office of Ho Chi Minh City has a beautiful location on Paris Commune Square. In front of the work is a large courtyard facing the flower garden of Notre Dame Cathedral. Around it, there are cultural works, urban spaces connected with Notre Dame Cathedral, 30-4 Park, Nguyen Van Binh Book Street. If Notre Dame Cathedral is a solemn place, the Central Post Office is an open space, not only tourists but local people also like to come here.

Saigon Central Post Office attracts people with the roofs and the system of large arched doorways along the ceilings of the buildings that are radiating on all four sides to support. The long curved post office ceiling looks like a giant wine barrel, which is paved with shiny cream-colored tiles, making the space here become larger. 

Another specialty is that the two sides of the building are depicted with two historical maps of Saigon with many regions, meticulously hand-painted by skillful artisans. At the center of Ho Chi Minh city, there is a building with an extremely unique architecture combining European style with Asian decoration. 

The building was built followed the classical European architectural style combined with Asian decoration. The building has a layout built with two 2-story side blocks, a 3-story middle block, tiled roof. On the facade, there are many elaborately decorated arched shutters. The entrance is a large arch with an iron roof. On the roof of the lobby, there is a round clock and a sign stating the year of construction: 1886 – 1891. 

The rectangular decorative boxes are set between the ground floor windows. The original color of the building is pale earthy yellow, combined with white moldings and reliefs and green louvers. The color, the architecture of the building and the surrounding landscape are mixed to form a highlight in the urban space.

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a place keep a part of history in Ho Chi Minh City
Saigon Central Post Office is a place to keep a part of history in Ho Chi Minh City – Source: Internet

At the Central Post Office’s transaction, the interior is impressive with elaborately decorated steel columns and steel-framed arches. This dome system creates windows to let the light shine in from the roof and at the top of the wall.

In particular, it also keeps two historical maps: Saigon et ses environs, 1892 (Saigon and its vicinity, 1892) and Lignes temégraphiques du Sud Vietnam et du Cambodge, 1936 (Map of the telegraph line of South Vietnam and Cambodia, 1936).

Inside the building, one thing that will make you impressive. There is the last handwritten letter writer in Vietnam – Mr. Duong Van Ngo (now maybe 90 years old) who has more than 70 years at Post Office and Central Post Office building.

In 1990, he retired and asked the government to allow him to sit in a corner of the lobby to write and translate rented letters. His clients are the illiterate poor, those who need to write letters to foreigners or those who do not know foreign languages. He can speak French and English fluently and always carries a dictionary with a magnifying glass. Thousands of letters in the past 30 years he wrote have spread around the world with many romantic stories about human love over. His presence at the Central Post Office evokes a resemblance to the ancient character of the building but contrasts with modern urban life and postal technology has come a long way. With his handwriting, he has connected so many people around the world especially. 

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post office
Post office – Source: Internet

As a construction inspired by French architecture, from the outside, the post office stands out with a system of large doorways and domes. At the same time, with gentle yellow color and in the middle, there is a rather classic clock shape, which further embellishes the nostalgia for this place.

Visiting Saigon Central Post Office, you will see that on both sides of the building are images of two historical maps of the city meticulously and delicately depicted. On either side of the entrance are rows of straight green iron columns and shiny brown wooden chairs. In the center of the post office, there is the image of Uncle Ho.

Especially, the dome-shaped design creates a feeling of nostalgia and spaciousness for visitors. Post offices still keep old mailboxes, telephone booths and souvenirs such as stamps or old letters. Right in the heart of a magnificent Saigon, there is a unique architecture that combines Europe and Asia.

Some attractions near Saigon Central Post Office

Duc Ba Cathedral

Located only 30m from Saigon Central Post Office, Notre Dame Cathedral is a place attracting many tourists. The church is designed in Roman architectural style and unique Gothic architecture. Some other highlights in the church that you should learn about are: the bronze statue of Pigneau de Béhaine, a statue of Our Lady of Peace.

Independence Palace

independence palace
Independence palace – Source: Internet

Located about 450m from Saigon Post Office, Independence Palace is a famous historical site – where you can find the heroic stories of the nation.

Ben Thanh market

Ben Thanh Market is one of the attractive nightlife places in Saigon, located only 1km from the post office. Time for you to choose: 

From 7:30 to 18:00: If you want to visit and shop inside the market.

After 19:00: If visitors want to mingle in the bustling atmosphere of colorful stalls at night.

Nguyen Hue Walking Street

nguyen hue night street
Nguyen Hue night street – Source: Internet

Nguyen Hue Walking Street is a place with 1001 virtual living corners, modern spaces, and many attractive entertainment activities, so you just need to stand to have a lot of cool pictures.

Municipal Theater

City Theater with old French architecture should have some similarities with Hanoi Opera House. This place regularly takes place in professional art activities. If you are one loving art and music, you should spend time there once. 

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