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Son Tra Night Market: Da Nang shopping paradise

Son Tra night market
Son Tra night market

Son Tra night market is one of the “specialties” of Da Nang. This busy, bustling market has made many visitors fall in love, “lost” but do not want to find their way out.

Son Tra night market is like a magic bag of Doraemon, whatever Da Nang tourists need, this place has it all. The night market “pleases” visitors with a variety of food stalls, countless fashion areas, diverse souvenirs and many entertaining games to forget the way home.

Where is Son Tra Night Market located?

Son Tra Night Market is a night market street bearing the typical imprint of Da Nang. The market was built according to the model of a walking street in combination with shopping for souvenirs and enjoying Da Nang cuisine.

Address: located on Ly Nam De Street, the intersection with Mai Hac De Street, adjacent to other famous Da Nang tourist attractions such as Dragon Bridge, Love Bridge, My Khe Beach,…

Opening hours: 17h-24h

Ticket price: Free

The food is sold at stalls in the market:

Typical snacks such as shrimp skewers, fish cake skewers, fried spring rolls, sausages, pancakes,…

Da Nang specialties such as Quang noodles, rice paper rolls with pork, Cao Lau,…

Fresh seafood, dried food such as snails, squid, octopus, lobster,…

Fruits, soft drinks, smoothies, juices, whipped cream,…

Son Tra Night Market Street Da Nang – Cheap shopping paradise

Food paraside at Son Tra night market.
Food paraside at Son Tra night market.

Going shopping at Son Tra night market is not a bad choice. Fashion heaven, cheap souvenirs are opened right in front of your eyes.

Souvenirs sale area: “Da Nang” items such as lanterns, embroidery, stone statues, hand fans, ceramics,…

Clothing and fashion area: Including items such as clothes, shoes, glasses, hats, hats, bags,… The average price is from 35,000 – 75,000 VND/piece, the highest at more than 100,000 VND/piece. pcs.

Besides, there are tattoo stalls, art stickers on-site, calligraphy artists, artists drawing fire pens on decorative wood, sculptures on glass jars, artists sketching human portraits, etc. . which will make you enjoy here and there.

In addition, there is also a play area for young children with many interesting games such as floating houses, fishing or even folk games such as eating mandarin umbrellas, etc. All like a real and living picture. gives you an unforgettable experience.

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Notes when coming to Son Tra Da Nang night market

When reviewing Son Tra night market, everyone mentions a few notes to help visitors have the most enjoyable and complete experience:

Pay attention to protect your personal property: Da Nang Son Tra Night Market is very crowded and bustling. While you are shopping in a crowded place, bad guys can take advantage to steal/snatch your wallet, phone, money, ….

Check out the products and prices in many stores before deciding to buy: There are more than 150 different stalls inside the market, many selling the same goods. Therefore, you should take a look around and check the price first, then choose the best stall to buy. Avoid the situation where you just bought an item and see the same item but sold for half the price you bought it.

Do not show too much interest in an item: The seller is very knowledgeable about customer psychology. If you know you like their products, the shop owner thinks that there is a high probability that you will buy. So they will most likely push the price higher and not agree to let you bargain.

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