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Fantasy Park: The best way to explore to get the most fun and excting


Fantasy Park, an ideal family entertainment destination, was built and designed with the inspiration of the house’s two famous novels “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and “Twenty Thousand Miles Under the Sea.” Jules Verne was a French author. The amusement park creates a vibrant and appealing entertainment world for children, with games that elicit a wide range of joyful and unexpected emotions.

The amusement park has more than 100 attractive games waiting for visitors to explore. When participating in games at Fantasy Park, please comply with the following height regulations.


Fantasy Park is the only indoor amusement park in our country and the world, located on the mountain. Fantasy Park is located on the campus of Ba Na Hills tourist area, with an area of ​​21,000m2. Coming to this resort, you will have memorable and new experiences with your loved ones and friends.

Fantasy Park Ba ​​Na Hills includes 3 floors with adventure games, thrills, and many other types of games suitable for all ages.

Operation time and ticket price

What time does Fantasy Park open? Fantasy Park’s opening time is from 07h00 to 19h00.

Fantasy Park entrance tickets are included in the general ticket price to visit the entire Ba Na Hills tourist area. Specifics are as follows:

Ticket price for foreign tourists: Adults are 850k/person and children are 700k/person (applicable to children from 1m to 1m3 tall, children under 1m free of charge).

Ticket price for Da Nang people: Adults are 550k and children are 450k/person (applied to children from 1m to 1m3 tall, children under 1m free of charge).

Experience going to Fantasy Park Ba ​​Na Hills 2022, you need to note some information related to ticket prices as follows:

The above fare is inclusive of 10% VAT.

Includes entrance fee to Ba Na Hills tourist area.

Including a climbing fee, a train ride, and a visit to Debay Wine Cellar and Le Jardin D’Amour’ Flower garden.

Includes 105 games at Fantasy Park and free-to-play mythical knight.

The above ticket price does not include: Join the stuffed animal game, Carnival at the amusement park, not including the entrance fee to the Wax Museum.

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The most interesting and attractive games at Fantasy Park

Fantasy Park has nothing to play, where should I go? Fantasy Park has all kinds of entertainment games, thrilling games, and cinemas for adults and children. In particular, in the experience of playing at Fantasy Park, you can also experience a food court serving Asian and European dishes and a souvenir shop with enough products to buy as gifts. Let’s take a look at the entertainment activities at Fantasy Park :

Artificial climbing game

When participating in this game you will experience climbing a cliff. This climbing wall is 21m high and it is also the largest man-made climbing wall in Southeast Asia. You are completely assured when participating in this game because there will be dedicated instructors and safety belts.

Horror House

What’s good to play at Fantasy Park? You will get lost in an abandoned house and discover many scary things, there are howls of animals, cries, scary ghosts… If you are a weak-hearted person, you should not enter this house. And if you are a person who loves to explore and be curious, this is an interesting experience.

3D mega 360

You will be able to witness the giant dinosaurs walking in the jungle or explore the life of many creatures in the ocean world. 3D mega 360 with vivid images and sounds, you will feel like you are lost in the real world.

Wax Museum

To visit the wax museum you will lose another 100k/person. This is the first wax exhibition area in our country, with many wax replicas of famous people in the world in all fields. Surely you will have to admire it because the wax figure is as sophisticated as the real thing.

Free fall tower experience

If you are an adventurer, you should not ignore this 1-0-2 game. You will be standing at the highest position and slowly sliding down the cave to suffocate.

Pilot Skiver

By joining this game you will be able to fly high in the sky and experience like a real pilot. You will be free to control the flying spaceship as you like and enjoy the feeling of adventure, listening to the strange sounds of things around you.

Jurassic Park

Coming to Jurassic Park, you will be lost in the ancient scenery of 150 million years ago. Witness the dinosaurs eating or roaring fiercely. This is also an interesting experience that many children enjoy.

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Tiny explorer

This is a game for children at Fantasy Park that parents should not miss. There are many interesting games for children such as Climbing, sliding, throwing the ball, wriggling through obstacles, and playing football, and basketball.

Watch movies in 4D

At Fantasy Park, there is the most modern 4D theater in today’s entertainment areas. Includes 28 seats fitted with motion engines and a large 3D screen with many effects that bring the feeling of flying an F1 plane.

Or you can also choose 5Di theater – Wild West first appeared in our country. You will be transformed into brave cowboys to fight with 29 other gunmen. To participate in this game you need to have good observation and high concentration.

Gift picking game for kids

Children can show their patience and ingenuity when playing with gifts. Many attractive rewards are inside the glass cabinet, requiring players to be skillful as well as listen to deep music to win gifts.

Swing under the ocean

If you are a lover of the ocean world, you cannot ignore the ocean swing with seahorses or beautiful mermaids discovering life in the ocean.

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