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Experience going out at Asia Park (Asia Park) Da Nang


It can be said that Asia Park – Asia Park is an extremely famous and attractive amusement park in Da Nang for tourists and locals. Something to play to see the whole of Asia Park Danang, you will need a certain amount of time but not in a day is enough.


Asia Park, also known as Asia Park, is located on the banks of the Han River, 1 Phan Dang Luu, Hoa Cuong Bac, Hai Chau district, Da Nang. This park is located right in the city center, so it is very convenient for tourists to visit and have fun.

What’s attractive about Asia Park Danang?

Experience going to Asia Park which possesses an extremely large space and the most prominent is the 115m high Sun Wheel, which stands out as a symbol of Da Nang tourism and standing on this Ferris wheel, you will admire the panoramic view of Da Nang from above.

The most impressive thing here is that Asia Park Danang owns many records that will surely make you overwhelmed and excited, namely:

– The largest suspension roller coaster in Vietnam with a height of 34m, and 5 continuous 360-degree turns.

– Top 10 tallest solar wheels in the world with a height of 115 m.

– The highest modern sky train in Vietnam.

– The highest free-fall tower in Vietnam, with a height of 47 m.

In addition, the Asia Park is also the cultural convergence of 10 miniature Asian countries on the campus, including India, Japan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, China, Korea, Vietnam, and Nepal.

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How to get to Asia Park Danang?

Asia Park Danang travel experience, because this park is located in the center, it is extremely convenient to move around. You can take a taxi, bus, or motorbike taxi or rent a motorbike yourself, and by the way, just go to Google Maps, there will be very detailed instructions.

Opening hours of Asia Park Danang 2022

Every day of the week from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Ticket price for Asia Park Danang (Updated in 2022)

When buying tickets, you will be free to check in, take photos, watch colorful art performances, explore the night market…, and some games will lose tickets, the specific ticket prices are as follows:

Entrance ticket price: adults 200k / time, children 100k / time (children from 1m – 1.4m tall)

Ticket price for Sun Wheel Danang: 100,000 VND/adult, 50,000 VND/child

What to play at Asia Park – Asia Park Danang?

Dubbed “Asia in miniature in the heart of Da Nang”, Asia Park attracts a large number of visitors thanks to its attractive games as well as unique architectural works from many cultures.

Thrilling games at Asia Park Danang

Experience going to Asia Park Da Nang, getting lost in the entertainment area of ​​Asia Park, it is true that you have lost in the paradise of games from gentle to the intense feeling that no one does not like from adults to children. Typical games here are:

Ninja Flyer: In this game, players will lie down and fasten their seat belts to fly in the air. From 90cm – 105cm will need a companion, under 90cm cannot play Ninja Flyer.

Journey to the West: a 2-minute round-trip cruise in the air for players to enjoy the feeling of windsurfing and the feeling of free-floating feet in the air.

The Flying Kirins: Play as a crew member on a pirate ship that is floating in the distance. The ship will go out to sea, moving fast and slow as if surfing the sea, bringing a feeling of excitement and surprise in 120 seconds.

Paradise Fall: As the first aerial roller coaster in Vietnam – Paradise Fall promises a sense of excitement and novelty for brave travelers.

Golden Sky Tower: You will be soaring into the air at a height of 47m and then free-falling at a speed of nearly 70km/h, guaranteed to be an unforgettable “forever” experience.

Queen Cobra: the largest suspension roller coaster in Vietnam, speed 80km/h with legs hanging freely. The feeling of your feet floating and being affected by the journey of the roller coaster will make you extremely excited.

Singapore Sling: this game will take you up to a height of 30m and then rotate to a haunting 360 degrees. The legs are free, hanging loose, and no longer at will, making the player extremely excited.

Sky Treasure: This is a thrilling game in Asia Park Da Nang that many young people participate in. You will sit on the train and run on the zigzag tracks winding up and down with speed sometimes extremely fast and sometimes slow.

Games for kids at Asia Park Danang

In addition, there are some other “lighter” games that everyone can play, for example:

– Love Lock: This game is suitable for families and groups of friends or couples in love. When coming to Love Lock, you will be able to ride on the ship and listen to popular Kpop songs together and experience the feeling of entering the music world of the beautiful country of Korea. Those over 125cm tall will be able to participate in this game and those from 100m – 125cm need an adult to accompany them when playing the Love Lock game at Asia Park.

– Dino Island: Next to the games at Asia Park Da Nang will be Dino Island – dinosaur island. This game can be played by anyone, but children under 90cm will have to be accompanied by an adult. Dino Island is very attractive to children because they can explore the funny and fancy prehistoric dinosaur world. The game is over in 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Festival Carousel: Like the Ferris wheel that you played with when you were a child, but much bigger and more beautiful. You will be able to sit on colorful horses, under shimmering lights if you play in the evening, and then take beautiful memories when playing the Festival Carousel at Asia Park Danang. The game lasts 2 minutes and children under 90cm need to be accompanied by an adult.

– Happy Choo Choo: A tiny train is moving on the tracks for children to explore the world, explore the colorful ocean. This game is suitable for families with young children to play, children under 90cm in height will be accompanied by parents. This is a fun game in Asia Park Da Nang the children love.

– Treehouse Playland: Also in the amusement park in Asia Park, Treehouse Playland will be an attractive photo-taking place for your whole family.

– Garuda Valley: This is a roller coaster game for children that is extremely enjoyable for little ones. In one turn, there will be 16 children playing and the game takes place within 90 seconds, children under 90cm will not be able to participate in this game, children from 90cm – 120cm need to be accompanied by an adult.

– Fireflies Forest: Minimum height 115cm, from 100cm – 115cm will need an adult to accompany. Remember to fasten your seat belt before you go out with the fireflies at this Asia Park!

–  Kabuki Trucks: With the game Kabuki Trucks, your whole family will be sitting on the wheel of extremely lovely and cute convertible cars. Children under 100cm will not be able to play this game, children from 100cm to 115cm need to be accompanied by an adult.

– Monorail: This is the overhead tram system of Asia Park – one of the most attractive entertainment places in Asia Park Da Nang, helping visitors to the park to admire the panorama.

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Check-in locations at Asia Park Danang

– Experience going out at Asia Park Danang, in addition to participating in the attractive games that we have suggested above, do not forget to bring your camera to take a lot of beautiful photos.

– Citadel Gate: Built based on the architecture of Hue citadel in the past, the city gate is both a place where people can take pictures and the entrance and exit of Asia Park Danang.

Sun Wheel: As a symbol of Asia Park, the 115m high Sun Wheel is in the top 5 tallest wheels in the world. If you come to Asia park without playing this game, it is a pity. When you reach the highest point of the Sun Wheel, you can admire the whole city of Da Nang shimmering and extremely beautiful.

Clock Tower: Located next to the rotating sun face, the Clock Tower has a very special architecture with a combination of 10 Asian countries.

Dragon Boat: Dragon Boat is for those who love rivers and want to travel on the romantic Han River.

Cultural Park: this is the most interesting place in Asia Park Danang because you will admire the unique architecture, culture, and cuisine of 10 Asian countries, including Japan, and China….

A note for you is that Asia Park – Asia Park is constantly innovating and upgrading with special and monumental festivals, bringing the best emotions to you. So remember to follow the information about the festivals to come on time.

In addition to Asia Park, Da Nang has many other attractive tourist attractions that you cannot ignore such as Ba Na Hill, Ngu Hanh Son, Hoi An, Cu Lao Cham… If you are afraid to move by yourself Or if you don’t know how to go on a schedule, you can go on a tour to save money on finding out. Currently, on the market of Da Nang, there are quite a few companies that organize different spontaneous tours. There have also been numerous customer complaints about the quality of service as well as the high prices charged by many Da Nang tour companies…

Therefore, dulichfun would like to introduce to everyone that Da Nang Tour Organization Company with 12 years of operation is always committed to ensuring prestige as well as service quality… Many families have been and are very satisfied with the quality and excellent service.

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