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Suggest a sustainable tour in Vietnam: From the center of Saigon to the Northwest forest town

sustainable tourism in vietnam
Sustainable tourism in vietnam

Sustainable tourism in Vietnam helps visitors immerse themselves in nature, live in the culture of the indigenous people, thereby preserving the environment and identity at the places to visit. After a long stay at home because of the epidemic, tourists tend to find environmentally friendly experiences, in harmony with nature and learn about the culture of the places they visit. Sustainable tourism is also forecasted to be a booming trend in the future.

According to’s 2021 report, up to 97% of Vietnamese travelers believe that sustainable development is a vital element of the tourism industry, while 88% say the pandemic is a catalyst for them to follow. pursue more sustainable tourism in the future.

Many travel businesses have introduced sustainable tours, accommodations that respect local identity, and destinations that focus on the experience of harmonizing tourism with economic and cultural activities.

Community tourism in Buon Ma Thuot

vietnam sustainable tour
Vietnam sustainable tour

Vietnam Highland Travel Company specializes in designing and organizing eco-tourism, picnics and discovery in the mysterious Central Highlands. The company was founded by Mr. Pham Chi Ta, who is very experienced in organizing sustainable tours.

Tourists who book the tour will be adventurous people who love to return to the wild nature and discover the cultural features of the local ethnic people.

Activities such as trekking, camping, biking through the forest, watching and learning about wildlife in national parks or nature reserves, kayaking on the river… in ethnic minority villages in remote areas of the Central Highlands, and sharing meals with ethnic minority families where the delegation passed.

Most of the attractions in the program of Vietnam Highland Travel are typical destinations of local scenery and culture, but very few tourists visit. The company creates ideal opportunities and provides conditions for tourists to travel into remote areas of the Central Highlands.

This business will bring guests to immerse themselves in nature and delve into the real life of local people to understand and share responsibilities.

Because, besides enjoying the fun things of the trip, the company wants visitors and the company to share a part of the responsibility in protecting the environment and developing the local community in a friendly way. and sustainability through tourism activities.

It is travel associated with a shared mission of environmental and social responsibility.

A place to preserve culture and environment in Ben Tre

Sustainable tourism for tourist to explore Vietnam 2
Sustainable tourism for tourist to explore Vietnam

In Cho Lach district, Ben Tre province, Nam Hien Garden House is one of the accommodation establishments that care and act in the spirit of sustainable tourism. At Nam Hien garden house, you will meet a family of three generations in a typical house in the Southwest region.

This charming inn has 2 parts with different architectural styles. The first part is a small, modest house of wood and red tile, set in an orange garden. There are two bedrooms, a bathroom, an airy living room, where Mr. Nam puts his small collection of tools for gardening and fieldwork.

Opposite this small house, across a small bridge, at the entrance to the pomelo and longan garden, there is also an ancient wooden house, traditional Southern style. Mr. Nam tries to revive the cultural values ​​of the region through his house. 24 precious wooden pillars, sculptures, antiques, ancestral altars, and wooden counters… bring you images of the life of rich feudal families.

In the small kitchen, Mrs. Nam Hien and her children often cook and guide domestic and foreign guests to cook traditional Western dishes with organic products grown in their home garden or the village for guests’ meals. reside here. In addition to the garden, visitors’ families can fish, take care of trees, raise goats with family members.

From Nam Hien garden house, you can cycle or walk to meet the people of Cho Lach. Along the way, you’ll get to admire the flora and fauna of the Mekong Delta or visit a small riverside pagoda and local market.

Hotel for the community in the heart of Saigon

Opened in 2015, Chez Mimosa is a combination of hotel and residence, with luxurious design and decoration in French colonial style to give visitors a cozy and satisfying space. But besides the open and bright architecture, this place is also impressive because it is operated very sustainably. The hotel uses solar batteries for water heaters and LED lights.

Staff is recruited from other rural areas and provinces. The hotel is also very active in contributing to the community, doing a lot of social work. More specifically, for many years now, with each direct booking at Chez Mimosa, the hotel will donate 1 USD to poor children.

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Visit the 700-year-old version in Mai Chau

The 700-year-old version in Mai Chau
The 700-year-old version in Mai Chau

Lac village in Mai Chau is one of the most famous community tourism destinations in the country. Lac village is more than 700 years old, is the main residence of the Thai ethnic group with 100 households. People here mainly live by farming, brocade weaving and rice cultivation.

Up to now, Ban Lac is more known to tourists because of the development of many unique tourism services along with quality homestays. The model of community tourism in Lac village is not only in the majestic mountain scenery but also in the people here, the cultural identity and the delicious dishes, rich in national flavor.

Most hotels and homestays are not newly built, but take advantage of existing houses. The houses on stilts here are all tall and tall, about 2m above the ground, supported by solid wooden pillars. The roof is covered with bamboo leaves or rattan leaves. The large sized windows, both catch the cool breeze and are an airy place to hang the orchid flower baskets to decorate the house.

Currently, the houses on stilts used for a business like this have been greatly improved in terms of building materials as well as being fully equipped with amenities, but still retain the original and rustic beauty.

Sustainable tourism for tourist to explore Vietnam 3

In addition to sightseeing and experiencing activities, there are also cultural teams to serve visitors’ interests as well as introduce the cultural beauty of the nation. Along with tourism development, the people in the village still keep their traditional values. Rice cultivation, upland farming, and brocade weaving are still maintained and turned into an interesting experience for visitors to learn.

If you want to experience a Vietnam sustainable tour, connect to Lily’s Travel directly. We will create for you a tour that is most suitable.

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