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Ta Van Rattan Bridge (Cau May): The simple bridge is famous just through a picture


Not only does the majestic Silver Waterfall (Thac Bac Waterfall) make many people a deep impression, Muong Hoa River with soft and fragile beauty, but in Sapa also the Rattan Bridge (in Ta Van village) makes people unforgettable just through a picture to show the simple that make it so popular.

1. Where is the bridge

Peacefully located in Giang Ta Chai village, about 17km from the center of Sapa town to the Southeast. The path to the Cloud Bridge is more difficult than other destinations in Sapa.

This simple bridge is made entirely from rattan (the thin pliable stems of a palm, used to make furniture). It is a familiar material that has always appeared in most household items of those living in the mountains of the Northwest. Through time, he rattan bridge has had an indispensable role to people in Giang Ta Chai as well as in Sapa town.

In the past, Ta Van rattan bridge was built to connect Ta Van town and Sapa town center with the purpose of making it more convenient for locals. However, especially after appearing in the photo of Skip Nall – an American photographer, Ta Van rattan bridge has received much love from people who love traveling because of the poetic beauty on both sides of the bridge.

2. How to get to the bridge

Ta Van Rattan Bridge
Ta Van Rattan Bridge became famous after one photo – Source: Internet

If you come from the center of Sapa town, you can take a bus that specializes in exploiting the Sapa – Giang Ta Chai route. From the bus station, you have to walk a 3km long trail to get to the foot of the bridge. At this time, a motorbike or taxi is the perfect choice for you.

If you want to come and discover the idyllic beauty of Ta Van Rattan Bridge, you should go early in the morning. At this moment, Ta Van town is still engulfed in the cloud mist. The scenery around the bridge will be extremely poetic, just like you are drifting in the sky.  From the bridge, you can see the poetic Muong Hoa stream and the magical scenery on both sides of the bridge.

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3. The simple and idyllic beauty of Ta Van Rattan Bridge

The simple beauty of Ta Van Rattan bridge - Source: Internet
The simple beauty of Ta Van Rattan bridge – Source: Internet

Many people wonder why Ta Van Rattan Bridge can attract so much beside the Silver WaterFall, Muong Hoa stream, and Cat Cat village with its romantic beauty.

The beauty of Ta Van Rattan Bridge comes from those simple and idyllic features. Made of almost rattan, the bridge is completed by woven rattan ropes which are combined with woven planks. Especially, lying across Muong Hoa stream, Ta Van Rattan Bridge has beautiful poetic scenery on both sides like a painting with the verdant beauty of trees in the vast mountains and small streams softly murmuring all year round with the sky above deep blue. That is the reason to say that the beauty of the Ta Van Rattan Bridge comes from the most simple things of nature. Moreover, if you go through Ta Van Rattan Bridge, you will be able to come to Giang Ta Chai’s waterfall and admire the waves of water rolling down from above in a deserted forest.

The Ta Van Rattan Bridge’s beauty is like a feature of the majestic Northwest mountain range: young and beautiful, wild and idyllic. Visit Ta Van Rattan Bridge, If lucky, you also have the opportunity to see beautiful Dao women wearing traditional costumes and holding umbrellas. Please suggest taking pictures with them to have unforgettable memories when you come here!

4. Interesting things and attractions at Ta Van Sapa Village – Ta Van Rattan Bridge

4.1. Terraced fields

Terraced fields are a feature in Sapa. Everywhere in Sapa, you can also see the terraces winding on the hillsides and mountains. The terraced fields and the green mountain scenery give you a majestic natural scene.

You can visit the terraced fields in any season of the year. But the most suitable time is the ripe rice season, from September to December every year. You can see terraced fields like giant silver and white mirrors reflecting the mountain scenery. Come in the summer, the terraced rice fields are green and cool.

4.2. Visit the house of ethnic minorities in Ta Van village

The house of ethnic monitories in Sapa
The house of ethnic monitories in Sapa – Source: Internet

The old houses are located close to the roadside. The houses are not exactly old and ancient but built very beautifully. The people live clean and tidy. Some of the beautiful houses that you should come and take photos are Mr. Hoang Din’s house, Lo A Muc’s house… Mr. Lo A Muc’s house was built in 1934, this is the typical wooden house on the ground floor of the Giay community. Inside the house, you can see the ancestral altar made of “Pomu” wood, with an ancient structure of the ethnic people. Many people often sit by the fire, enjoy a glass of corn wine and listen to the elderly tell old stories about their villages.

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4.3. Giang Ta Chai Waterfall

Crossing Ta Van Rattan Bridge, following the trail you will encounter Giang Ta Chai waterfall. The waterfall is also “must-visit” destination when you are at Ta Van Rattan Bridge. The waterfall is high, each stream pours down the white foam, and the sound echoes through the mountains and forests.

5. Some attention when you check-in at Ta Van Rattan Bridge

Each plank of the bridge is about 20cm apart, easily causing dizziness when looking down. You should be not afraid of heights or weak of heart.

If you want to cross the bridge, you need to be careful and move slowly to avoid slipping. At the same time, if you enjoy the scenery, you should also look away, avoid looking down at the waterfall through the gap of the bridge.

6. Other destinations near Ta Van Rattan Bridge

6.1. Y Linh Ho Village

Y Linh Ho Village
Y Linh Ho Village – Source: Internet

Y Linh Ho is a primitive village that attracts many tourists to visit. This village is famous for its charming and peaceful scenery. The road leading to the village is quite winding and difficult to go but the sides of the road are colorful wildflowers that make you excited.

6.2. Ta Van Village

Ta Van village is a familiar tourist destination in Sapa. The village is considered as one of the villages attracting the largest number of tourists but still owns a very simple, rustic scenery with simple houses and soft terraced fields and winding around majestic mountains.

6.3. Lao Chai Village

Lao Chai village is located close to the Sapa Rattan Bridge. The village is where the Mong community lives. Coming here, visitors will learn more about the unique culture of the highland ethnic community. Surrounding Lao Chai village, there are very beautiful and majestic terraced fields.


In Vietnam, there is another place has been named “Rattan Bridge” but in Tam Dao. The place is Cau May Studio but you can find another name for it which is Rattan Bridge Studio. Cau May Studio is a beautiful virtual living paradise located right in Tam Dao town, Vinh Phuc province, more than 70 km from Hanoi city center. When hearing its name, you can already guess how this is. The place is built in the middle of the mountain with a bamboo bridge crossing, white clouds covered, creating a beautiful natural scene like a fairyland.

Cau May Studio in Tam Dao
Cau May Studio in Tam Dao – Source: Internet

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