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The best places to visit in Dalat (Vietnam): Top 8 you must know

Da Lat is attractive and always a favorite destination for many people. Fresh air, cool weather, many beautiful scenes, peaceful life are the secret to making Da Lat always a top priority in trips. Come on, let’s join Vietnam Booking to summarize the must-go Dalat tourist attractions (update).

Lac Tien Gioi – A new place to get new experiences in Da Lat

Lac Tien Gioi
Lac Tien Gioi – Source: Internet

With its own unique beauty,  Lac Tien Gioi treats visitors with a pristine mountain and forest landscape, with a hot air balloon above and a tranquil lake below. The favorite check-in point of this place is the piano placed under the lake and the corners of the lake, which is extremely shimmering.

True to its name, Lac Tien Gioi promises to be a Da Lat tourist destination that “storms” the travel-loving community in 2020.

Address: Da Lat City, 1/3 Lam Sinh Street, Ward 5 (Near Camly Waterfall)

Opening time : 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Ticket price : 100,000 VND/person

Bac Thang Len Hoi Ong Troi (Ask for the moon) – A new virtual living place is super hot

Bac Thang Len Hoi Ong Troi
Bac Thang Len Hoi Ong Troi – Source: Internet

As a brand new “virtual living” destination of Da Lat, Bac Thang Len Hoi Ong Troi entertains visitors with many beautiful backgrounds such as the Golden Bridge model – Da Nang, Stairway to Heaven, the aerial door frame… Besides, this place also attracts visitors by the quiet, fresh and airy atmosphere. No need to go to Da Nang or Binh Hung, just go to Da Lat, you also check in these famous destinations.

“Virtual life” fires at Bac Thang Len Ask God. Photo: Synthesis

Address:  Tuy Son Hamlet, Xuan Tho Commune, Da Lat

Entrance fee: 20,000VND/person, children free.

Hoa Son Dien Trang

Located in the middle of a large space between majestic mountains and vast pine forests,  Hoa Son Dien Trang  is like a “green oasis in the heart of Da Lat”. When you think of this tourist destination, you will undoubtedly recall the giant Buddha’s hand with all of the “virtual living” angles. Hoa Son Dien Trang is also one of  the best places to visit in Dalat in 2020. Coming to this place, you can not only take pictures but also breathe in the fresh air and enjoy a a delicious glass of water and feel the peaceful life in the midst of thousands.

Hoa Son Dien Trang – An oasis in the heart of Da Lat. (Photo: Internet)

From the center of Da Lat city, you can follow Hoang Van Thu street, go to Van Thanh flower village, follow Ta Nung road, continue to go about 4km more to get there!

+ Entrance fee: 30,000 VND/adult, 15,000 VND/child.

Sunny Farm

Sunny Farm – Source: Internet

If you want to find a best place to visit in Dalat that can both keep beautiful and unique photos and enjoy the peaceful beauty of the blooming flower fields and enjoy a delicious glass of water,  Sunny Farm  is an ideal choice. In particular, the ladder to heaven, the beautiful little cafe at Sunny Farm is the highlight to attract visitors. From the location of Sunny Farm, you can admire the beauty of Trai Mat area, the large gardens typical of Da Lat.

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Hang Nga Villa “Crazy House”

Although built in 1990, until now, the “strange house” of Hang Nga villa has been basically completed. Standing from the outside, Hang Nga villa appears like a mysterious house appearing in foreign fairy tales. Stepping inside the villa, unique architecture you will encounter a mysterious world, full of ghosts. Small passages, spiral stairs lead you to a maze full of mysteries. With this special architecture, you will definitely keep the “super quality” photos, guaranteed not to touch. This is one of  the tourist attractions in Da Lat  you cannot ignore!

Hang Nga Villa “Crazy House” – A mysterious and strange world. (Photo: Internet)

+ Address: No. 3, Huynh Thuc Khang, Ward 4, City. Da Lat

+ Entrance fee: 40,000 VND/adult, 20,000 VND/child

Fresh Garden Dalat

Fresh Garden is one of  the tourist places in Da Lat  that has just been launched and is the most sought after by tourists in the early days of 2020. Coming to Fresh Garden Dalat, you are like lost in a fairy world with a garden. vast flowers, somewhere there are dancers dancing in a field of flowers, a giant windmill covered with fresh flowers, fairy houses with flowers, a giant love clock or a large coffee shop around there are only flowers and flowers.

Especially, this year, Dalat tour 3 days 3 nights  will take you to this large and beautiful flower garden so that visitors can admire a city of thousands of miniature flowers, extremely impressive.

+ Address: 90 Van Thanh, Ward 5, City. Da Lat

Sightseeing ticket price: 50,000 VND/person

Valley of Love

Valleys of love
Valleys of love – Source: Internet

Valley of Love is a  familiar tourist destination  in Da Lat of the city of thousands of flowers, but it has never been boring. Because of the beauty of the smooth pine hills, the brilliant flower gardens with all the typical flowers of Da Lat. Coming to Love Valley tourist area, you also have the opportunity to explore the love labyrinth, purple love bridge, miniature world architectures…

+ Address: 05 – 07, Mai Anh Dao, Ward 8, City. Da Lat

+ Sightseeing ticket price: 100,000 VND/person

Thien Phuc Duc Hill

Thien Phuc Duc Hill
Thien Phuc Duc Hill – Source: Internet

Thien Phu Duc Hill is a familiar stop for young people who love backpacking in Da Lat. Possessing a large space, fresh air and far from the center, Phuc Duc hill is suitable for camping, taking pictures, watching the sunrise and watching the clouds in the early morning. This tourist destination in Da Lat  is located about 10km from the center of Da Lat city and right next to LangBiang tourist area, so standing at the highest position of the hill, you can admire a poetic and majestic scenery. of the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands.

+ Address: Ward 7, City. Da Lat

+ Entrance fee: Free

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