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The most complete and detailed of Son Tra night market review


Son Tra Night Market is a busy market that can meet all the needs of tourists when coming to Da Nang. Night markets “please” visitors with food stalls, fashion items, rich souvenirs, and many fun entertainment games, forgetting the way back.

Son Tra Night Market, Da Nang’s busiest commercial and nightlife complex, is one of the city’s icons of excitement. This bustling, bustling market attracts hundreds of visitors every night. By now, you will have to admire the delicious dishes in Da Thanh as if you are “lost” in the maze of stalls.

Son Tra Night Market Overview 

Son Tra Night Market in the front
Son Tra Night Market in the front – Source: Internet

Son Tra Night Market carries the distinctive fingerprint of Da Nang. The market is built on a walking street model combining fashion shopping and souvenirs, and you can enjoy Da Nang cuisine. Son Tra Night Market is located on Ly Nam De Street, near the intersection with Mai Hac De Street, and is close to popular Da Nang tourist attractions such as Dragon Bridge, My Khe Beach, and Love Bridge.

  • Hours of operation: 17h – 24h
  • Admission is free. Parking tickets cost between 5,000 and 10,000 VND each vehicle.
  • Parking ticket price: 5,000 – 10,000 VND/car

Son Tra Da Nang Night Market – Danang Night Market is the city’s most active night market

This market officially came into operation on September 2, 2018. The market is conveniently located in the heart of town, directly opposite to the Dragon Bridge. The total investment cost of the Son Tra market is more than 4 billion VND. This night market has officially operated for more than 4 years. During that time, the night market always retains its heat. On weekday evenings, especially on weekends or public holidays, Tet. The night market attracts many local, domestic, and international tourists to shop, visit, and entertain.

Review Son Tra night market

Let’s walk around the Son Tra night market with Lily’s Travel to see what is so notable and “famous”!

Food served Son Tra Night Market 

Food in Son Tra Night Market
Food in Son Tra Night Market- Source: Internet

Visitors to the night market will be spoiled for choice when it comes to tasty Da Nang dishes at reasonable pricing. Da Nang Night Market offers many attractive dishes, from snacks such as ice cream, tea, milk tea, snails, and grilled rice paper to famous specialties such as grilled seafood, Quang noodles, pancakes, pork rolls, Beo cakes, etc.

Visiting the night market in Son Tra, you must try steamed or grilled seafood dishes, especially crab, squid, and snail dishes. Fresh snails are richly prepared according to their recipe, ensuring that visitors will enjoy the taste for the first time. In addition, other words such as seafood hotpot, grilled stingrays, and stir-fried mussel rice are equally delicious. Food is reasonably priced in the market. The market also has an empty bar stool for visitors to have a place to drink and enjoy food.

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Son Tra Night Market shopping

Son Tra Night Market is a shopping wonderland with countless trendy items such as shirts, dresses, purses, shoes, caps, and more for only 35,000 – 200,000 VND/piece. However, the souvenirs here are the ones that attract the most tourists. Souvenirs come in a variety of designs, including lanterns, conical hats, jelly figures, and wonderfully crafted pottery.

In addition, when going to the night market, remember to buy dried seafood dishes in Da Nang as a gift for the family, such as milk crab, sun squid, goldfish, dried anchovies, etc.

Street entertainment

Street entertainment activities in the night market will help relieve stress and fatigue after long working days. Da Nang’s talented street artists will perform inspirational musical performances for visitors. From romantic, emotional music to unique, skilled magic tricks that will make you go from surprise to surprise. Besides, the tattoo counters, art stickers, calligraphers, glass sculptors, portrait painters, and more will make you enjoy and not want to leave this place!

Furthermore, the night market provides a play area for youngsters with numerous fun games such as fishing, float house, jumping rope, umbrellas, and so on. All of them will transport you back to your childhood and provide you with amazing memories.

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Some notes when going to the night market

Son Tra Night Market
Son Tra Night Market – Source: Internet

For the most enjoyable and complete experience, you need to note some things as follows when going to Son Tra night market:

  • Take care to safeguard your personal possessions. The night market is a crowded and busy location. While shopping, the bad guys may use the loophole to steal your wallet or phone.
  • Refer to products and prices in many different stores before buying: More than 150 stalls are inside the market, and many will sell the same goods. As a result, you should first view the entire round and refer to the pricing before selecting the optimal counter. Avoid the case when you have just purchased an item and see an identical item that sold for only 50% of the price you bought.
  • Do not show too much interest in any item: The seller understands the psychology of how when customers adore a product, the store owner may raise the price and dispute when you bargain.

Son Tra Da Nang Night Market offers countless delicious dishes, beautiful souvenirs, and enjoyable fun activities waiting for you to explore. If you need to arrange a trip soon but don’t know where to go, Da Nang is the finest option. If you come from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or any big city to go to Son Tra night market, you can buy cheap air tickets and then travel here by taxi or motorbike.

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