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Tien Sa Beach: Discover the quiet beauty of the beach inside modern Da Nang city

The beautiful sand beach
The beautiful sand beach – Source: Internet

Tien Sa Beach is a tourist destination with a strong attraction for tourists when coming to Da Nang. The beach is located in the north of Son Tra peninsula so the beach also owns poetic and beautiful scenery.

General information

Tien Sa Beach is located at the end of Yet Kieu Street, Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City, more than 9km northeast of the city center.

This beach is in Tien Sa Da Nang eco-tourism area and looks like a soft silk strip crossing the foot of the mountain of Son Tra peninsula.  

In legend, the fairies often invite each other down here to walk and admire the scenery. Therefore, the name “Tien Sa” was given to this place. 


Tien Sa Beach
Tien Sa Beach – Source: Internet

According to Da Nang travel experience of travel enthusiasts, to get to Tien Sa beach, you can follow the following route: From the city center, go through Dragon Bridge, Han River Bridge and then turn to Ngo Street. Permission. From here, you follow the direction of Ngo Quyen and go down Yet Kieu Street. At the end of Yet Kieu street, you will see a signboard for Tien Sa eco-tourism area.

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The best vehicles you should choose to move to Tien Sa tourist area

Depending on your purpose of coming to Tien Sa Ecotourism Area, you can choose different means of entertainment or relaxation.

Going by motorbike: This is the most active and free means of transport, very suitable for young people. If you just want to go to Tien Sa during the day, motorbikes are extremely reasonable, both economical and easy to schedule. You can rent a car at shops or hotels for 120-150k/day.

By taxi: Because it is a tourist city, taxis in Da Nang are extremely crowded, if you do not want to drive yourself, you can take a taxi for convenience. This vehicle is suitable for large groups and families with young children, coming to Tien Sa to relax. Compared to driving by yourself, taking a taxi is still safer, besides you do not need to spend much effort to rent a car and find a way like a motorbike.

By shuttle bus: If you want to visit more places, you should choose a shuttle bus instead of a taxi. Thus, the driver will take you through the famous Son Tra peninsula places according to your desired schedule. With the shuttle bus, you can go or stop as you like, come back whenever you want.

Interesting activities at Tien Sa beach

The best time to be at Tien Sa Beach
The best time to be at Tien Sa Beach – Source: Internet

Check-in shimmering at the mysterious “jewel”

Among the famous tourist destinations in Da Nang for having super quality check-in corners, it is impossible not to mention Tien Sa beach. The charming scenery of the water, the rocks crept on the long, smooth white sand is a great background for you to take virtual photos.

Take a rest and sunbathe under a coconut dome

Visiting this Da Nang beach, visitors also have the experience of sunbathing under the cool green coconut trees. When the sea breeze blows, the coconut ships rustle and shake with their dances. Your vacation will be truly complete when lying on the white sand while watching the sea, drinking coconut water and talking with friends and relatives.

Set up tents for the night, make campfires

With a long stretch of white sand beach, a boundless sea in front, and green mountains behind, the overnight camping experience here will make visitors unforgettable for a lifetime.

Relax in the cool clear water

Located at the foot of the mountain, Tien Sa beach has calm waves that are safe for both children and the elderly. Coming to Tien Sa resort, immerse yourself in the clear, cool water of the sea. All stress of daily life will be completely washed away.

Take part in exciting sea entertainment activities

Not only a place for tourists to visit and organize picnics but Tien Sa beach also has many interesting entertainment activities that are not inferior to Non Nuoc beach. Visiting this place, visitors do not miss thrilling games such as jet skis, and paragliding,… In addition, you can also try scuba diving, fishing with fishermen,…

The best time to be at Tien Sa beach

A best place to go camping
A best place to go camping – Source: Internet

Tien Sa tourist area is famous for sea tourism, exploring the natural landscape. Therefore, you should choose sunny days to have favorable and happy days. Normally, the weather in Da Nang is divided into 2 seasons, a sunny season lasting from March to August and a rainy season lasting from September to February next year.

The idea to go to Tien Sa is in the dry season. At this time, the weather is extremely sunny, nature is beautiful and the sea is also clear. Activities such as swimming, sunbathing, windsurfing, and team building are only available on dry days. On the contrary, on blind and rainy days, Tien Sa tourist area is quite empty.

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Food needed to try

Tien Sa Retreat area has a restaurant area specializing in serving fresh seafood dishes, with listed prices and dedicated and attentive service. If you do not like to order food at the restaurant, you can enjoy fresh seafood dishes at the fish rafts on the sea. If you intend to camp, remember to bring a barbecue for the evening to organize BBQ.

Inside the Tien Sa tourist area, there are restaurants serving seafood and specialty dishes of Da Nang. However, because it is located in a resort, the price is not cheap, and the dishes are not too diverse. In particular, it is more suitable for tourists staying here, but those who go on a self-sufficient tour and want to explore can find nearby restaurants and eateries to save money and have a good meal. more choices. Most of the restaurants and eateries located near Tien Sa are in favor of fresh seafood.

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