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Xuan Thieu Beach: The wildness of Da Nang city

Xuan Thieu Beach at the evening
Xuan Thieu Beach at the evening – Source: Internet

Xuan Thieu Beach has unspoiled beauty with clear blue sea color.  Located quite far from the city center, Xuan Thieu beach has a quiet appearance that is suitable for relaxation. Xuan Thieu Beach is one of Da Nang’s masterpiece beaches. In particular, when the sunrise or sunset falls, this sea suddenly becomes red and full of charm. Also for this reason, people here often call Xuan Thieu beach the Red Ocean.


Xuan Thieu beach is located in Hoa Hiep Nam ward, Lien Chieu district, about 3km from Nam O beach to the south, about 13km to the northwest. If you want to go to this charming beach, from the city center you go along Nguyen Tat Thanh street, which is close to the sea. And when you step foot in Lien Chieu district, you will come to Xuan Thieu beach in Da Nang, which is clear and quiet.


To reach Xuan Thieu beach and immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery, you move from the city center, along Nguyen Tat Thanh street close to the sea. When you arrive in Lien Chieu district, you will see Xuan Thieu sea in blue, quiet, facing the distant Da Nang bay.

The attraction of “Red Sea”

The attraction of Red Sea - Xuan Thieu Beach
The attraction of Red Sea – Xuan Thieu Beach – Source: Internet

Referring to Xuan Thieu beach in Da Nang refers to the pristine beauty of this place. Located quite far from the beautiful city, this tourist destination has not yet become an artificial beach under human hands.

With the quiet, white sand strip and clear blue sea color, Xuan Thieu beach is ideal for relaxation and immersion in fresh water.

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Top fun activities to try

Admire the sunrise and sunset at Red sea

Xuan Thieu Beach has unspoiled beauty with clear blue sea color
Xuan Thieu Beach has unspoiled beauty with clear blue sea color – Source: Internet

Admire the beauty of the “Red Sea” the most beautiful at sunrise and sunset. With the reflection of the sun, the color of Xuan Thieu Beach turns into a vibrant red and creates an attractive and charming scene. It is hard to forget if anyone has once enjoyed this poetic scenery.

At sunset, when the sky falls, that is the time fishermen prepare for the next trip tomorrow. Although tired, despite working hard, everyone was excited, happy and full of life. All nature and people on Xuan Thieu beach blend together to create a shimmering, fanciful watercolor picture that seems to energize you to love life more, love life more.

Try lots of interesting games

If you have the opportunity to come to Xuan Thieu beach, do not forget to participate in entertainment activities such as: tug of war, canoeing, volleyball on the sea, soccer, … Surely these games will bring you an exciting vacation with new experiences.

Most of the games on Xuan Thieu beach are invested and developed on a very large scale by travel companies and businesses with the desire to aim for the best experience for visitors.

The special thing is that when participating in experience tours, to ensure maximum safety for guests participating in fun activities on the sea, visitors will buy insurance, will be picked up and provided with a full range of services. necessary equipment for the experience activity.

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What to eat when traveling to Xuan Thieu beach?

Xuan Thieu Beach
Xuan Thieu Beach – Source: Internet

A perfect trip to Xuan Thieu beach cannot be complete without Da Nang delicacies, imbued with the flavor of the central strip of land. Visitors along the coast can choose a restaurant that suits their preferences to experience a rich culinary paradise, including diverse Vietnamese and European dishes.

Xuan Thieu Beach is most famous for its many delicious dishes from fresh seafood, imported directly from fishing boats such as shrimp, squid, crabs, crabs… Surely these Da Nang specialties will please all travelers.

In addition to Xuan Thieu beach, Da Nang is also famous for other beautiful beaches such as My Khe beach Da Nang, Non Nuoc beach Da Nang, Rang beach, Nam O beach, Bac My An beach…

Compared to other Da Nang beaches, the unspoiled beauty of Xuan Thieu beach is an attractive feature, especially for dating couples, tourists who like the quietness of the deserted beach and relaxing walks. Walking barefoot on the sand, enjoying the cool scent of the sea amidst the spacious sky.

Strolling by the beach, visitors will feel the scent of the sea breeze caressing their skin along with smooth, cool white sand. From here, visitors can see the beautiful Son Tra peninsula on one side, and the majestic Hai Van mountain on the other. The distant sea door opens right in front of your eyes, visitors are free to see the place where the sea and mountains intersect, where the gateway leads to the endless immensity.

The peacfull space at Xuan Thieu beach
The peacfull space at Xuan Thieu beach – Source: Internet

Although Xuan Thieu beach is steeper than other beaches, the water here is clearer and calmer because part of the water from the Han River pours out, the taste of the water is not as salty as in other places. Visitors to Da Nang should also pay attention because the sand here is still shorter and steeper compared to My Khe beach, so it will be more dangerous when having fun.

Currently, Xuan Thieu beach is still pristine, clear blue, still gentle and shimmering red under the brilliant sunset or sunrise. But the tourism potential of the beach has been awakened and the beauty of Xuan Thieu has been visited, admired and discovered by more and more tourists. So do not miss the opportunity to admire Xuan Thieu beach when you have the opportunity to travel to Da Nang city.

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