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Vietnam sightseeing top 10: Places bring you the most beautiful scenery (Part 1)

On this Vietnamese S-shaped strip, you can also feel the immature scenery and a long-standing culture rich in national identity.


Sapa – Source: Internet

Sapa is a village in the highlands and a popular resort in the Sa Pa district of Lao Cai province, Vietnam; a humble, calm, but hidden place with numerous natural wonders. Sa Pa’s realistic set blends human ingenuity and the geography of mountains and hills, as well as the green of the forest, in a harmonic pattern to create a lovely world with lyrical landscape.

Let’s look at the lovely scenery that draws travelers to Sapa. Sapa: Lao Cai terraced fields have been around for hundreds of years, thanks to the hard work of the Dao, H’Mong, and Ha Nhi people who live in all valleys. Sa Pa, with its spectacular backdrop resembling a ladder reaching into the sky of terraced farms, has become one of Vietnam’s most popular tourist destinations.

This location contains many natural wonders, stunning natural scenery with mountain and hill terrain, green forests, forming a picture with a harmonious arrangement, lyrical and attractive perspective from the northwest panorama.

Sapa is amazingly gorgeous and a stunning landscape painting, therefore many people come here to be immersed in nature. This is the most fantastic tourist destination, unparalleled. Sapa tourism is always beautiful; the most attractive is in the rice season, with golden rice fields.

At this time, the land of heaven, the natural landscape of Sapa, is like wearing a new shirt color, a golden color spread throughout the mountains and forests. Sa Pa’s climate is more or less temperate, with an average temperature of 15 -18°C. It is situated at an altitude of 1500m – 1800m. It is freezing from 12 to 2 months, there may be ice and snowfall, and it is the only area in Vietnam with gorgeous snowfall. This is also the season for peach blooms.

In 2009, Travel & Leisure Magazine (USA) called Sapa tiered fields one of the seven most beautiful terraced fields in Asia and the world. In December 2011, Lonely Planet travel magazine (UK) selected Sa Pa as one of the top 10 walking locations in the world.” In early November 2013, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism classified the Sa Pa Terraces as a National Heritage Site.. There are beautiful and poetic scenes; herds of langur cows wearing bells grazing on the grass and beautiful pine forests shimmering under the sun… We may shake off all of life’s burdens in Sapa, where time stops to be free and enjoy the earth and sky.

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Northwest Vietnam
Northwest Vietnam – Source: Internet

Northwest, the westernmost land of the country, is always the favorite choice of tourists, especially those who love backpacking. For these early days, leaving the summer beach paradise to immerse yourself in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Northwest highlands and woods will be an amazing experience.

Not only is the region known for its distinct culture, but it also “owns” a plethora of breathtaking natural scenery. Rare where the mountains and flowers are so magnificent, and the Northwest has been recognized with the names of hundreds of flowers on numerous occasions. In the Northwest, people do not count the time by the week or month but by the flowering season. Season after season, thousands of flowers in the North are captivating the footsteps of tourists in the North West.

Where each color can not be found, the other is a small red flower that only exists in the middle of the Northwestern nature to see that color, to stop the fragrance, and in the heart of the stupor to wonder! The Northwest is a country where you must pause to observe the majesty of the mountains and forests, the beautiful landscape from the highways to the woods, the beautiful from the golden rice season to the harvest, the beautiful from apricots to plum blooms.

The golden rice terraces that span across villages and valleys will undoubtedly be stunning vistas to see when visiting the Northwest mountains. However, there is a season when terraced fields enchant Vietnamese travelers, and that is the season of falling water, which creates lovely patches of color for the Northwest in the big valley of Than Uyen. Nature has given the rich land here the most perfect and honest beauty.

All of these factors leave people with a strong impression of the North West and a strong desire to visit once they set foot on the ground. Visitors to the Northwest will not be shocked by the gorgeous mountain landscape; living in the highlands is still a little wild, but it is serene and quiet. Visitors will feel like immersing themselves in nature, away from the noisy city life, the soul full of joy and happiness. The Northwestern mountain of immaturity always brings people the inconvenience of the beautiful forest.

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Da Lat

Da Lat
Da Lat – Source: Internet

Da Lat is a famous landmark that attracts tourists every year. Aside from the freezing environment, the terrain here has a strange “charm,” poetic and romantic elements by the mountains that coincide with the message, especially when viewing Da Lat from above; it appears this is a fairy-tale destination. We don’t need seasons; we need months.

Da Lat is always beautiful, also excellent, also poetic. The natural beauty of Da Lat is simply cascading streams buried in the center of the subtropical primeval forest, poetic pine slopes stretching like endless flower gardens, and smooth grass, but it is also terrified of tomorrow’s dew. Da Lat is one of Vietnam’s most famous tourist destinations, attracting millions of domestic and foreign tourists here every year.

Da Lat’s rustic, bucolic, and poetic beauty has made many people “addicted” and compelled them to return time and again. Da Lat’s scenery is gorgeous and romantic, and you will be attracted by its exquisite beauty and unable to tear your gaze away from it. Da Lat is romantic and whimsical, with looming hills surrounded by majestic and stunning mountain landscape.

Da Lat is a pearl surrounded by fog in the center of nature and heaven to cherish and conceal among the mountains and forests. It is a very typical Dalat frame that many people admire. The pine woodland environment here is stunning, both mysterious and fresh. Because of their beauty, these sites have become tourist attractions with names like Golden Valley, Tuyen Lam Lake, or Valley of Love… We can feel the fresh and chilly air or the soft green grass at our feet just by looking at these photographs. This serene setting makes people feel lighter and more at ease.

The landscape of Dalat’s magnificent lakes lies next to the pine forest. The beautiful blue lakes provide a charming landscape image, particularly the sight of tall pine trees ascending into the tranquil lake, all of which create a view of the water. When it comes to lakes in Da Lat, only Xuan Huong Lake, located in the city center and encircled by a lush winding road, comes to mind.. Another beautiful natural scenery is the pouring waterfalls that create beautiful scenery.

Besides the incredible waterfalls are brilliant flowers adorned in the surrounding trees. Da Lat deserves to be known as the land of flowers with hydrangeas, sunflowers, and lavender… then the mop fields or the pink grass hills… Such beautiful, romantic, and artistic photos.Do not delay any longer; instead, let us admire by downloading images of Dalat’s gorgeous and poetic surroundings to the machine.

To be continued

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