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Bai Chay Bridge: The giant harp of Ha Long Bay


One of the most impressive designs in Ha Long Bay is Bai Chay Bridge. The bridge has made Quang Ninh a new appearance: modern, convenient and more. Read the article to find out why this bridge is getting so much love from visitors.

1. The mark of the developed city

Bai Chay Bridge is located on 18A Highway, built to connect 2 centers of Quang Ninh province: Hon Gai and Bai Chay. The bridge also creates favorable conditions for inner-city traffic in Ha Long city. Otherwise, thanks to Bai Chay Bridge, the path of Hanoi – Hai Phong – Quang Ninh is more convenient and shorter than ever and makes an important mark in promoting the socio-economic development of the entire northeastern region of Vietnam.

Bai Chay has a total length of 903m, a total width of 25.3m, includes 6 traffic lanes with four lanes for motor vehicles, two lanes for rudimentary vehicles and pedestrians. The clearance is 50m in height and 130m in width, ensuring convenient passage for ships with a tonnage of 40,000 tons. The road leading to the bridge is a grade 2 urban road 5km long, with eight leading bridges with a total length of 1,172km, the bridge is capable of withstanding earthquakes of level 7.

The bridge has also ended the historic mission of Bai Chay Ferry after 50 years. Before  Bai Chay Bridge was in operation, all travel activities were by Bai Chay ferry.

The Beauty of Bai Chay Bridge - Source: Internet
The Beauty of Bai Chay Bridge – Source: Internet

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2. The symbol of unique construction

Bai Chay Bridge is built by the connection of the two banks of Cua Luc Bay (Ha Long City, Quang Ninh). The progress of the building started on May 18, 2003. After over 3 years, the bridge was inaugurated on December 2, 2006. With a main span length of 435 m and created by reinforced concrete cable-stayed, the bridge officially reached a world record for this structure. In the world, only one bridge has been recorded – Sunshine Skyway Bridge in America, with a main span length of 400 m.

Designed with cables connecting the vertical wire plane, seen from above, Bai Chay Bridge looks like a giant harp. The construction needs the high elastic stay cables technique, not seen at the pinnacle of construction in many other countries.

In 2014, a company invests 40 billion VND to make a lighting system including 8888 LEDs with 16 million colors: red, yellow, orange, green, blue, indigo, purple. At the night, when the led lights are shine, Bai Chay Bridge look colorful, seems to increase the beauty of Ha Long Bay.

In some opinions, Bai Chay Bridge is the pride of the people in Quang Ninh. Standing on the bridge, you can take wonderful pictures, combining many elements and beautiful interference makes an irresistible attraction of Bai Chay bridge. To serve traveling, Quang Ninh government create a path on the Bai Chay Bridge for tourists. With the love for this bridge, many artists, poets, and musicians composed poems and songs to praise the bridge. The most impressive song “Ha Long”, composed by Len Nguyen Them, has contributed to spreading the beauty of the bridge to many people.

3. Directions to Bai Chay Bridge

Bus: You can catch a bus at Luong Yen or My Dinh wharf to move to Bai Chay.

Train: This is also a means of transport chosen by many tourists when coming to Quang Ninh. Train to Quang Ninh will depart from Gia Lam station, depart at 7:05 every morning, it will take about 5 hours to travel to Ha Long.

Motorbike: Depart from Hanoi, after that, you move in the direction of Noi Bai airport to Bac Ninh, Highway 18a, Pha Lai,  Sao Do,  Dong Trieu, Uong Bi, Ha Long.

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4. Some famous destinations near Bai Chay Bridge

4.1. Hon Gai island

Hon Gai Island - Source: Instagram
Hon Gai Island – Source: Instagram

Hon Gai, also known as Hong Gai, is an island located in the center of Ha Long city. In the eyes of tourists from all over the world, Hon Gai has wild and majestic beauty, with mountains, hills, mountains, long coastline, and many attractive natural landscapes. The works built on Gai island have become an attractive tourist destination, attracting thousands of tourists to visit. For examples: Quang Ninh Museum, Hon Gai church, Ha Long market, Temple of Monsignor Tran Quoc Nghien, Bai Tho mountain, Long Tien pagoda,…

4.2. Bai Chay Beach

Bai Chay beach - Source: Internet
Bai Chay beach – Source: Internet

Bai Chay beach is an artificial beach, located right next to Ha Long Bay, between Tuan Chau Island and Hon Gai. Bai Chay tourist area has a system of restaurants and modern 5-star hotels, very suitable to relax.

In addition, visitors will also have the opportunity to participate in many attractive entertainment activities such as swimming and experiencing countless games at the Ha Long Complex Park.

4.3. Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay - Source: Instagram
Ha Long Bay – Source: Instagram

Ha Long Bay is located in the complex of Ha Long Bay including 2000 large and small islands, islets and many caves. To explore caves and islands in Ha Long Bay, you can choose one of the four methods: book tour, book a cruise, or rent a seaplane.

Some places not to be missed when visiting Ha Long Bay: Dinh Huong Islet, Trong Mai Islet, Dog Stone Islet, Dau Go Cave, Thien Cung Cave, Ti Top Island, Soi Sim Island, Sung Sot Cave, Me Cave Bow,…

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