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Bai Tho Mountain: The Vietnamese mountain for trekking and more


Bai Tho mountain is the mountain that many tourists who like trekking want to conquer. The journey to discover brings many interesting experiences with different levels of emotions. For some people, Bai Tho Mountain is the “telescope of Ha Long Bay”. 

From a distance, Bai Tho mountain looks like a giant castle with three undulating towers on solid walls. But on the other side, people see the mountain looking like a tiger, a lion playing with prey or a dragon trying to take off.

1. Some historical stories you should know about Bai Tho Mountain

Bai Tho Mountain has other names “Roi Den” or “Truyen Dang Son”. These names come from a legendary story: Bai Tho Mountain is the strategic position in the battles against invaders. The ancient soldiers guarded the mountain.  If they saw the enemy coming, they would burn the spotlight to send the signal to the citadel. So “Roi den” or “Truyen Dang Son ” means the mountain is shining the light.

Bai Tho Mountain is associated with battles against other invaders: the battle of the Hung Dao King – Tran Quoc Tuan against Mongolia on Bach Dang in 1228. The mountain also saw the glorious victory of that battle and all the progress in protecting and building the country.

On the mountain, there is a stone implanted: “From this mountain peak, thousands of years ago, stood a key watchtower of the border of the North East of the country. In the night the guards burned the signal lights, directed the boatmen to dock…”. If you climb to the top of the mountain, you can see this stone. 

Spring 1468, Le Thanh Tong King dropped here to practice and had a deep impression on the natural beauty of the blue sea and mountains. So the king made a poem and carved it on the cliff. “Bai Tho Mountain” has come from this historical issue. The mountain is called “De Tho Mountain” means (carving a poem on the stone). 

Many heroes passed away on the mountain and made many poems thanks to this flawless beauty. The mountain maintains the history along with the development of the country.

2. The way to get there

Climb on Bai Tho Mountain – Source: Internet

Located in the heart of Ha Long city, Bai Tho mountain has an easy way to find out. After moving to Ha Long, you can rent a motorbike, take a motorbike taxi or take a taxi in the following direction:

From the center of Ha Long city, you follow Highway 18 across Bai Chay bridge, turn into Dang Ba Hat – Ba Deo – Le Thanh Tong street then go straight along Le Thanh Tong street to Hang Pot street and stop at Nam Phong cafe.

From Nam Phong cafe, you turn to a small alley on the opposite street, and follow the road around the houses to the foot of the mountain. If you find it difficult to go, ask a local there, everyone is very enthusiastic about directions, so it will be easier.

At the foot of the mountain, you can park your car at a restaurant or a nearby market, meet the security guard and follow the directions up the mountain.

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3. Some wonderful things on the mountain

With the locals, Bai Tho Mountain is standing day by day to watch the evolution of Quang Ninh in the economy but in nature, the mountain still is witness to prove the beauty of Ha Long Bay never changes. 

The mountain is always a great idea for people who like climbing but also an interesting exploration journey for people who want to know about culture and history.

Each step of the path going to the top of the mountain also marks the time of the revolutionary activities in the secret caves of the people of the mine land. If you climb in the morning and have some luck, you can see wild goats grazing.

3.1. The Vietnamese nation flag proudly flutters

Vietnamese Nation Flag – Source: Internet

The red flag with a yellow star has been flown at this historic location since the years of the war against the French. Don’t forget to leave your mark here with beautiful photos!

3.2. Check in the stele marking history

Historical Stele on Bai Tho Mountain - Source: Internet
Historical Stele on Bai Tho Mountain – Source: Internet

At the top of the mountain, there is a stone stele marking the national history, you can find out more information about the history of Bai Tho mountain and check-in “virtual living”.

3.3. Make the panoramic view of Ha Long

Panorama of Ha Long Bay - Source: Instagram
Panorama of Ha Long Bay – Source: Instagram

Maybe you have traveled to Ha Long a lot but you will never see the whole city from Bai Tho mountain. From the top of the mountain, you can have a panoramic view of the poetic bay like a watercolor painting: the blue water is marked by clouds, undulating mountains or large and small ships… It will not be “exaggerated” to say that you can compose poetry or draw a picture right away while standing here.

4. Some places near Bai Tho Mountain you should visit

4.1. Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay - Source: Internet
Ha Long Bay – Source: Internet

Climbing to the Bai Tho Mountain to overlook Ha Long Bay on the top and after that, you have to take a cruise to be between Ha Long Bay, feel the fresh air, touch the clean water, look closer mountains creating Ha Long Bay and enjoy the seafood here.

4.2. Quang Ninh Museum

As the black pearl by Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh Museum has an extremely modern design, is a place to preserve the province’s historical culture and is also a place where many young people check-in and get some amazing photos.

4.3. Bai Chay Beach

Bai Chay Beach is one of the destinations, not far from Bai Tho Mountain - Souce: Instagram
Bai Chay Beach is one of the destinations, not far from Bai Tho Mountain – Souce: Instagram

Bai Chay Beach is an artificial beach. The wide beach with white sand dunes is always a tourist attraction in Quang Ninh. Do not forget to bring swimwear or accessories to check in here. 

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4.4. Long Tien Pagoda

Long Tien ancient pagoda - Souce: Instagram
Long Tien ancient pagoda – Souce: Instagram

Long Tien Pagoda is only less than 300m from Bai Tho Mountain, so you move here very close, convenient. As a historical relic, a famous spiritual tourist area in Ha Long, the Pagoda attracts visitors with its unique architecture.

5. Some attention when climbing on Bai Tho Mountain

The path to Bai Tho mountain is quite difficult, so you should ask the help of locals to find the shortest way.

Please update the weather carefully before conquering this mountain. Do not climb the mountain when it’s rainy or foggy.

You should bring some necessary items such as drinking water, snacks, climbing sticks, insect repellent, … and especially a pair of non-slip sports shoes!

Do not arbitrarily eat the fruit in the forest without knowing its origin because it is likely that the fruit will be poisonous.

Climbing should be organized in groups instead of going alone to ensure your own safety. And make sure you are very healthy and have good health, then come here because climbing is very tiring and exhausting.

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