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Discover Ha Long Flower Park near Ha Long Bay


Ha Long Flower Park is known as the “green lung” of Ha Long city with large-scale green trees and unique design. With locals, Ha Long flower park is a free and attractive entertainment place for outdoor activities and team-building at the weekend. For foreigners, Ha Long Flower Park is a suitable spot for you to walk around after a day with many discovering activities.

Ha Long Flower Park location

Ha Long Flower Park is located at Le Thanh Tong Street, Bach Dang Ward, Ha Long City. With a prime location, right next to the beautiful Ha Long Bay Bay, Ha Long Flower Park has become a favorite destination for many people.

Ha Long Flower Park is invested in the basis of the old Ha Long Park, with a total area of up to 14.5 Ha. Currently, Ha Long Flower Park is separated in 8 main areas with private functions:

  • Monument area of Comrade Vu Van Hieu
  • Landscape exhibition area, flower art exhibition and mixed services
  • Central flower square area
  • Long – Phung square area
  • Outdoor fitness, sports and entertainment area
  • Art flower square area
  • Flower, water and wind square
  • Reserve land

Each area has a unique feature to bring guests a unique and new experience. Ha Long Flower Park was built with an elevated bridge alternating with 8 functional areas. The bridge is 1000m long, 3.5m high, 3.2m wide, 8.9m wide, enough space for 5 to 6 people. Standing at the bridge, you can see the full-frame view of Ha Long flower park, the majestic Ha Long Bay scenery and catch each cool breeze healing from the sea to the land. This entire route of the bridge has a roof system, designed with a unique and modern architecture. You can take so many beautiful pictures here. 

Some activities you should try

Walking in and “Check-in”

Large space in Ha Long Flower Park - Source: Internet
Large space in Ha Long Flower Park – Source: Internet

Ha Long Flower Park is to see the right beach, Ha Long Bay and more places from far away is a great option for many people. 

If you come here in the afternoon, you can see the sunset when standing on the wooden bridge. Seeing the sunset going down on the romantic wooden bridge will make your soul feel lighter and more relaxed.

Many people say that the most flawless moment to be at Ha Long Flower Park is in the afternoon when the sunlight is not intense anymore. Otherwise, you can take some photos to check – in and make a memory for your own trip. 

After spending all time on Ha Long Bay, you can choose this park to make a camping tent and bring more food to make a picnic right here. However, to protect the natural landscape of the park, remember to clean up the trash when leaving the park.

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Participating in outdoor sport

Outdoor sport - Source: Internet
Outdoor sport – Source: Internet

In the afternoon, at Ha Long flower park, there are many interesting outdoor sports. As the entertainment area, there are roller skating services, and hip hop dance groups are very bustling.

Young adults come here to practice and perform hip-hop. If you like skating, you can join a roller skating group. Those groups include almost all teenagers and young adults, so they are always willing to coach you to skate if you don’t know. 

In addition, Ha Long Flower Park also has an amusement and entertainment area with many outdoor games. You can buy tickets to experience. It’s also very interesting.

Some tourist attractions near Ha Long Flower Park

Ha Long Dolphin Palace

Ha Long Dolphin Palace – Source: VOV

Ha Long Dolphin Palace is located on Tran Quoc Nghien Street, Tuan Chau District, Ha Long City, only about 2 km from Ha Long Flower Park, a total area of 20,700 square meters, divided into two areas: the exhibition area and display area. The exhibition area includes more than 300 booths and about 1,000 seats. Visiting the exhibition area, you will admire the shell-shaped dome with a height of 22m. In the exhibition area, there is also a unique book display mode for you to research if you like. 

This Palace also has large halls and exhibition areas with tables and chairs for you to take a rest. Ha Long Dolphin Palace is also designed with a modern projector system and is a spot to organize large-scale events and music performances. With spacious space, many interesting activities, and creative design, this place promises to be an ideal destination for tourists to explore.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit the flower park, try visiting Ha Long dolphin palace to experience interesting activities here.

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Cao Xanh Seafood Market

cao xanh seafood market - Source: Internet
cao xanh seafood market – Source:

The market was formerly located in the area behind Ha Long Market 1. But now, the market is moved to Cao Xanh Ward for more convenience, about 4km from the old market and about 5km from Ha Long flower park.

Cao Xanh market usually opens from night to morning every day with mainly fresh seafood. Therefore, Cao Xanh Fish Market is the largest seafood market in Ha Long city.

The market is extremely crowded and bustling with buyers and sellers because the seafood is so fresh, abundant and not expensive.

Most people coming to Cao Xanh market are locals or traders from the provinces, not many tourists because it is quite far from the city center. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, be one of the few visitors to Cao Xanh Market to immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of the early morning of the biggest fish market in Ha Long and buy the freshest seafood to try. 

Sun World Ha Long Complex

Sun World Ha Long Complex – Source: Internet

Sun World Halong Complex is a world-class amusement and recreational complex that consists of two main areas: The Coastal Amusement Park and Amusement Park on Ba Deo Hill, which are connected together with a unique cable car system. The Sun World Halong Complex is a brainchild of Sun Group, one of the top-notch companies in investment and operation of amusement and recreational compounds, which have carved their marks through Sun World Ba Na Hills, Sun World Danang Wonders or Sun World Fansipan Legend… 

Quang Ninh Museum 

Quang Ninh Museum - Source: Internet
Quang Ninh Museum – Source: Internet

Quang Ninh Museum is just over 1km from Quang Ninh Flower Park. Quang Ninh Museum is considered as one of the symbolic works of Ha Long city and also a tourist destination. The museum has a unique architectural design as a mysterious black pearl on the shores of beautiful Ha Long Bay. 

Clock pole 

Clock Pole - Source: Internet
Clock Pole – Source: Internet

The clock pole is a fine art tourist destination in Quang Ninh province. The pole has a height of 28m, with a structure of 53 large and small blocks. Inside the pole is steel, outside is glass, above is a clock system indicating the time of Vietnam, at the foot is a large lake. This is a place that any visitor to Ha Long must visit once.

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