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Han River Bridge – The signatural symbol of Da Nang

Han River Bridge
Han River Bridge – Source: Internet

Han River Bridge is famous for its harmonious and poetic beauty. This is also the time when you set foot on the first turning bridge in Vietnam. At the same time, the project has created a beautiful urban landscape for Da Nang.

The Han River Bridge is considered a symbol of the coastal city because the work has marked the transformation of Da Citadel as well as represents the new vitality, youth, dynamism, and aspiration to go up. This landmark was completed thanks to the contributions of many people here.

Han (Han Giang) is the name of a river in Da Nang. Not the Han River of Korea. The name begins from the way that before, the Da Nang individuals locked the stream mouth with iron chains to keep foe ships from entering the city. Although the name is not too beautiful, it is associated with heroic historical stories. Attached to the old days, our fathers fought against the enemy together.


Han River Bridge was conceived and constructed by our engineers and workers. The design of the Han River swing bridge is made of very solid reinforced concrete.

Watching the Han River Bridge at night, visitors will admire the twinkling lights. This image quickly reflects into the water, creating a shimmering scene. Specifically, high overhead, there are splendid starlights that mix to bring extraordinary encounters.

In addition to visiting the Han River Bridge, you can also learn what to play in Da Nang at night. Visitors do not have to wonder where to go, just explore freely. Therefore, your journey is always full of meaning, and fun “to the fullest”.

Besides, for the convenience of traveling to Da Nang, you should choose a safe place to stay. One of the options worth considering is booking a hotel in Da Nang near the Han River bridge.

You can use any vehicle. If you start from TP. In Da Nang, you follow  Do Phat Street to 602. Go next to Ba Na – Suoi Mo Street, and turn to Hoang Van Thai,  Dien Bien Phu, and  D. Le Duan. To D. Tran Hung Dao  in  An Hai Tay. You will reach Song Han Bridge in about 40 minutes.  

The fundamental method for transportation on the Han Stream are yachts. This service has been in operation since 2012. To be able to meet the needs of tourists when coming here, river transportation services have made many breakthroughs. Please check the price before booking this service

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Explore the design of the Han River swing bridge

Han River in the night 2
Han River in the night – Source: Internet

Han River Bridge was started on September 2, 1998, and inaugurated on March 29, 2000. The bridge is 487.7 meters long, and 12.9 meters wide, including 11 spans, each span is 33 meters long. At the same time, the post-tensioning and 2 cable-stayed spans have a total length of 122.7 meters.

The Han River Bridge rotates to serve the purpose of waterway traffic. This activity creates favorable conditions for boats to pass through. The reason why the bridge rotates is that the main shaft can move at an angle of 90 degrees.

Han River Bridge is one of the attractive tourist attractions in Da Nang that you should not ignore. This place has both modern beauties and marks the primitive memories of the people. In particular, visitors also find moments of relaxation, letting their souls feel the freshness and freshness.

When does the Han River Bridge turn? Details of the time the bridge turns

Han River in the night
Han River in the night – Source: Internet

Throughout the long term, the Han Rivee Bridge has been acclimated to working hours. Although still filming in the evening, the time is different for each day, specifically as follows:

Monday to Friday: Beginning at 0:45, traffic exercises will be suspended. Around 1 am is the time when the Han River Bridge rotates with a 90-degree span to reveal two paths for ships to pass. Depending on the number of ships more or less, the bridge will return to its original position at 2 am or 4 am.

Saturday and Sunday: At the end of the week, the interest in the travel industry in Da Nang overall and visiting the Han Waterway Extension specifically increments decisively. Therefore, the local government has pushed the bridge turning time earlier than usual. From 22:45, all traffic will stop moving, at exactly 23h the bridge will start moving and after about 60 minutes it will return to its original position.

The best place to watch the Han River Bridge turn

There are many ways for you to admire the beauty of the Han River Bridge in Da Nang at night. In particular, renting a boat to cruise along the Han River will be a worthy choice for you. At the same time, visiting a coffee shop or high-rise building also gives you the most complete view.

In addition, visitors should choose Da Nang hotels near the Han River bridge. Accordingly, you have recently got the ideal perspective on the Han Stream Scaffold, effectively catching the awesome snapshot of the extension. In particular, you can also conveniently visit many other attractive Da Nang tourist attractions such as Da Nang Love Bridge, Carp Transforming Dragon Statue, Dragon Bridge, Da Nang Museum…

If anyone has once come to Da Nang. Seeing the image of the Han River will realize one thing, the Han River has a very unique appearance. Not as red and alluvial as the Red River, not as gentle and gentle as the Perfume River, the Han River is both healthy and poetic and associated with the day-by-day development of the dynamic city of Da Nang.

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Da Nang Han River is gentle in the morning

Han River
Han River – Source: Internet

In the early mornings, the beauty of the Han River in Da Nang is as gentle as a young woman’s. The streets were drunk in their sleep, leaving the Han River awake with the dim street lights. In the thin mist of sunshine, the river does not seem to drift, standing still and looking at the peaceful and peaceful beauty of the homeland. The river was calm as if it didn’t want to wake up the ships that were sleeping peacefully after a hard day. Only the waves lapped softly as if singing a soft song praising the beauty of the city. In the quiet space, the river is like beautiful silver silk.

Quiet afternoon

However, in the afternoon, when the sunset appeared. The river’s face becomes rosy, sparkling poetically. The river is like a giant mirror reflecting the great ocean ships. Here and there, the whistle to the port, the whistle to go to sea sounded. The river happily laughed, lapping the waves against the side of the boat, in harmony with the vibrant rhythm of the city.

Brilliant night

Han River and Da Nang City are inherently beautiful and poetic, becoming more beautiful every night. Leaving in the hearts of visitors an indelible impression. The Han River becomes quieter, the city lights up the river in a brilliant coat. The light from high-rise buildings, billboards, and high-pressure lampposts shines down on the river surface, shining brilliantly with many colorful arrays. The bridges have the opportunity to put on colorful shirts, brightening up a river

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