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Top 10 Vietnam adventure tour for people like challenging (Part 1)

Vietnam has a large area of ​​​​forests and mountains that are suitable for adventure tourism. Lily’s Travel is also expanding these activities and exploiting them in many different locations. Now, take a look at the top 10 most interesting adventure travel destinations and Vietnam adventure tours for you.

Fansipan – Sapa (Lao Cai)

Fansipan – Source: Internet

Fansipan is the highest mountain in Indochina peninsula (3,143 m), located in the center of Hoang Lien Son range. It is 9 km from Sapa town to the southwest. To conquer the top of Fansipan before it took you 5 to 6 days, now that period is shortened to only about 2 to 3 days. To be able to join this journey, you need to be in good health and prepare all the essential items and the indispensable element is the people of the road.

Conquering Fansipan peak becomes a burning desire for all those who love adventure and adventure. Visitors get the chance to explore the stunning Hoang Lien mountain range on their trip to Fansipan peak. At the height of 2,400m, you feel like the wind and clouds mingle with the forest trees, spreading your hands as if you can get clouds. From the height of 2,800m, the clouds suddenly disappear, and the sky is clear and blue. Only the wind blows causing the vegetation to stick itself to the rock. Continue climbing and you will see a huge stone block supported by small stones like a table. You have completed an amazing adventure.

The feeling of lightheadedness in victory when standing in the center of a thousand green forests, leaving behind all the fatigue and troubles. It will definitely be a once-in-a-lifetime memory. Fansipan is still a challenge for anyone who enjoy doing adventurous trips.

Today, there are two ways for travelers to ascend Fansipan Peak: One is to sign up for a climbing trip, which is typically for tourists or young individuals to demonstrate their ambition and bravery to challenge themselves. love to travel. Visitors often need two days and one night to participate, and with the assistance of locals, they must be courageous and in good physical condition. The second option is Fansipan cable system of Sun World Fansipan Legend that be opened from February 2016 and has turned many people’s dreams – conquering the “Roof of Indochina”- into reality. The cable car system, which has been recognized with two Guinness World Records, allows tourists to reach Fansipan peak in less than an hour, making it suitable for people of all ages, including young children.


Thung Khe pass (Mai Chau – Hoa Binh)

Thung Khe pass
Thung Khe pass – Source: Internet

Mai Chau is a mountainous district in Hoa Binh province, a small valley located under Thung Khe pass, where many Thai villages live. This has been a familiar destination for domestic and foreign tourists every year. If you are looking for an adventure travel destination to live virtual 1-0-2 in the North with a space like a Korean movie title, you definitely cannot ignore Thung Khe Hoa Binh pass. This place is an “extreme” virtual living destination for backpackers going to Mai Chau.

With an altitude of more than 1000m above sea level, just standing on the top of the pass you can admire the panoramic view of Mai Chau valley. Especially, at Thung Khe Pass, you will experience the four seasons in one day just like Da Lat. It is the feeling of chill in the fog in the morning, a little warmth in the afternoon, and the coolness of the evening. All of them bring an interesting feeling to those who stop at Thung Khe Pass.

Although, this is not a dangerous pass like Ma Pi Leng of Ha Giang or O Quy Ho of Sapa, but Thung Khe pass (also known as White Hoa Binh pass) always attracts tourists to its bends. gliding, challenging courage, and hidden valleys in the village. However, you also need to be careful in the process of moving because there are quite a lot of big cars going through that pass!

According to travel followers, Thung Khe Pass is a great virtual living place that you should not ignore. With a snow-covered mountain like Korea, you can “so deep” with many different designs. That’s why any group of backpackers when going to Mai Chau stop to take pictures and keep memories.

Ta Chi Nhu, Ta Xua, Lung Cung, Pu Luong peak (Yen Bai)

Ta Chi Nhu
Ta Chi Nhu – Source: Internet

With the natural terrain bestowed, Yen Bai has 4 of the 8 highest peaks in Vietnam, namely: Ta Chi Nhu, Ta Xua, Lung Cung, and Pu Luong – beautiful roads for those who love climbing mountains. With mountainous terrain and many beautiful landscapes, Yen Bai has many advantages to developing adventure tourism – a type of tourism that is increasingly favored by domestic and foreign tourists.

A province in northern Vietnam’s hilly interior is called Yen Bai. Here you will not be able to miss the dream place of professional climbers, which is Ta Chi Nhu with an altitude of 2979 meters. The best time to climb Ta Chi Nhu is when spring comes when the weather is more pleasant, and nature flourishes. Or you can conquer the “dinosaur spine” on the top of Ta Xua.

Ta Xua mountain range rises to create a natural boundary between Yen Bai and Son La provinces, with three peaks forming a wonder of the country. The highest peak is the place where the Vietnamese flag pole was erected at an altitude of 2850 m, at the second peak, which used to be the place where the flag pole was erected during the French colonial period, there are still traces today. The third peak is in the middle, forming the ridge that forms the spine of a prehistoric dinosaur.

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Waterfall in Lam Dong

Waterfall in Lam Dong
Waterfall in Lam Dong – Source: Internet

Lam Dong is well recognized for its stunning and imposing waterfalls. Now you can not only come and see the waterfalls flowing from afar, but if you are brave, but you can also join the guides to perform swinging or rowing through those rapids. Only a few places in Da Lat are allowed to hold these activities and these are not activities for the faint of heart. When crossing the 7-story Datanla waterfall, participants will have to swing down from vertical cliffs or in the middle of a torrential waterfall, follow the rope along the cliff and even jump freely down the waterfall.

For young individuals, summer is the season of experiences. When visiting Da Lat, adventure waterfall is a popular activity that many young sports enthusiasts initially pick out. Many tourists come here to participate in this program as a way to relieve stress. Even if someone climbs halfway, they stop to keep the exciting feeling of playing in the middle of the aggressive water rushing down below.

It is important to keep in mind that you should only join activities in the following locations: Tuyen Lam Lake, Datanla Waterfall, Golden Valley Tourist Area, Madaguoi Tourist Area, Dasar Waterfall, and Da Don River.

Tay Con Linh Peak

Tay Con Linh Peak
Tay Con Linh Peak – Source: Internet

Tay Con Linh, the western mountain of Ha Giang province, is situated at an elevation of 2,427m above sea level and spans two districts of Hoang Su Phi and Vi Xuyen. Although it cannot be compared to Fansipan Peak, also known as the Indochina Roof but Tay Con Linh range is more difficult to conquer because of the craggy road with many jungles and deep abysses on the journey to conquer this mountain.

Tay Con Linh peak is known as the roof of the Northeast region. The La Chi ethnic group, who inhabits the district of Hoang Su Phi, also regards this peak as sacred. No matter which route you choose to conquer Tay Con Linh, visitors will also have to go through dense forests, steep mountain slopes, deep abysses and muddy dirt roads. The magnificence of this location won’t let down visitors, though, if you climb Tay Con Linh Mountain.

Overcoming mud, rocks and slippery slopes, mossy streams, and rocky roads, it’s time for visitors to watch the same mountain scenery appear blurred… Visitors will feel overpowered by the grand majesty of Tay Con Linh environment when they explore the tropical primeval forest at the foot of the mountain.

You’ll feel as though you’re floating in the clouds once you’ve ascended to the summit of Tay Con Linh. The sea of ​​white clouds, billowing like waves, can’t help but be overwhelmed. This adventure tourist destination in Vietnam makes people think that they have escaped the dust of the world and are flying into some fairyland.

To be continued

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