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TOP 10 places you should arrange to visit on your Mekong delta tourism


If you like to travel to Mekong Delta, you can refer to the Top 10 tourist attractions in the Mekong Delta according to the number of visitors in the first 9 months of 2022. The Mekong Delta has many beautiful scenes, delicious and cheap food, so many people choose it as a top destination.

Ecotourism area Tan Lap Floating Village, Long An

Ecotourism area Tan Lap Floating Village
Ecotourism area Tan Lap Floating Village – Source: Internet

The first and most popular tourist destination is Tan Lap floating hamlet, which is situated in Moc Hoa district, Long An province. This is a well-known tourist attraction, which can be attributed to the harmony of people, geographical advantages, and natural time. The 135 hectares of the Thien Tho, Tan Lap Floating Village are covered in melaleuca forest vegetation. Convenient location, you can move to this tourist destination very easily, you can travel by many forms of motorbikes, tourist cars, Grab Bike, …. Nhan Hoa, on popular social networking sites Tiktok, Facebook on a “hot trend check-in” Tan Lap Floating Village.

A small and beautiful wooden bridge is chosen by princesses, ladies, queens, etc. as a very cute photo taking place to earn millions of likes. If you have millions of likes, you can do whatever you want, gentlemen can sit and drink, enjoy delicious food without nagging, swearing, or banning. But if you want to go, you carry the car away, if you have an unexpected job, you will sit in the car and go back to Ho Chi Minh City very quickly and easily.

Con Phung tourist area, Ben Tre

Con Phung tourist area
Con Phung tourist area – Source: Internet

Con Phung is a very famous tourist destination in Ben Tre located in the population of “four spirits” which are islands named Long, Lan, Qui, and Phung. It takes you 2 hours from Ho Chi Minh City by car. Coming here, visitors can participate in many unique games such as cycling on the monkey bridge, swinging the rope across the river, fishing for crocodiles, feeding the fish with a bottle, etc.

You can visit Cu Lao Tan Phong, Tien Giang. This tourist destination also has a lot of interesting points.

Sa Dec City, Dong Thap

This place is loved by many people because of their interest in photography and TikTok. This locality is inhabited by a diverse population of Vietnamese, Chinese, Khmer… so the architecture here is very special, making the background number 1.

Huynh Thuy Le and Kien An Cung’s ancient houses are two outstanding works, next to many ancient houses. With a flower village that is more than a century old, this location is also referred to as the flower capital of the West. The idea of flower beds that “do not touch the ground” strikes awe in many visitors. You will witness farmers rowing between the flower beds during the flood season to tend to the blooms.

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Dong Tam Snake Farm, Tien Giang

Dong Tam Snake Farm, Tien Giang
Dong Tam Snake Farm, Tien Giang – Source: Internet

A list of the Top 10 horror tourism spots in Vietnam once included Dong Tam Snake Farm. Lily’s Travel also appreciate it more when human nature is colder. This place is full of snakes and snakes and snakes.

More than 50 types of venomous snakes are produced at Dong Tam Snake Farm for venom, medical use, and export. The farm is home to 400 different species of snakes. Visitors can observe live snakes up close at this “snake museum” and receive instructions from professionals on how to avoid being bitten. Here, snakes are raised without restraint in gated enclosures that are divided into zones based on the characteristics of each species, such as a python breeding region, a venomous snake area, and a water snake area.

This location also contains a tiny zoo where you can learn about some uncommon species including the swan, turtle, ostrich, bear, and Bengal tiger. The snake farm is open from 7 am – 17h30, you have to buy ticket to access.  If you travel here, remember to take good care of small children.

Wind power fields, Bac Lieu

This place emerges through the “virtual living” photos of young people, described by many tourists as the scenery of the West sky, a new image of the nature of the Western rivers.

Standing from the city center. Nearly 20 km away in Bac Lieu, huge turbines with propellers are visible. This is the only and largest offshore wind farm in Vietnam.

The ideal time to take photos in the wind power field is from early morning to about 9 am to watch the sunrise and avoid the sun, or in the afternoon to watch the sunset. The largest wind power field in Vietnam is for visitors to visit and take pictures from 6 am to 4 pm. The entrance fee is 30,000 VND one time.

Cai Rang Floating Market, Can Tho

Cai Rang Floating Market,
Cai Rang Floating Market – Source: Internet

Cai Rang Floating Market is a famous tourist destination in Vietnam on the world map. Many world-famous travel magazine pages put it the must-visit tourist destination when traveling to the West. Therefore, “Western guests” are very passionate, at least taking a picture to feel good. For many years, Western tourists traveling to this place are more numerous than our own.

You sit on the canoe, the boat floats on the water “take pictures to earn millions of likes” and enjoy delicious food, float along the water Garden of Phong Dien, Can Tho

Tourists come to Phong Dien garden to enjoy the fruit-laden orchards. Due to the drought this year, there is a little less fruit than usual. Traveling to Phong Dien, you can enjoy western specialties, participate in bold local games such as wading ditches to catch fish, rowing boats, going monkey bridge…

Chau Doc Market, An Giang

It is also a culturally diverse city like Sa Dec (Dong Thap), but Chau Doc has cultural characteristics of the Cham and Khmer people, in addition to the Kinh and Chinese. Especially the culinary style here, famous for all kinds of fish sauce. Chau Doc Market is known as the “kingdom of fish and dried fish” with hundreds of products made from local fish, the most delicious is fish in the floating season such as fish sauce, carp, snakehead fish…

The market is located in the city center. There are many other foods focused in Chau Doc in addition to fish sauce and dried fish. You may buy well-known dishes including beefcake, fish vermicelli, num-bo-hok vermicelli, jaggery juice, and Nam Vang noodle soup in the market for reasonable costs.

Tra Su Melaleuca forest, An Giang

Tra Su Melaleuca forest
Tra Su Melaleuca forest – Source: Internet

Tra Su Melaleuca forest in An Giang is one of the outstanding stars of Vietnam Tourism. But in 2020 there is a drought with little water. Visiting Tra Su Melaleuca Forest with “little water” is not fun. Because of that, it dropped to 9th place.

This is one of the largest and most beautiful Melaleuca forests in the West, about 20 km from Chau Doc. The flooded forest is covered with immense green by the branches and leaves above and the carpet under the water’s surface.

Arriving at Tra Su at about 7 am – 9 am, visitors can see many species of birds looking for food, gathering throughout the forest, even flying close to people. If you come from 4 pm to 6 pm, go up to the high observatory to watch flocks of birds descending to their nests in the tall trees.

Visitors can completely explore Tra Su’s ancient woodland thanks to the bamboo bridge that runs through it. Because a full boat must be rented, admission to the Melaleuca forest costs 190,000 VND per person. The cost of a ticket for groups of 7 or more is 95,000 VND per person.

Dat Mui, Ca Mau

Dat Mui
Dat Mui, Ca Mau – – Source: Internet

As the southernmost point of the country, Ca Mau cape is the end of the S-shaped strip of land. Combined with Dat Mui check-in, many tourists stop to explore more U Minh Ha forest or Ca Mau floating market, and buy special famous crab products here.

Going to Ca Mau is most convenient in the rainy season and the flood season from May to November because traffic through the waterway system is very convenient at this time.

For guests traveling from Saigon and neighboring provinces, the most convenient means of transport are passenger cars, cars or motorbikes. From Hanoi, Hai Phong, Vinh, Da Nang, Quy Nhon, Da Lat, Ho Chi Minh City, visitors can take a plane to Can Tho airport, then travel by bus to neighboring provinces.

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