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Bai Tu Long Bay: An alternative Ha Long Bay


In the summer, Ha Long Bay is an attractive island for many tourists. Sometimes, in the peak season, Ha Long Bay is so crowded, the prices are usually so high. Many people chose Bai Long Bay as an alternative option. But, no one, after being on this island, feels regret. Some people called Bai Tu Long Bay a new rising star in Quang Ninh Province. If you want to discover other beauty of Ha Long Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay is not a bad idea. 

1. General Information you should know before being there

1.1. Geographical location

Bai Tu Long is a bay located in the Gulf of Tonkin, in the north of Vietnam. Bai Tu Long Bay includes a sea area of ​​Ha Long city, Cam Pha city and Van Don island. It borders Ha Long Bay to the southwest, the sea to the east, the mainland to Cam Pha city to the west, and Co To island to the northeast. Bai Tu Long Bay includes hundreds of islands and islets. 

According to statistics, Bai Tu Long Bay has hundreds of limestone and sandstone mountain islands such as Bai Tho Mountain, Con Coc Islet, Tien Ong Islet, Con Rua Islet, Oan Dam, Devil Face Island, Con Co Island, Thien Canh Son Cave, Tam Cung Cave, Me Cung Cave…. 

1.2. Historical sites

The mountain on Bai Tu Long Bay is like a small lying dragon - Source: Internet
The mountain on Bai Tu Long Bay is like a small lying dragon – Source: Internet

The history of Bai Tu Long Bay is associated with the heroic history pages of the Vietnamese nation. It is Van Don – a busy seaport since the Ly Dynasty. Nearly 900 years ago, this was a busy place for traders from Siam, China, Japan, India,… to exchange goods.

Bai Tu Long Bay is also a place to remember the heroic feats of General Tran Khanh Du and 3 cousins ​​Pham (from Quan Lan commune) defeating the food boat of Nguyen Mong enemy general Truong Van Ho (in 1288).

The name Bai Tu Long Bay comes from the legend: During the invaderation long time ago, Ngoc Hoang sent the Mother Dragon to bring a flock of baby dragons down to earth to help Lac Viet people (Vietnamese nowadays) fight the invaders. When the invaders’ battleships came ashore from the sea, the Dragons sprayed countless pearls and suddenly turned into thousands of rocky islands in the sea, creating a solid wall to block the battleships and made them crash and shatter. After the war was over, the Mother Dragon and the baby dragon did not return to heaven, but stayed in the lower world, where the battle had just taken place. The position of the mother dragon descending is Ha Long, the baby dragon descending is Bai Tu Long. The tail of these dragons wagging white water is Long Vi (present-day Tra Co peninsula) with fine sand and more than ten kilometers long.

2. The beauty of Bai Tu Long Bay

The diversity of Bai Tu Long Bay -  Source: Internet
The diversity of Bai Tu Long Bay –  Source: Internet

The island system has high and low islands undulating on the water with hundreds of kilometers of coastline creating a majestic but no less romantic scene. With that terrain, Bai Tu Long Bay has many beautiful beaches such as: Con Co Beach, Van Don Beach, Quan Lan Beach, Minh Chau Beach, Co To Beach… All of the above beaches keep their original appearance. wildness and purity of creation.

Some locals say that Ha Long Bay is a brilliantly beautiful woman and Bai Tu Long Bay is an enchanting maiden. Indeed, Bai Tu Long Bay together with Ha Long has become one of the natural wonders of the world and that is also the reason why ecotourism company Gecko Travel (UK) voted Bai Tu Long Bay of Vietnam in the top 5 best tourist destinations in Southeast Asia (in 2006).

Unlike Ha Long Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay has many large and small mountainous islands inhabited by people. Therefore, when coming to Bai Tu Long, visitors can learn about the life of the islanders, with fishing villages, aquaculture, along with interesting experiences as a fisherman.

3. The suitable months to visit Bai Tu Long Bay

Cultural inhabit on Bai Tu Long Bay - Source: Internet
Cultural inhabit of Bai Tu Long Bay – Source: Internet

In the summer, from March to May every year is the ideal time to visit Bai Tu Long Bay. At that time, visitors can freely swim and participate in outdoor games all day. 

In the autumn, from August to October every year is the time for you to enjoy the scenery. In this season, the sea is clear blue, the air is pleasant and very suitable for taking a cruise to enjoy the bay.

Each season at this famous bay has its own interesting experiences for visitors. But Lily’s Travel advises you not to visit Bai Tu Long Bay around June – July every year. Because there are often sudden storms affecting your tourists’ experience.

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4. The direction to get to the bay

To get to Bai Tu Long island bay, visitors need to move to Hon Gai wharf and then board a ship to the bay. There are daily ships to the bay. You need to buy a ticket at the wharf and follow the directions, you can get there very easily.

5. List things – to – do on Bai Tu Long Bay

5.1. Take a cruise to go around Bai Tu Long Bay

Take a cruise to go around Bai Tu Long Bay - Source: Internet
Take a cruise to go around Bai Tu Long Bay – Source: Internet

Taking a cruise tour is the option many people pick up. On the cruise, you will admire the scenery of the mountains in different shapes, the sea in the deep blue and enjoy the cool breeze. 

The cruise will glide through limestone mountains such as Ga Choi Islet, Dinh Huong Island, Mai Nha Island,…

5.2. Visit Cong Dam fishing village

Fishing on Bai Tu Long Bay - Source: Internet

Cong Dam fishing village is one of Bai Tu Long Bay’s most attractive tourist destinations. Coming here, you will have great experiences following the life of Northern fishermen, learn about traditional culture, listen to fascinating legends about the sea, fish with fishermen and sit on lovely bamboo boats to explore beautiful small houses or soaring mountains,…

5.3. Kayaking

Kayaking on Bai Tu Long Bay - Source: Internet
Kayaking on Bai Tu Long Bay – Source: Internet

To feel the full majesty of nature when traveling to Bai Tu Long Bay, explore all the cliffs under the caves or watch the flocks of birds perching on the cliffs,… then visitors should take a kayak. It is a favorite activity in Bai Tu Long Bay. 

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5.4. Explore Bai Tu Long National Park

Bai Tu Long National park - Source: Internet
Bai Tu Long National park – Source: Internet

If you like trekking and love nature, you must definitely visit Bai Tu Long National Park. This is a national-level biosphere reserve, with an extremely rich flora and fauna ecosystem.

There, you will admire the unspoiled beauty of islands such as Tra Ngo Lon, Ba Mun, Sau Nam, Dong Ma… or the overlapping limestone mountains surrounding the valley – the habitat of many species of plants and animals.

In addition, you should visit the villages of the Tay, San Diu, Red Dao, … currently living on some islands in Bai Tu Long. The villagers are all very friendly and hospitable.

6. Food on Bai Tu Long Bay

Geoduck: A type of seafood with high nutritional value with delicious taste.

Geoduck - Source: Internet
Geoduck – Source: Internet

Green sentinel crab: is also a typical dish with bold flavors of the sea, very preferred by diners 

Banh Gat Gu – Nodding Cake: the specialty of Quang Ninh. It is made from rice powder, similar to Pho, but longer and is rolled into a cake. You will eat this cake with a sauce made from chicken grease and fried onions.

Nodding cake
Nodding cake – Source: Internet

Spinach soup with mud clam: another specialty of Quang Ninh that anyone who has ever tasted cannot forget that special taste.

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