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Ta Phin Village: The peaceful village in Sapa Town


Sapa tourism is always one of the attractive destinations containing many interesting things for us to explore. Even though some villages have changed a lot to the modern village, Ta Phin still keeps the unspoiled beauty and unique inhabitation of Dao people. That may be the reason why many people always feel peaceful and rustical and see the vintage of this village. 

1. Location and the way to come to the Ta Phin Village

1.1. Location 

Located 12km from the center of Sapa Town. If you want to go to Ta Phin Village, you have to be at Sapa Town and follow the directions. 

The village is located quite high above sea level. The climate here is so chilly because of the cool of the typical winds – the feature climate of the highlands. 

This is also the residence of the Red Dao, Giay, and H’mong communities. Thanks to its rich cultural identity, the destination attracts a large number of enthusiasts to explore. 

Ta Phin village still retains its rare wild atmosphere. At Ta Phin Village, you can explore ancient monastery ruins, visit the famous brocade village, learn about daily Dao’s inhabitation such as: the Bai Tram dance rituals, the wedding ceremony, the love song… and see the stilt houses – built with a pair of upright poles at a distance above the ground, brightly colored handmade clothes…

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1.2. Direction 

Comunity activities in Ta Phin Village - Source: Internet
Community activities in Ta Phin Village – Source: Internet

If going from Sapa, you go along the National Highway 4D for about 5km. Turn left and you will see the gate of Ta Phin Village. Buy a ticket and go about 7km, you will arrive. 

If you depart from Hanoi, book a Hanoi – Sapa bus to arrive at Sapa Town. After that, you depart from Sapa to Ta Phin along the road above.

You can choose a car, taxi or motorbike. Ta Phin village is quite far from Sapa, so the road to Ta Phin Village is quite difficult. We recommend you rent a motorbike in Sapa for convenience and actively stop to check-in the scenery on the road.

2. Some destinations in Ta Phin Village to explore

2.1. Ta Phin ancient monastery 

The ancient monastery - Source: Internet
The ancient monastery – Source: Internet

The monastery was built by 12 nuns of Christendom but they had not finished this construction because of the political instability. 

Nowadays, the monastery has become one of the places that attracts many tourists to visit and discover its unique semi-classical beauty. Although the monastery is no longer as new and intact as in the past, the moss-covered gray walls create an “unbelievable background” to check-in. 

2.2. ​Ta Phin Cave

Ta Phin Cave - Source: Internet
Ta Phin Cave – Source: Internet

The cave is a bit far from the center of Ta Phin village, about 3km, located at the foot of a mountain. In the cave, there are stalactites formed from the process of water interference over thousands of years, condensed and formed with many different shapes and sizes so the scenery is so surreal. 

It is said that the cave was the residence of the first ancestors of the Dao ethnic group so to experience a safe and enjoyable visit to Ta Phin cave, you can hire a Dao ethnic person nearby to shine the lights, guide the way and tell you many interesting stories about Ta Phin village.

2.3. Ta Phin community house

Ta Phin Comunity House – Source: Internet

The house has striking colors in the middle of the mountains and forests. Its construction is inspired by the scarf of the Dao community. This is a place for people in the village to interact with each other or to welcome tourists from far away to stop.

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3. Some activities you should try

3.1. Visit the brocade weaving village

Brocade weaving village - Source: Internet
Brocade weaving village – Source: Internet

For a long time, brocade weaving has been a traditional craft of women, passed down from mother to daughter in each generation. As is the custom and tradition, before going to their husband’s house, the girls need to learn to weave cloth to make their own wedding dresses and blankets for the husband’s family. Gradually brocade weaving became a cultural beauty of the people here.

Ta Phin’s brocade features so colorfully and eye-catching. The brocade is dyed by the natural materials from trees in the forest. Each pattern is inspired by the mountains and forests, showing nature’s love. Thanks to the skillful hands of the women here, brocade is a favorite souvenir of tourists from the US, Japan, China…

3.2. Visit the silver mosaic craft village

Silver mosaic craft village - Source: Internet

The Red Dao community is famous for their silver inlays for generations. Exquisite jewelry pieces are created by the talented hands of artisans. Going through the following stages: calcination, cooking, casting, and carving, new items of both material and spiritual value are born.

3.3. Visit the blacksmithing village

Even with the development of modern society, the blacksmith village in Ta Phin Village still retains the custom and traditions of the Dao and H’Mong cultures. 

Visiting the village, you will see the enthusiastic working atmosphere with the forge that is always on fire. 

3.4. Bathing with medicinal leaves of the Dao people

Bathing with Dao's medicine leaves - Source: Internet
Bathing with Dao’s medicine leaves – Source: Internet

The Dao community here has a life associated with the mountains and forests for generations, so they can understand and skillfully use various types of medicinal leaves to bring you moments of relaxation

After a long day off, drop into the bath with fragrant herbs and trees. All fatigue seems to disappear. If you have the opportunity to come here, experience the tobacco leaf bath. You will feel so great and your body is relaxed because tobacco can help relieve muscle pain, clear the mind.

4. Delicious food:

Sapa and Ta Phin cuisine with a unique flavor of the Northwest mountains: pork with armpits, chicken running on a chewy, delicious ham, meat soup cooked… Contributing to the richness of local cuisine are wild vegetables: spinach, bamboo shoots. …

The cuisine here is prepared to bring out a distinct taste. Many of you are afraid of not being able to taste it, so you can bring some snacks

5. Some homestays and hotels in Ta Phin Village

Ta Phin village also has uniquely designed homestays in the center of the village. Visitors can rent a bedroom for one night in the village to have interesting experiences with the people here such as: Sapa Homestay Ta May, Ta Phin Stone Garden Ecological…

Other villages are favorite destinations for tourists are Ta Van Village, Ca Cat Village, Lao Chai Village… Each village ratains the private feature culture of ethnic minorities of Vietnam. If you have time, take a chance to explore these villages.

Ta Phin village is a place that you must definitely come and experience to feel all the beauty and friendliness of the people here. The Dao ethnic people in the village are extremely friendly and lovely, very hospitable, ready to help you when you have difficulties. Make a plan and discover this wild Ta Phin village right away before it is known to more people.

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