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Quang Ninh Museum: “Must – Visit” Place near Ha Long Bay


Quang Ninh Museum is one of the “must-visit” places when you have a trip to Ha Long. Ha Long province is one of the famous destinations of Vietnam with its green sea, rocky outcrops of various shapes, beautiful caves and biodiversity. So this museum was built to become a place of cultural convergence.

This museum is named the “mysterious black pearl beside Ha Long Bay”. Let’s find out the reasons behind this special name with Lily’s Travel!

Modern and unique architectural art

Overview of Quang Ninh Museum – Source: Instagram

When hearing about the museum, most people often think, Ha Long Museum will be the same as others: the buildings with elaborate and cumbersome patterns, the ancient dragon glasses, the spiritual curved roof and only static artifacts… But this museum is an exception. 

Ha Long Museum is the symbol of the modern museum in Industrial Revolution 4.0, especially an artistic architectural work with bold design. “Simple but elegant” is the first impression of this place. The square building with the entire exterior is black glass shining like a giant jewel sparkling in the sunlight of the sea. In addition, the font for the names of Quang Ninh Museum and Quang Ninh Library is also very modern, not according to calligraphy or somewhat classical stereotypes like most other museums.

To express the character of Quang Ninh province – coal mining, Quang Ninh Museum has an outdoor area to show the largest monolithic block in Vietnam – weighing 28 tons.

Exhibition space with impressive 3 – stories

Go into the museum, you will be impressed by the logical separation of 3 stories as 3 private topics to describe the beauty of Ha Long City and Quang Ninh province. The museum wants to bring you to follow the historical development of time and space. The contrast between the mysterious black outside and the elegant white space inside makes many visitors excited.

The First Floor: Ocean and the natural

The first floor is a space for the sea and nature – Source: Instagram

The first floor is a space for the sea and nature – which are the brands of Ha Long City and Quang Ninh province. The most prominent on the 1st floor are 4 pillars designed in the form of mountain tubes with covers that simulate images and colors of Ha Long mountains. The light effect will turn the whole first floor into a real bay. 

This floor is also equipped with large led screens. You can watch those movies about the secrets of living life in the ocean and creation, resonating with a 3D projector system that makes you feel like being lost in the middle of the ocean.

The large hall is hung with a very large fish skeleton, below is a model of a sailboat – a popular item of coastal people.

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The Second Floor: Holding the historical values

The second floor shows the achievements of each historical period – Source: Instagram

Stepping up to the 2nd floor, you will be more surprised with the simulation of the real life of the boat. The first gallery is like a diary recording the achievements of each historical period: prehistory – early history – modern time through valuable artifacts. 

The achievements of each historical period help you to understand the diary life of people: how they lived, how they work for living and especially how they fight in the resistance war against America. 

Quang Ninh is also always proud to be the land that welcomed Uncle Ho to visit 7 times. This floor also show the authentic images of Uncle Ho during those visits.

The Third Floor: Recreates the history of coal mines

The third floor is a space that is entirely devoted to the coal and mineral mining industry of Quang Ninh province – Source: Instagram

The third floor is a space that is entirely devoted to the coal and mineral mining industry of Quang Ninh province. Coal mine models with many scales and sizes… lively in every detail will give you a true view of this glorious but hard work.

Time Opening

This museum opens from Tuesday to Sunday each week, from 8 am to 5 pm. The ticket price just only supports for the conservation so it is very “lovely”: 30,000 VND/adult, 15,000 VND/student and only 10,000 VND/child.

If you want to bring digital cameras in the museum, you have to pay more from 100.000 VND to 500.000 VND/ticket.

This museum, from its building up until now, has been the place for visitors to come to know more about the history of Quang Ninh Province. That is the reason why Quang Ninh Museum becomes an extremely interesting destination on your Ha Long tour.

How to get there 

Located not far away from Ha Long Bay, just only 7 km from Ha Long City center, it takes you about 15 minutes by car. You should enter National Road 18, pass through Bai Chay Bridge. After that, go to Tran Hung Dao Street and turn left to Tran Quoc Nghien Street. It is very simple to locate!

Some other famous destinations near Ha Long Museum you should visit

Bai Chay Bridge: A symbol of Ha Long

Bai Chay Bridge is a symbol of Ha Long – Source: Internet

Located on National Road 18, with a length of 903m, connecting Bai Chay and Hon Gai, Bai Chay Bridge is designed as a cable-stayed cable. Looking far away, the bridge looks like a thin silk strip lying across the Cua Luc River. Besides, the bridge together with the surrounding landscape creates a beautiful interference picture, making many visitors admire when they arrive for the first time. 

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Bai Tho Mountain: A vantage point from which to see the entire Ha Long Bay

Claiming to Bai Tho Moutain help you to see whole Ha Long Bay – Source: Instagram

Bai Tho Mountain is the most beautiful place to see whole Ha Long Bay. This is a limestone mountain located in the city center. On the mountain, there are still many poems of King Le Thanh Tong and Trinh Cuong. From the top of the mountain, visitors can get a panoramic view of the majestic Ha Long Bay.

Bai Tho mountain’s climbing has been suspended due to safety concerns for visitors. Instead, you can visit and admire the scenery below. 

Long Tien Pagoda:

Long Tien Pagoda is an ancient pagoda located at the foot of Bai Tho mountain – Source: Instagram

Long Tien Pagoda is an ancient pagoda located at the foot of Bai Tho mountain. This pagoda is also a famous spiritual tourist destination. The temple features traditional Vietnamese architecture. The pagoda has also been recognized as a national historical relic.

Sun World Ha Long Complex

Sun World Halong Complex is world-class amusement and recreational complex – Source: Internet

Sun World Ha Long Complex has so many unique adventure games and a monumental water park suitable for all ages.

Find out more about Ha Long tours here: Northern Vietnam Tours

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